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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • James Pringle b c1602 Stow, Midlothian, Scotland - Patti.molenaar [patti.molenaar AT]
    • William Pringle b 31 Jul 1628 Stowe Midlothian, Scotland d c1700 New Haven, CT m Mary Disburrow
      • Joseph Pringle
  • Alexander Pringle b 1620    (Elder of Templepatrick 1646) - Peter Norris Pringle [ppringle At]
    • Alexander Pringle b 1650  Ballinahone  m. Margaret Ballyrea
      • Samuel Pringle b 1691  Ballinahone             
        • William Pringle b 1734 Tyladen Farm  m. Martha McCoy
          • William Pringle b 1754  Hearts of Steel  m.  Eleanor Marshall  Tyladen
            • Thomas Alexander Pringle b 1790  Tyladen m. Sarah J Morris
              • Oliver Pringle b 1826  m. Elizabeth Birney
                • Osborne Norris Pringle b 30/03/1880   m. Mabel 418064
  • William Pringle b. 31 JUL 1628, Stow, Midlothian, Scotland, m. Mary Desborough -Cindy Galde-Hick [Cindy.hick At]
  • Samuel Prindle b. 15 APR 1668, West Haven, New Haven, CT, m. Dorothy Plumb
  • Daniel Prindle b. 02 JUN 1709, New Milford, Litchfield, CT m. Abigail Oviatt
  • John or Aaron Prindle b.1733, New Milford, Litchfield, CT, m. uknown
  • John Prindle b. 1776, New Milford, Litchfield, CT, m. Penelope Johnson
    • Edward F. Prindle b. 04 OCT 1929, Williamstown, Berkshire, MA, m. Martha Jane/Jean Leavitt
      • Marshall William Prindle b. 13 DEC 1870, IL, m. Olga Vig
        • Doris Phyllis Prindle b.  13 SEP 1910, Aneta, Nelson, ND, m. Osborne Leroy Galde B63591
  • Roswell Prindle b. 1793 Hartford Co. CT m. Lydia Judd - jpszymanski [janeprinski AT]
    • Anson W. Prindle b. 1824 Cayuga Co. NY m. Mary Packard
      • Edward R. Prindle b. 1877 Jackson Co. WI m. Emma Buttke 236507
  • Samuel Pringle born December 23, 1802 , Kentucky U.S.A. married Elizabeth Cooper born May 24, 1806, Davidson County, Tenn. - Jeanette Pringle Barnett [jetb1559 AT]
    • ​James Madison Pringle born September 23, 1836 married Mary Elizabeth Hill born January 19, 1837
      • ​Edgar Eugene Pringle born September 11, 1866 married Florence Eldora Williamson born August 20, 1867
        • ​James Gordon Pringle born July 10, 1902 at Star Plantation Bunkie, Louisiana married Louise Myrtle Hudnall born November 28, 1906 in Bruce, La. 405002
  • George Pringle b c1817 d c1881 m Sophia - Patti.molenaar [patti.molenaar AT]
    • Nancy Pringle b c1844
    • Darius Pringle b c1845 North Gwillimbury Township, York Co., Ontario, Canada m Mary A. Chappelle
      • Nelson Pringle b c1867 Georgina Township, York Co., Ontario, Canada
      • Wilmet Pringle b c1869 Ontario, Canada
      • Nancy Ann Pringle b 23 Mar 1872 North Gwillimbury Township, York Co., Ontario, Canada
      • John Albert Pringle b 26 Aug 1874 Georgina Township, York Co., Ontario, Canada d 28 Dec 1914 Port Huron, MI
      • Francis Pringle b c1875 Ontario, Canada
      • Charles Pringle b c1876 Ontario, Canada
      • Lewis Pringle b c1878 Ontario, Canada
      • Helen Pringle b Oct 1892 MI
    • Simeon Pringle b 8 Mar 1847 North Gwillimbury Township, York Co., Ontario, Canada m Caroline Chappelle
      • Charles Walter Pringle b 13 Oct 1870 North Gwillimbury Township, York Co., Ontario, Canada
      • George Pringle b 11 Oct 1874 Ontario, Canada
      • Ida Pringle b c1875 Ontario, Canada
      • Edith Pringle b 6 May 1885 Ontario, Canada
      • Harvey Pringle b 7 Aug 1894 Ontario, Canada
    • Nelson Pringle b c1849 North Gwillimbury Township, York Co., Ontario, Canada m Mary Ann Thompson
      • Rosy Pringle b c1877 Ontario, Canada
      • Loievel Pringle b c1879 Ontario, Canada
    • George Pringle b c1855
    • John Pringle b c1857
    • Charles Pringle b 20 Oct 1861 Ontario, Canada m Frances E.
      • Geneva Pringle b 19 Jun 1886 Ontario, Canada
      • Herman A. Pringle b 6 Dec 1893 Ontario, Canada
      • Zelda M. Pringle b 18 Jan 1895
      • Christina V. Pringle b 13 Oct 1896
    • Ellen Pringle b c1865 Ontario, Canada
  • Alexander Pringle b. C. 1834 Canada - Jeff Pringle [jpringle1979 AT]
    • William b. Michigan Dec 29,1853 w/ first wife Annie White Married Lydia Ellen Hufford
      • Isaac Calvin PRINGLE b: ABT 1867 in ,Ohio
        • Irene Rena E. PRINGLE b: ABT 1868 in ,Ohio
          • Jacob Joe PRINGLE b: SEP 1869 in ,Ohio
            • Joel PRINGLE b: 1872 in ,Ohio
              • Mertie PRINGLE b: ABT 1873 in ,Ohio
                • Sanford PRINGLE b: NOV 1877 in ,Ohio
                  • Delia E. PRINGLE b: ABT 1878 in ,Ohio
                    • Olive Pearl PRINGLE b: 1890
                      • Sanford Pringle born Nov 1877 Perrysburg, Ohio Married Grace Emaline Purvis
                        • Ivan K. Pringle June 3, 1900 Died 1953 Rossford, Ohio Married Sarah Katherine Hughes H1114
Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family.  Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him. 

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