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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Lodowyck Corneliszen \Post (Pos)\; b. ca. 1620 Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands; m. Agnietje Bonen - Roger A. Post  [owascolake AT]
    • Willem Lodowycksz. \Post (Pos)\; b. Bef. 28 Jul 1652 New Amsterdam, New Netherland; m. Aeltje Theunise \Coevers (Coevert)\
      • Willem Willemsz. Post I; b. Bef. 21 Jul 1680 Kings Co., Long Island, NY; m. Maritje Janse \Van Cleef (Van Kleef)\
        • Willem Willemsz. Post II; b. Bef. 07 Mar 1704/05 New York, NY; m. Ida Jacobse Probasco
          • Christopher Willemsz. Post; b. 04 Feb 1740/41 Hillsborough, Somerset Co., NJ; m. (1st) Madalentye (Post), (2nd) Margret Bergen
            • Jacob Post, Sr.; b. 16 Sep 1773 Somerset Co., NJ; m. (1st) Mary Stout, (2nd) Jannetie Nevius
              • Jacob Post, Jr.; b. 20 Jan 1809 Owasco Lake, Aurelius (now Fleming), Cayuga Co., NY; m. (1st) Esther Ann Gregory, (2nd) Betsey Ann Allen
                • Justus Allen Post; b. 11 Mar 1851 Owasco Lake, Fleming, Cayuga Co., NY; m. Clara E. Rumsey
                  • Otto Walton Post; b. 24 Feb 1880 Scipio, Cayuga Co., NY; m. Harriet May Hoskins N97221
Stephen Post b 7 Apr 1779 Dutchess Co., NY d 18 Oct 1858 m Patience Deuel - Learning1 [g_345 AT]
    • Daniel B. Post b c1808 NY d early 1849 Rock Co., WI m Minerva
      • Stephen Post b 20 Jan 1846 NY d 28 Jan 1910 Salina, KS m Melisa Shaw
        • Ernest Stephen Post b 29 Apr 1877 KS d 27 Nov 1970 Katy, TX m Mattie Williams
          • Lynwood Post b 31 Aug 1907 TX d 26 Dec 1985 Houston, TX m Neva Louis Meyer 276289

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