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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, project members can identify their genetic heritage and related families.   Click here to find out how to use the Patriarchs Page or how to contact a pedigree provider.

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Robert Pond, (1592-?) England, m Mary  382275  pondnr AT

Samuel Pond, (1617-?) England, m Sarah Ware

Samuel Pond II, (4 Mar 1648-?) Windsor, Hartford, CT, m Miriam Blatchley

Samuel Pond III, (1 Jun 1679-?) Branford, New Haven, CT, m Abigail Goodrich

Peter (Perez) Pond, (22 Jan  1718/19-?) Branford New Haven, CT, m Mary Hubbard

John Pond, (1746-?) Milford, New Haven, CT, m Sarah

Griffin Pond, (1768-?) NC, m Mary Ann Clifton, Sarah (Sally) Ruse

George Washington Pond, (31 Jan 1817-) Salisbury, Rowan, NC, m Jane Brown, Priscilla Scott

Isaac Jefferson Pond, (21 Jan 1857-?) New Antioch, Clinton, OH, m Mary Madelsa Johnson

Omar Pond, (15 Nov 1884-?) Blackcreek Twp, Mercer, OH, m Caroline Samantha Mohr


Samuel Pond, (unk – 1654) Windsor, CT, m Sarah. 411511 janelletp AT

Samuel Pond, (1648-1718) Windsor, CT., m Miriam Blatchley.

Samuel Pond, (1679-?), m Abigail Goodrich.

Phillip Pond, (1706-1750) Branford, CT, m Thankful Frisbie.

Bartholomew Pond, (1736-1810) Camden, NY, m Lucy Curtis.

Billious Pond, (1781-1874) Springfield, IL, m Rhoda Orton.

Samuel Sweezy Pond, (1816-1904) Salt Lake City, UT, m Emily Dufer.


John Pond (bef 1625-1688) England - 57486

John Pond, Jr. (bef 1675-1718) Charles Parish, VA

Richard Pond (1710-1777) Charles Parish, VA

John Hawkins Pond (1735-1855) Southampton County, VA

Peter Pond (1786-1822) Southampton County, VA

William Calthorpe Pond (ca 1814-ca 1849) Southampton County, VA

Magnus Walton Pond (ca 1835- bef 1900) Southampton County, VA

Robert Walton Pond, Sr. (1879-1936) Staunton, VA


John Pond (?-1688) England - 142986

John Pond (?-1718) York County, VA

Daniel Pond (1715-1785) York County, VA

Samuel Pond (1743- ca 1782) Charles Parish, VA

Josiah Kirby Pond (1778- aft 1852) NC

Miles Washington Pond (1822-1865) Anson County, NC

Benjamin Franklin Ponds (1858-1926) Choctaw County, AL

William Edward Ponds (1899-1996) Meehan, MS


John Pond (?-1688) England - 149254

John Pond (?-1718) York County, VA

Daniel Pond (1715-1785) York County, VA

Samuel Pond (1743- ca 1782) Charles Parish, VA

Josiah Kirby Pond (1778- aft 1852) NC

Samuel Pond (1807-1878) NC or VA

Walter Franklin Pond (1833-1896) NC

Gideon Harris Pond (1874-1940) Kinterbish, AL


Daniel Pond (abt 1625-1697) Dedham, MA, m Abigail Shepard – 158215 – jep111 AT

Ephraim Pond (1656-1704) Dedham, MA, m Deborah Hawes

Jacob Pond (1702-1764) Wrentham, MA, m Abigail Heath

Jacob Pond (1730-1815) Wrentham, MA, m Sarah Fales

Enoch Pond (1756-1807) Wrentham, MA, m Peggy Smith

Enoch Pond (1780-1856) Boston, MA, m Desire Clark

Enoch Pond (1810-1892) Wrentham, MA, m Sarah Ann Utley

Charles Fremont Pond (1856-1929) Brooklyn, CT, m Emma McHenry

John Enoch Pond (1884-1941) Berkeley, CA, m Wynn Adele Martin


Daniel Pond b c1627, Dedham MA, m Abigail Shepard & Ann Edwards –166194 - rpond166 AT

Ephraim Pond, b c1656, Dedham MA, m Deborah Hawes

Samuel Pond, b c1695, Wrentham MA, m Mary Thurston

Timothy Pond, b c1737, Wrentham MA, m Sarah Cutler

Timothy Pond Jr., b c1769, Franklin MA, m Rachel Adams

Abel Pond, b c1808, Franklin MA, m Lucy Jones

Francis Pond, b c1871, Holliston MA, m Nellie Olds


Walter Pond (?) Lunenburg, VA – 164456 - pondscum08 AT

James Pond (ca 1766) Mecklenburg, VA, m Elizabeth Stansbury

William Pond (ca 1787) Richmond, NC, m Elizabeth Rice

John Marion Pond (ca 1817) Gallatin, TN m. Isabella Spencer

Joseph Marion Pond (ca 1837) Purdy, TN m Elizabeth Meek

Robert Marion Pond (ca 1871) Poynor, MO m California Ator

John McNary Pond (ca 1901) Poynor, MO m Cecil Helms


James Pond (abt 1778) England, m Elizabeth Biggin – 109666 – jimpond AT

James Pond (1802-1891) Somerset, England, m Elizabeth Barnes Owens

Richard Pond (1833-1888) Somerset, England, m Anna Hoover

James Robert Pond (1865-1947) Walpole, Ontario m. Eliza Ann Walker

Amos Leo Pond (1897-1970) Walpole, Ontario, m Lena Olive Beam


John Marion Pond (1811), TN, m Isabella Spencer – 84685 – imhoppy2 AT & mlyon2000 AT

James Irvin Pond, (1835-1902), McNairy County, TN, m Rebecca Jane Meek

Samuel Adam Pond (1866-1944), Granville, IL, m Martha Stella Ricketts

Sylvester Irvin Pond (1896-1980) Streator, IL m Florence Irene Curtis



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