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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, project members can identify their genetic heritage and related families.   Click here to find out how to use the Patriarchs Page or how to contact a pedigree provider.
Send your pedigrees for this surname by email to the Project Administrator.  Click the link "Pedigrees" above for instructions.

We list families by Earliest Known Ancestor (EKA) and pedigree submitter. The entries are grouped by last names of the EKAs. At present only Polk and Pollock entries have been submitted. Hopefully Pogue, Poage and other variants will be added. Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but lineages corresponding to entries on the results page are indicated by their ID number in the form P-xx




  •  William Polk b c1700 Ireland m Margaret Taylor   P-5
    • William Polk b c1725 Chester Co., PA m Sarah Weatherford     - Dan Woodruff [dwoodruff1 AT]
      • William Wesley Polk b 1759 Anson Co., NC m  Mary Ross
        • Hugh Polk b c1790 Mecklenburg Co., NC m  Priscilla Barker
          • William C Polk b 1816 TN m Mary Ann Robinson-Ashlock
            • Mary Evelyn Polk b 1850 Madison Co., MO m John Bower Means
    • Thomas Polk, b c1730 Cecil Co., MD m Susannah Spratt   P-5    - jfpolk [jfpolk AT]  
      • William Polk b 1758 Charlotte, NC m1 Griselda Gilchrist m2 Sarah Hawkins
        • George Washington Polk b 1817 Raleigh, NC m Sarah Leah Hilliard
          • James Hilliard Polk b 1842 Maury Co., TN m Mary DeMoville Harding
  • Capt. William Polk b c1744 m Sabra Bradford    - Becki (Polk) Pavlik [beckiblair AT]       Note –Y-DNA test results are posted at Ancestry Polk Group
    • William Polk b 5 Jul 1784 Accomack Co., VA m Hannah Hobson
      • William Hobson Polk b 11 Jun 1811 Clinton Co., OH m Mary Magdalene Prunk
        • David King Polk b 11 Nov 1871 Clinton Co., OH m Ada M. Ray
          • Sampson Tener Polk b 3 Sep 1907 m Esta Cleonne Storer
  • Taylor Polk b c1770-80 NC or TN d c1839 Hot Spring Co., AR  P-3    -  bapokc [bapokc AT]   
    • Benjamin Polk Sr. b c1799 possibly York Co., SC d 1876-80 Johnson Co., TX
      • Benjamin Polk Jr. b Mar 1831 d aft 1 Jun 1900
        • James Franklin Polk b 1873 d 1937
          • Benjamin Franklin Polk b 1900 d 1976
  • Robert Polke, b c1799 GA or SC d bef 1866 AL m1 Dorothy m2 Rebecca Burke    - DeborahGCB [debbiesbrock AT]   Note – only mtDNA test done
    • Robert A. Polk Jr. b 1840 AL d 1917 FL m Elizabeth Maria Cobb
      • James Knox Polk b 1870 FL d 1935 FL m Caroline White
  • Charles Alexander Polk, b.c.1816, Henderson Co. TN, m. Hannah Westerman     P-6    - Anna Cales [ajcales AT] 
    • James K. Polk, b. 1843, Buren Co. TX, m1 Sarah J. -, m2 Sarah Hill
      • Columbus McBride Polk, b.1881, Center Ridge AR, m.  
        • Alonzo Quinton Polk
        • Seigul Polk
  •  David Polk, of Baltimore,b.c1792, Ireland, m. Margaret Cooper 1797   - James Polk Farber, Sr. [gonaway AT]
    • Rev. David Polk, b. 1809, Baltimore, m. Mary Charlotte Warner
      • Sgt. David R. Polk, b.1844, Jefferson County, Pa, m. Ella Whisner
        • Mabel Charlotte Polk, b. 1870 Helen Furnace, PA, m. Col. Charles Farber
          • Dr. William Polk Farber, b. 1892 Springfield MA, m. Maude Mock
      • Ralph L. Polk, b. 1849, Logan Co. OH
      • Judge Charles C. Polk, b. 1856, PA, m. Helen Scudder   
  • Robert Polk/Pollock of Maryland b c1635 Ireland, m. Magdalen Tasker       P-51 [bpolk21401 AT]
    • John Polk b.c.1668 Ireland, m Johanna (N)  
      • Robert Polk b.c. 1706Somerset County MD, m. Alice Covington
        • William Polk b. c. 1724, Dorchester County MD, m. Sarah Laws
          • Trusten Laws Polk b.c. 1745, Dorchester County MD, m. Mary Nutter  
            •  William Nutter Polk b.c. 1786, Sussex County DE, m. Lavenia Causey
              • William Causey Polk b.1815, Sussex County DE, m. Sarah Tharp  
                • Capt. Trusten Polk, b.1840, m. Louisa C. Dorsey
                  • Albert Sidney Polk, b.1883, m. Sophie B. Ford
                  •                Albert S. Polk, Jr.   
  • Archibald L Polk, b. 1799 Mecklenburg Co. NC, m. Kizziah Morgan     P-8  Rick Polk [hrpolk AT]  
    • Thomas William Obadiah Polk b. 1837 Jasper Co. Georgia, m. Nancy Elizabeth Fisher
      • William Henry Polk b. 1867 Jasper Co. Georgia, m. Harriet Ann Chaffin
        • Edgar Hunter Polk, b.1904 Monroe Co. Georgia, m. Eva Mae Washington
          • Hollis Edgar Polk




·                     Thomas Polk,  b. 1703 Somerset Co. MD, m. Lurvinah  Johns   P-85  mike384 AT

o    Thomas Polk, Jr., 1737, PA, m. Mary Wilson

§  Isaac Polk, 1780, SC, m. Sarah White

§  Franklin M. Polk, 1820, SC, m. Julia White

§  Lewis S. Polk, 1855, MS, m. Martha Harper

§  Jim Jones Polk, 1896, MS, Etta Cole

§  Bernis C. Polk, 1936, MS, m. Cynthia Sullivan



  • John Pollock,  b c1746, Scotland, UK, m Sarah (Sallie Smith)  P-4      2oCPV2mi [jcpollock AT]
    • John,  b 24 Sep 1788, County Down, Northern Ireland, UK, m Elizabeth Wilkin
      • John,  b c 1817, OH, m Ellen Jane Ferguson
        • John Emmett, b 1 Feb 1843, Logan OH, m Caroline Mayne
          • John Mayne, b 5 Nov 1867, McLean IL, m Edith B Cory
            • John Cory, b 26 Oct 1908, IL, m Virginia Agnes Corbin
  • Robert Pollock, b.c.1740 Ireland or PA , d. c.1806 Anderson Co., TN, m. Elizabeth Cowan                                                                            
    • John Pollock b.1771-1775 PA - c1850 Bedford Co., TN, m. Alcy
      • Samuel C. Pollock, b.1791-1800 TN – d. c.1840 Benton Co., AL), m. Susannah Hastings    - John C Barron [jbarron933]
        • Henry B. Pollock (c1832 TN - 1874 Burleson Co., TX), m. Nancy Jane Peters
          • Daniel P. Pollock (Jun 1866 Burleson Co., TX - 24 Feb 1946 Navarro Co., TX), m. Mary Virginia Anderson
            • Mary Bessie Pollock (23 Apr 1893 Navarro Co., TX - 2 Feb 1957), m. Albert C. Morris
      • John Pollock b 3 Oct 1800 KY d aft 1870 AR m Mary Polly Norton  - easterchild [easterchild_53 AT]
        • Isaac Hames Pollock b 21 Jun 1833 Tippah Co., MS d 31 Aug 1889 AR m1 Eluira Orshburn m2 Martha Norton
          • Mills Bennett (Bud) Pollock b 4 Jan 1870 MS d c1897 AR m Lela Jane Nelson
            • Allon Odes (Tobe) Pollock b 18 Feb 1894 AR d 4 Jan 1975 MO m Goldie Irene Lefler-Johnson
  • Samuel Pollock, b c1756 PA (?) d 1835 Muskingum Co., OH m Jane --  P-55     - dude74 [pennyph AT]
    • John Pollock b 16 Jun 1796 Washington Co. PA (?) d 1860 Clark Co., MO m2 Isabell McLain
      • John C. Pollock b 1 Jun 1850 Clark Co., MO d 1929 NJ m Nancy Duncan
        • Birch C. Pollock b 1883 Vermillion Co., IN d 1953 NJ m Corinne English
          • John B. Pollock b 1911 Baldwin Co., AL d 1988 CA


  • John Pollock, b. 1771 Ireland, m. Mary, d. 1853 OH  P-54     - RPollock [PollockR AT]  
    • Thomas John Pollock b. 1808 PA, m. Elizabeth Hammond 1832, d. 1896 KS
      • John Pollock b. 1835 OH, m. Ann Johnson 1858, d. 1909 IA
        • Thomas Wilton Pollock b.1859 OH, m. Harriett Rebecca Wilson 1887, d. 1949 IA
          • Albert Dunbar Pollock b. 1900 IA, m. Bernice Bear 1935, d. 1993 FL
  • Thomas Pollock, b 1808 Canada, m Laura Rush   - OLIVEOIL777 [oliveoil777 AT]
    • Emily, b 1834, m James E Baisely (Beasley) 
    • Robert A, b 1836 Bridgewater, CT, m Susan Simmon(d)s
    • Mary A, b 1839, m Charles Conklin
    • Martha, b 1839, m Alexander Joyce
    • William H, b 1840 Bridgewater, CT, m Caroline Stansfield
    • George, b 1845 Bridgewater, CT, m Marion ?
    • Rebecca Am m Rowland A Roberts
    • Ellen P, m John W Ledyard
    • Thomas E, b Natick MA m Susan Pullis
  • William H. Pollock, b 1842 Ireland or Canada m Mary Ann Hanna  P-22   - waltpat [waltpat2224 AT]  
    • William H. b 24 Oct 1866 Oil City, Venango, PA m May Hay
      • William E. b 10 Sep 1896 Rico, Dolores, CO m Lois Righdenour
  • Samuel Wallace Pollock, b 1852, Kilwaughter, Co. Antrim, m Margaret Brown - erchie [mattwilliams1 AT]
    • William Wallace Pollock
    • James Pollock
    • Mary Pollock
    • Margaret Pollock
    • Thomas Pollock
    • Archibald Pollock
  • William Wallace Pollock, b. c.1853 Kilwaughter Co. Antrim
  • John Poak/Pollock, b c1688 Scotland , near Glasgow   P-56     - jphamilton [jeanphamilton AT]
    • James Poak/Pollock, b. c.1710 Ireland/Scotland, d.1782 Northumberland Co. PA
      • Joseph Poak/Pollock, b.1750 Chester Co. PA d.1828 Lawrence Co. PA
        • Dr. Joseph Pollock,b.1788 Northumberland Co. PA, d.1856 Lawrence Co. PA
          • Hiram Pollock, b.1819 Monongahela City PA  d.1896 Lawrence CO. PA
            • Dr. James Kerr Pollock, b.1845 New Castle PA, d.1924 New Castle PA


  • Archibald Pollock, b c.1798-9, New Monkland, Lanarkshire, Scotland,  m. Mary Morrison, P-43     - [apollockis AT]
    • Archibald Pollock, b.1838-9, Scotland, d.1882 Morgantown KY, m. 1868 Julina Steele
      • Archibald Pollock, b.1868 Butler Co. KY, d.1928, m. 1890 Margaret Ellen Penman
        • Archie Duncan Pollock, Sr., b.1898 Aberdeen KY, d.1970, m. 1934 Catholene Cox
  • James Pollock, b c.1798, possibly Coleraine,  d. 1870 Frederickton, NB, m.Esther Lowrey, P-xx   - [pollockrw AT]
    • Henry Pollock, b.1837 New Brunswick
      • John Pollock, b.1877 New Brunswick
        • Wallace Duncan Pollock, b.1906 New Brunswick


·         Stuart Pogue, b. 2 JUN 1798 VA, d. 1 AUG 1863 MS, m. Lucinda Acker    - [rpogue AT]


o    Robert Haines Pogue, b. 24 NOV 1839 AL, d. 14 FEB 1904 TX, m. Martha Jerusha Abernathy


§  Samuel Colvin Pogue, b. 22 FEB 1865 MS, d. 1 MAR 1949 TX, m. Ozella Guthrie


§  Coy Ronald Pogue, b. 17 FEB 1890 TX, d. 16 JUN 1970, m. Nora Jenkins


§  Alfred Coy Pogue, b. 18 NOV 1911 TX, d. 22 JUN 1981 TX, m. Velma Ethel Brock





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