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R1a  Lineage 1

Enoch Place born 1631 England  married Sarah   Glen Warren Place [marylouclegg at] 

Joseph Place born 1665 Kings Town RI  marr Joanna Place

John Place born 9 Jan 1699/00 North Kingstown RI  marr Dinah Place

Anthony Place born 1734 in Glocester, Providence Co., RI  marr Mary Field

John Field Place born 22 Jun 1773 Providence Co., RI  marr Sally Smith

​John W. Place born 30 May 1805 Chenango Co., NY  marr Ora Permelia Johnson

Emerson O. Place born 11 Jul 1843 in Delaware Co., OH  marr Katherine Russell

Fred E. Place born Apr 1864 in Peoria Co., IL  marr Mary Emma Clark

Ralph Clark Place born 6 Aug 1901 Keene, Wabaunsee Co., KS  marr Frieda Wetmore  Kit #112260


R1a Lineage 2

Thomas Place of Firby near Bedale Yorkshire abt 1670   Michael Place [mtplace at]

John Place b. 1711 Bedale Yorkshire  Married Jane Brathwaite

William Place b. 1732 Bedale Yorkshire  Married Dorothy Jackson

John Place b. 1772 Catterick Yorkshire  Married Ann Raycroft

Edward Place b. 1810 Bedale Yorkshire  Married Mary Sturdy

Thomas Place b. 1839 Langton/Northallerton  Married Hannah Baker

Ernest Place b. 1875 Northallerton Married Gertrude Henreci

John Place b. 1910 Northallerton  Married Alexandrina Mc Lay  Kit # 150822 


Ria Lineage 3

John Place b. London Stepney UK, Dec 9, 1719, married Elizabeth Dunce   David Place [VE4PN at]

John Place b. London UK, Mar. 30, 1756  married Mary Wheatley

Thomas Place b. St Mary Le Bow UK, Jan 7, 1803 d. May 3, 1883   married Eleanor Read

William Henry Place b. London UK, Nov. 1, 1831 d. 4h quarter 1897  married Josephine Ellsey

William Fredrick Place b. London UK,  April 8, 1858, d. Dec 12, 1906  married Johanna collins

James Thomas Place b. London UK, 2nd quarter 1881, d. Mar 18, 1960  married Lydia Lee

Robert James Place b. London UK, Nov. 20, 1905 d. Aug 14, 1963  married Marjorie Kate Dealey 

Kit # N9119    (Lineage 3 &4 match 109/111 on DNA tests)


Ria Lineage 4

James Place born 1735 died 1819    Thomas Place  [tplace6153 at]

Thomas Place born 1772 Bedale, Yorkshire, England; died 1820 Bedale, marr Mary Ashworth

Thomas Place born 1810 England, died 1841 England, marr Mary Holmes

William Thomas Place born abt 1831 Bedale, Yorkshire, England marr Margaret Taylor

William Thomas Place born 8 Mar 1859 in Wakefield, Yorkshire, marr Elizabeth J. McAuliffe

Bernard Michael Place born 11 Oct 1896 in Washington DC, marr Verdie May Frazier kit #143666


R1b   Lineage 1

Alexander Place b c1778, m. Mary Brown   Eddy Place (eamca at

George Place born 19 July 1818, Halifax, West Yorkshire, England, marr. Millicent Bannister

Alexander Place born 9 Mar 1838 Halifax, West Yorkshire, marr.  Annie Elizabeth Victoria Newman

Frederick Hugh Place born 17 Mar 1874 Camberwell, London, England marr.  Edith Ann Reed 

Edward Ernest Place born 8 Oct 1894 Rochester, Kent, England marr.  Maud Emma Layton 

Frederick James Place born 16 Oct 1918 Plaistow, London, England marr. Edith Georgina Hilda Lane  Kit 125531


R1b Lineage 2

 Daniel Place born 1813-1843 in NH or VT marr. Hannah    Greg Place (rrent at

 James Buchanan Place born 27 Jun 1863 Alton, Belknap Co., NH marr. Mary Ellen Cullen

 John Thomas Place born 14 Jul 1909 Lynn, MA marr. Ann Beverly Hardy   Kit #323843




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