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DNA and Genealogy

 DNA information is to be used in conjunction with historical and traditional research. DNA results do not often “prove” a relationship, but can be very helpful in guiding research. If a DNA profile does not match traditional genealogy, a hypothesized relationship may be incorrect.  At other times DNA results may point to an unknown adoption in the family, or some other so-called non-paternity event.


About Projects at Family Tree DNA

Some of you may be aware that projects exist at Family Tree DNA for various categories. Surname projects are the largest category, and every male is encouraged to join his surname project.  Another type of project pertains to haplogroups, and I should like to recommend that everyone join the haplogroup project which matches the haplogroup assigned by FTDNA, especially if you have any interest in your "deep roots." Haplogroup project administrators analyze results in light of the latest scientific findings and contribute greatly to our knowledge of the migratory paths our distant ancestors followed. Perhaps someday they will be able to determine the likely origins of our Palatine ancestors who settled primarily in Germany and Switzerland. There are four categories of projects: Surname, Y Geographical (most of you would probably belong in the Germany project  if you know your most distant ancestor came from Germany), Dual Geographical, and Y or mtDNA Haplogroup.


To join a second project, simply go to your page at FTDNA. At the top of the left column you will see a blue box with the word "Join" in it. Click on that word and scroll down to see a list of all the projects available.  Of course you may always change your selection.



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