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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Daniel O'Leary b c1808 m Johanna Ryan - Darren O'Leary [olearys AT]
    • Patrick O'Leary b 1834 Tipp., Ireland m Mary Ann Hyde
    • Mary O'Leary b 1839 Tipp., Ireland m Thomas (Tom) Walsh
    • Daniel O'Leary b c1840 Tipp., Ireland m Hannah O'Flaherty 133520
  • John Leary, b 1838 Ireland, m Elizabeth McMahon - Richard S Leary [rsleary AT]
    • Stephen Leary, b 1869 Redbank, NJ, m Oletha Swarts
      • Letha S., b Mar. 22, 1893 DeWitt, NE
      • Paul b Dec. 18, 1894 DeWitt, NE
      • Edward Carroll b July 1899 Galena, OH
      • Donald Clare (my father) b Aug 1904 Mingo, IA
      • Maude Olive (aka Jeanne) b Nov, 1909 Red Wing, MN
    • Mary, b 1871 Galena, OH
    • Ellla A., b May 1873
    • Anna M., b November 1875 OH
    • Jane, b 1877, d 1878 buried Burnside Genoa Twp., OH
    • Leo (Lee), b May 1880 Marysville, OH, d 1851 buried Galena, OH
    • Henry E. b Jan. 1884 OH
  • Timothy/Thomas, b c1820 Ireland, m Catherine - Philip O'Leary III []
    • Timothy, b c 1849 Ireland m Elinor Ulam
      • Frederick, b c1884 Pittsburgh, PA
      • Christopher L., b c1887 Pittsburgh, PA
      • Charles R., b c1877
      • George F., b c1891 Pittsburgh, PA O-1 55794
  • Daniel Leary b c 1840, m Mary Morehouse Moynihan/Minihan 1860 Kerry,Ireland - Claudia O'Leary [cowlady124 AT]
    • Daniel Leary, christened 8 Feb 1861
    • Jeremiah and Michael Leary b 24 Jul 1863 in Clounts, Kerry, Ireland
    • John Leary (O’Leary in US) b 21 Aug 1866 Coom District,Kerry,Ireland; m Hannah Corcoran   345189
  • John b c 1846 Ireland, m Eliza Hively - Philip O'Leary III []    
    • Dennis, b c1864 Pittsburgh, PA, m Mary O'Connor
      • John b c 1890 Pittsburgh,PA, m Jennie Rabbit
      • Philip, b 1895 Pittsburgh,PA, m. Cornelia Fink
    • John, b c1869 Pittsburgh,PA, m Mary
      • John, b c1891 Pittsburgh, PA
      • Thomas F., b c1896 Pittsburgh, PA, m Bessie
      • Lawrence, b c1901 Pittsburgh, PA
      • Regis, b c1907 Pittsburgh, PA
    • Thomas, b c1874 Pittsburgh, PA, m Annie
      • Thomas, b c1896 Pittsburgh, PA
      • Daniel, b c1899 Pittsburgh, PA
      • John, b c1901 Pittsburgh, PA O-1 55794

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