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Hello and welcome to the O'Hourihane, Hor(ri)gan, Han(d)rahan, and Horan DNA project site! 

The project was born when some of us with O'Hourihane ancestry from southwest Cork were wondering if we were related to each other.  However on researching the surname we see it has many spelling variations and that other old Irish names are confused for it and vice versa - we lost count at about 20 spellings. 

One of our goals that we wish to accomplish with Y-DNA testing is to figure out who is who and see if we can identify distinct groups.  We want to see if there are spelling and/or geographic correlations to the DNA.  So far we think there could be at least three such groups: O'Horan originally from Galway, O'Hanrahan from Tipperary, and O'Horgan from Cork.  Variants of these names have historically been confused for each other.  If you are descended from someone named with a variation of one of these names, please join us!  People did move around, so we would not be surprised to see stray O'Horans from Galway end up in Cork, or vice versa.

Even at the very local level there is much room for confusion.  Some of us with ancestry from west Cork have Hourihane ancestry from the parish of Caheragh.  In that parish some Hourihanes are marked with a secondary name and some are not.  Should we ever get enough Y-DNA data, we'd like to see if there is a genetic difference between those with the secondary name and those without.

The project seeks to analyze Y-DNA and A-DNA (autosomal) test kits.  There is more information at our website on Rootsweb.  

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