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The Norwood Family Page

William Norwood (to Surry County, Virginia, presumed from Leckhampton, Gloucs., England) [R-M269]

William Norwood, b Gloucester England, m Lydia [Jordan?]

Lydia Norwood m. John Sowerby - [Terry Barton: terry@bartonsite.org ]

Elizabeth Norwood m. Francis Branch

Edward Norwood m. Naomi Smith

Sarah Norwood

Richard Norwood, b Surry Co VA; m. Elizabeth

George Norwood, b. 1671/2 VA; d. ca 1749 NC; m. Ann

William [W] Norwood, b. c 1700; m. Mary Wall

Nathaniel Norwood, b. 1750 NC; m. Nancy Ann (Annie) Gilliam

Burwell Norwood, b. 1787 Northampton, NC; m. Elizabeth Glover

Richard Weaver Norwood, b. 8 Apr 1830 Halifax, NC; m. Martha Catherine White

Thomas Edward Norwood, b. 13 Feb 1868 Mt. Moriah, Alabama; m. Minnie V. Bracken

Ernest Lee Norwood, b. 17 Mar 1905 Courtland, Lawrence Co., Alabama; m. Helen J. Orman

Kit # 133670

John Wall Norwood, b. 1727 Bertie Co., NC; m. Leah Crawley Lenoir

Thomas Norwood, b. 1768 NC; m. Jane Coleson

William Coleson Norwood, b. 11 Oct 1794 Montgomery Co., NC; m. Eliza Wade Legrand

James Legrand Norwood, b. 19 Jun 1837 NC; m. Hazel Emily Fox

William Stanhope Norwood, b. 30 Jul 1889 San Augustine, TX; m.  Zemmer Acey Erwin

Living descendants  to

Kit # 149092

William Norwood, Judge, b. 1767 Franklin, NC; d. 1842 Orange, NC; m. Robina Hogg

Thomas Franklin Norwood, b. 1813 England, NC; d. 1882 McMinn, TN; m. Elizabeth Ann Ward

Sydney Ervin Norwood, b. 1854 Haywood, NC; d. 1917 Polk, TN; m. Nancy Frix

Joseph Henry Norwood, b. 1876 TN; d. 1961 Polk, TN; m. Lillyann Maynor

William Jackson Norwood, b. 1902 Polk, TN; d. 1945 McMinn, TN; m. Alice Euline Stone

Kit # 460758

William Norwood, Jr., b.  1731 NC; m. Ruth Wyche

William Norwood, III, b. 1769 Northampton Co., NC; m. Sarah Jeanetta Howard

David Norwood, b. 1808 Chatham Co., NC; m. Nancy ?

James Alexander Norwood, MD, b. 1835 Chatham Co., NC; m. Sarah Ann Snipes

Alpheus Romeo Norwood, b. 1859 Chatham Co., NC; m. Lenora Snipes

Lewis Norwood, b. 1893 Chatham Co., NC; m. Margaret Mann

[B Norwood; not a participant at this time]

Edward Philip Norwood, b. Dec 1821 d. dec 1889
John David Norwood b. Dec 1875 d. 19__
John David Norwood, b. Feb 1905, d. May 1975
Kit # 160047

Nathaniel [C] Norwood, b. c 1702 VA; d. c 1784 NC; m. Mary [Gilliam] [He had a previous marriage.]

Jordan Norwood, b. c 1733 Granville Co., NC; d. c 1824; m. Unkn.

Joseph G Norwood, b. c 1787 Granville Co., NC; d. 1831; m. Elizabeth Glover

Absalom G Norwood, b. c 1831Virginia; d. 1900; m. Mary S Riggan

Jacob Riggan Norwood, b. 1872 Granville Col., NC; m. Annie F


Robert Alps Norwood, b. 1919 Vance Co., NC; d. 2008; m.

Elizabeth Rose Guelfo

Kit # B206836

Gilliam Norwood, b. c 1751 Northampton Co., NC; m. Catherine

George Norwood, b. ca 1777 Granville Co., NC; m. Mary Walters

Nathaniel Norwood, b 1811 Chatham Co., NC; m. Matilda Isabelle Brower

Thomas Kirkman Norwood, b. 1835 Hamilton, IN; m. Anna E Atkinson

John Kirkman Norwood, b. 7 Feb 1859 Eddyville, Wapello, IA; m. Alice Lillian Cody

Clyde Lindsay Norwood, b. 29 Mar 1894 Nelson, Nuckolls, NE; m. Etta Ester Burney

Kit # 175740

Rev. Nathaniel Norwood, b. ca 1782 NC; d. ca 1870 NC; m.  Hannah

George W. Norwood b. c 1817 NC, m. "Eliza'
Stephen Gilliam Norwood "S.G," b. 1842 NC; d. 1907 NC; m. Martha Ann Hackney
Nathaniel Gilliam Norwood "Lum" b. 1875 NC d. 1934 NC; m. Dora Jackson Glosson
Haywood Norwood, b. 1916 Durham, NC; d.1962; m. Constance Marjorie McHale 
Kit # 175019

Benjamin Norwood, b. 1758 VA; d. 1847 NC; m.  Mary Aiken

Benjamin Norwood Jr, b. 1802 NC; d. 1876 AR; m. Temperance Dawson Davis

James M Norwood, b. 1828 NC; d. 1861; m. [Sarah] Ann Williams

Claude M Norwood, b. 1856 AR; m. Sallie Emaline Routh [Both had previous marriages.]

Frank Routh Norwood Sr, b. 1907 TX; m. Doris Bell

Kit # 144223



Francis Norwood (I) (Gloucester, Massachusetts; presumed to have been from England) [R-CTS11567]

Francis Norwood, first record 1657, Ipswich, Mass. d. 1709; m. Elizabeth Coldham

Joshua Norwood, b. 1683 d. 1769, Gloucester, Mass. m. Elizabeth Andrews, Ipswich, Mass.

Joshua Norwood, Jr., b. 1707 d. 1785, Gloucester (Sandy Bay), Mass. m. Sarah Aldrich

Solomon Norwood, b. 1742 d. 1825 Gloucester, Mass. m2 Lois Lufkin (widow Rowe)

Henry Norwood, b. 1811 d. 1854 Gloucester, Mass. m2 Sarah G. Turner
Charles Naman Norwood, b. 1847 d. 1916 Hampden, Maine; m2 Roxie Eagles

Chester Henry Norwood, b. 1889 d. 1935 Dorchester and Milton, Mass. m. Hazel V. Case


Kit # 85133:  triovlaif@bellsouth.net

Stephen Norwood, chr 1758 Essex, MA; m. Anna Andrews

Benjamin Norwood, b. 1795; m. Esther Murphy

Israel Murphy Norwood, b. 1830 ME; m. Julia M Richardson; d. 1901 ME

Lorenzo Norwood, b. 1855 ME; m. Rose A Ryder

Arthur Laraugh Norwood, b. 1893 ME; m. Matilda W (--?--); d. 1972 CT

Arthur Lorenzo Norwood, b. 1923 ME; m. Heather C Roderick

Kit # 134800

Francis Norwood, b. 1721 Gloucester, MA; d. after 1796 Rockport, MA; m. Anne/Anner

Francis Norwood, b. 1755 Richmond, NH; d. 1842 Slaterville Springs, NY; m. Lydia Barney

Jonathan Norwood, b. 1784 NY; d. 1857 Caroline, Tompkins Co. NY; m. Susannah Curran
Francis Micajah Norwood, b. 1818 Tompkins Co., NY; d. 1904 Whiting, Monona Co, Iowa; m. Mary Alice (Sperry) Bush

Lorenzo Parker Norwood, b. 1856 Cattaraugus Co, NY; d. 1934 Denver, CO; m. Vivian Braxton Baker

Verne Carlos Norwood, b. 1899 Denver, CO; d. 1995 San Diego, CA; m. Mary Pearl Wyatt

Orin W Norwood, b. 1926 CO; m. Marianne Lakin

Kit # 124346

Captain John Norwood of Maryland [R-M269]

Captain John Norwood, b. 1605, Lincolnshire, UK to Anne Arundel, MD m. Anne Harrington

John Norwood m. Anne Beale, A.A. MD

John Norwood m. Sarah Dorsey, A.A. MD

Samuel Norwood m. Mary Mullikan (Mullican), MD to SC

Benjamin Norwood/Norred m. 2nd wife Mary, MD to TN (This link forward is in question.)

William Norred m. Mary Taylor, TN

William Carroll Norred m. Elizabeth Cushberry, TN to AR

Robert W. Nored m. Frances Sain, TN to AR

Noah "Nobey" Webster Nored m. Willie E., AR to OK?

Perry Monroe Nored m. Stella Robinson, AR to CA to OK

[T Blackwell (Nored) rblack721@yahoo.com]

Thomas Arnold (or J.) Nored, b 1848 MO; m. Harriette Permelia Mooore
Thomas Darrell Nored, b 1897; d 1984 Seguin, TX
Donald Elwin Nored, b 1923; d 2004 Seguin, TX
[D E Nored, etkasiske@gvec.net ]

Edward Norwood (Baltimore, Maryland)

Edward Norwood, b 1721 Baltimore, MD d 1772 Baltimore, MD

John Norwood b 2 Jan 1760 Baltimore, MD d 30 Aug 1826 Blount, TN m Mary Hale

Nicholas Norwood b 18 Jul 1790 MD d 1853 Southport, IN

Sarah Norwood b 28 Feb 1802 Blount, TN d 26 July 1839 Polk, MO m Stephen Mitchell

[Discpain: discpain@netzero.com]

Frederick Norwood (Maryland)

Frederick Norwood, b c1792, Maryland.

William Norwood, b c1818-1821, Maryland; d 15 Nov 1874 Sharon, Noble Co., Ohio; m. Abigail Kingston

 Lewis Cass Norwood, b 18 Jun 1871, Sharon, Noble Co., OH; d. 14 Sep 1960, Wabash, Wabash Co., IN; m. Bertha Bell Beckley

Earl Norwood, b 26 Jul 1898 Hiramsburg, Noble, OH; d 8 May 1930 Kankakee, IL; m. Mabel Irene Antrim

Private [Tested at Sorenson Labs]

The Norway Family

Charles Norway, b c1751 d 9 Mar 1833 m Elizabeth McBean\McBane\Mackbane

William B. Norway, b c1786, NJ d 14 Jul 1871 OH

John Norway, b c1791, Morris Co., NJ d 4 Oct 1850 NY m Elizabeth Randall

Charles Norway, b 4 Nov 1793, Montville, Morris Co., New Jersey d 28 Feb 1867 NY

Gregory\Gregor\Griger Norway, b 24 Dec 1796, Montville, Morris Co., NJ d 21 Nov 1860 NY m Mary Ann Martin

James (twin) Norway, b 23 Oct 1799, Montville, NJ d 1879 NY m Mary "Polly" Sheldon


Theophilus Norwood (I) (North and South Carolina) [I-M253]

Theophilus Norwood I, b. c1690-1700 NC; d. c1782 SC; m. Elizabeth Johnson

Theophilus Norwood II, b 1725 d 1792 Darlington, SC; m. Margaret Dawson

Capt. John Norwood b. 1751 SC; d. 1826 SC; m. Mary Warren

Samuel Norwood b. 1775 SC; d. 1836 AL; m. Martha Williamson (?)

William Edward Norwood b. 1805 SC; d. 1840 AL; m. Rebecca Green

William Samuel Norwood b. 1832 AL; m. Martha Ellen

Frank E. Norwood b. 1888; d. 1966 AL; m. Debbie Thrash

Kit # 86647

Zachariah Norwood, b 1748; d after 1800

Lorenzo Dow Norwood, b 12-11-1806; d 11-24-1888

Samuel Lorenzo Norwood, b 2-24-1850; d 8-15-1930

William Felton Norwood, b 11-30-1903; d 1-11-1969

Kit # 85796

Samuel Norwood, b 1724 d 1790, Pendleton Dist, SC, m Elizabeth Brush

Theophilus Norwood, b 1755 d 1789, Abbeville, SC, m Elener Middleton

James Richard Norwood, b 1782 VA; d 1816, Madison Co., AL, m Mary Smith

Richard Smith Norwood, b 1811 d 1898, Orderville, UT, m Carolyn Chloe Norton (3)

Richard Norwood, b 1867 d 1925, Arco, ID, m Olive Sumner Fackrell

Kit # 101351

Samuel Norwood, b. 1770 Abbeville, SC; m. Elizabeth Underwood; d. 1840 GA

Theophilus Alexander Norwood, b. ca 1809 GA; m. Mary Elizabeth; d. 1860 GA

Oliver Hazard Perry Norwood, Sr., b.ca 1826; m. Margaret Caroline Hammond; d. 1896

Oliver Hazard Perry Norwood Jr., b. 1856/60 AR; m. Levetta P. Hale; d. 1918

Dottson McKinley Norwood, b.1900 AR; m. Winnifred Marguerite Flesher; d. 1950

McKinley Ross Norwood, b. 1936 TX; m. Marjorie Joyce Hammond; d. 1983

Kit # 175167

Blakely Norwood, b 1766 Abbeville, SC; d  before 1835 Franklin Co., GA; m. Mary Clarkston/Croxton

Robert Norwood, b. c 1807 SC; d. after 1860; m. Joannah Bryant

Samuel L. Norwood, b. c 1848 Franklin Co., GA; m. Mary Jane Alexandria

James Marion Norwood, b. 1870 GA; d. 1936 Fulton Co., GA;  m. Emma McDaniel

Leonard Bart Norwood, b. 1896 Porterdale, GA; d. 1960 Jackson Co, GA; m. Bessie Bell Price


Kit # 178561

Samuel B Norwood m. Pernecia F House

Daniel Blakely Norwood, b. 1851 Cobb County, Georgia; m. Mary Melinda Wooten; d.1905 Jackson Co., AL

James William Norwood, b.1872; m. Frances May Kay; d. 1963

Vann Luther Norwood, b.1902; m. Alta E Davis; d. 1997 Jackson Co., AL

Vann Luther Norwood Jr, b.1931; m. Berda Mae Goins; d. 1997 Jackson Co., AL

Gerald Dwight Norwood m. Carolyn Jean Roberts

Kit # 258583

John Middleton Norwood

Gen. John Norwood b1744, m Jane Pickens, d c1798 Abbeville, SC

Daniel C. Norwood b 1786 Abbeville, SC, m Sarah Harris

John Norwood, b 1809 Abbeville, SC, m Mary Barbara Gray

Pickens Calhoun Norwood, b 1848 Loundes Co, MS, m Laura A Hopkins

John Pickens Norwood, b 1867 Brooksville, MS, m Mattie M Hodges

George Hodges Norwood, b 1903 Meridian, MS, m Cornelia Laurin Pierce

Kit # 136225

William Norwood, b. 1775 Abbeville, SC; m. Martha Valentine Wylie; d. 1838 AL

Daniel Norwood, b. 1815 Abbeville, SC; m. Elizabeth Freeman Norwood; d. 1894 AL

Harvey L. Norwood, b. 1855 AL; m. Manerva Turner; d. 1910 AL

Robert Wyatt Norwood, b. 1889 AL; m. Fannie Estelle Glover; d. 2002 AL

Charles Lindy Norwood, b. 1931 AL; m. Gaynell Lay; d. 2005 Odessa, TX

Kit # 339201

Unknown descent from Theophilus Norwood

William Norwood, b. 1810-1820; d. abt 1841; m. Giles Co TN Lucy Ann Grigsby

John Preston Norwood, b. 1834 Giles Co TN; d. 1923 Miller Co., MO; m. Nancy Ann Eliz. Bowden

John Bowden Norwood, b. 1869 Graves Co KY; d. 1901 Cole Co MO; m. Anna Kathryn Angenendt

Everett Norwood, b. 1895 Cole Co MO; d. 1968 Cole Co MO; m. Bell Bernice Wheeler

Theodore Angenendt Norwood, b. 1922 Cole Co MO; d. 2005 St Louis Co MO; m. Living 

Kit # 223511

Richard Norwood (England and Bermuda) [R-M269]

For information about Bermuda Norwoods, go to:


Richard Norwood (c1590 England-1675 Bermuda); m Rachel Boughton

Andrew Norwood b c1623 England; d c1687 St Kitts; m Meliora ________

Benjamin Norwood b c1669 Barbados; d c1713 NYC; m Cornelia van der Clyff

Andrew Norwood b c1703 NYC; d 1787 Hoosick, NY; m Annetje van Norden

Tobias Norwood b c 1744 New Brunswick, NJ; d c 1785 NYC; m Christian Rysile

Andrew Sickles Norwood b c1770; d 1857; m1 Abigail; m2 Rebecca Ogilvie

Alexander Hamilton Norwood d 1848; m Abigail Douglass

Douglass Norwood b 1837 NY; d 1927 CA; m Emaline Hartzell

George Miller Norwood b 1885 IA; d 1961 MO; m Vida Hutson

[G L Norwood]

Generations Uncertain from Richard of Bermuda

Cornelius Norwood (c1772-aft 1830) m. Elizabeth White

Richard Norwood (1803-1883) m. Ann Morrow

John Norwood (1829-1900) m. 2) Ruth M Ward

Fred Norwood (1890-1935) m. Maude I. Black

[N Norwood]


Norwood Family out of Greenwood, South Carolina

William Norwood, b. c1843, SC; m. Mary M

Harvey Monroe Norwood, b. 1871 SC; d. 1938; m. Cornelia Matilda Crouch

Olin Watson Norwood, b. 1895; d. 1970; m. Ethel Musgrove

Jesse Albert Norwood, b. 1935; d. 2004; m. Helen

[J F Norwood:  jpowelljr@gru.net]

William Marvin Norwood, b. 1910 FL; d. 1984; m. Mary Lee Harris

Evelyn Ione Norwood, b. 1935 FL; m. James Edward Powell

Joicey Norwood, b. c 1868, SC

Maggie Norwood, b. c 1875, SC

Timothy Norwood, b. c 1877, SC

Norwood of London England and Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Thomas Norwood, m. Laetitia Pollin 21Apr 1794 St. Sepulchre, London, England

Thomas Norwood, b. 18 Aug 1794; m. 6 Apr 1817 Sarah Clinton Brown

Thomas Norwood, b. 18 May 1820;  m. 3 Jul 1843 Hannah Daley

James Norwood, b. 15 Sep 1849; m. 4 Nov 1872 Fanny Eliza Taylor

George Thomas Norwood, b. 9 Sep 1879; m. 10 Aug 1911 Mary Ann Sykes


[D R Norwood: dnorwood@cogeco.ca ]

Northwood of London, England

Frederick William Northwood, m. Hannah Elizabeth Williams c. 1890s, England

Frederick William Henry Northwood, m. Lillian Elizabeth Ebdale c. 1920, England

Frederick Albert Northwood, b. 1921 London; m. 1946, Heather Margaret Lee


Norwood of Flamstead, Hertfordshire, England [I-P37]

Henry William Norwood, b. 1842 Bedfordshire, England; m. c. 1870, Annie Fay

Henry William Norwood, Jr., b. 1874 Pimlico, Middlesex, England; m. Alice Maud Markham

John Henry Norwood, b. 1904; d. 1984; m. Betty Mary Barratt

[H M Norwood: genealogy@hnorwood.co.uk]

Norwood of McNairy, Hardin, and Shelby Counties, Tennessee

John P. Norwood, b. 1781-80 SC; d. 1845 TN; m. Mary Harris

Sanders Marion Norwood, b. 1831 SC; d. 1918 TN; m. Mary J. Peek

Alonzo Harris Norwood, b. 1879 TN; d. 1936 CA; m. Kathryn W. Agnew

Lawrence Russell Norwood, b. 1921; d. 1980; m. 1947 Virginia Monroe

[D L Norwood:  dnorwood2@yahoo.com]

Norwood of Giles County, Tennesse

William Norwood, b. 1810-1820; d. abt 1841; m. Giles Co TN Lucy Ann Grigsby

John Preston Norwood, b.1834 Giles Co TN; d.1923 Miller Co MO; m. Nancy Ann Eliz. Bowden

John Bowden Norwood, b. 1869 Graves Co KY; d. 1901 Cole Co MO; m. Anna Kathryn Angenendt

Everett Norwood, b. 1895 Cole Co MO; d. 1968 Cole Co MO; m. Bell Bernice Wheeler


[S H Norwood, User92050@aol.com]

Norwood of Great Witley, Worcestershire, England

Edward Norwood, b. c. 1723; d. 1781 Great Witley, Worcs; m. Elizabeth Taylor

William Norwood, b 1754 Great Witley; d. 1827 Great Witley; m. Mary Holloway

William Norwood, bpt. 1802; d. 1889; m. Mary Ann Key

William Norwood, bpt. 1835; d. 1922; m. Ann Elizabeth Gerrard

William John, b. 1876 Great Witley; d. 1950 Abberley; m. Agnes Bradley

Lional Ernest Norwood, b. 1908 Abberley; d. 1991 Boraston, Shropshire; m. Marjorie Dunn

Leslie Maurice Norwood, b. 1941; d. 2002; m. Jean Morris

Simon Norwood, b. 1971 Worcester; m. Bethony Jorden

Ben Norwood, b. 2005

Colin Norwood

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