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History of Carlow Clan and Tipperary Clan O'Nolan

History of Offaly - Kilkenny Clan O'Nolan: Connaught

History of O'Nolan (I-P37.2)

Lineage I - Shangarry, Carlow Clan O'Nolan

Donough/Hugh Nowlan, b. 1500-1530 in Ireland

John Nowlan, b. 1550-1570 in Shangarry, Carlow Co. Ireland; m. about 1565-95

Daniel Nowlan b. Ireland, m. Anastase O'Brien

Patrick Nowlan, b. Ireland, d. c. 1670

John Nowlan, b. Ireland

James Nowlan-Nowlin, b. Ireland (came to America c. 1700) m. Catherine Ward d. c. 1749 Goochland Co. VA

James Nowlin II, b. 13 Nov. 1715 m. Martha Collins, 1738

Bryan Ward Nowlin, b. c. 1740, m. Lucy Wade

Bryan Ward Nowlin II, b. 8 Oct. 1768 m. Elizabeth Townsend

Peyton Wade Nowlin, b. 14 April 1787, m. Margaret Phagan

Bryan Ward Nowlin, b. 4 July 1815 m. Jane Patten Hardin

Ulysses Cicero Nowlin, b. 31 May 1841 m. Martha A. Robbins

William Harvey Nowlin b. 5 Aug. 1866 m. Martha Caroline Patterson

Nolan Lineage I represents N-5, N-6, N-7, N-11, N-16, N-22, N-36, N-46, and N-55.

Lineage II - Offaly - Kilkenny Clan O'Nolan: Connaught.*

Michael O'Nolan, Galway, Co. Ireland

Michael O'Nolan rebuilt and ornamented the tomb of the ancient family of O'Nolan of Loughboy, Co. Kilkenny at the Franciscan Friary churchyard in Galway, 1473

Donell Oge O'Nolloghan (O'Nolan), goldsmith, made free in 1500 on condition that he maintained Andrew Fallon, father of his wife Julian Fallon

Donell Oge O'Hologhan (O'Nolan) owner of Qwarown Browne (Carrowbrowne) Castle, 1574 in the Barony of Moycullen Co. Galway, which includes the Barony of Galway

Thomas (O H Uallachain) Nolan (d. 18 June 1628) purchased the Crevaghe (Creagh Castle) in Co. Mayo, 1582 m. Agnes Martin purchasing Enniscrone Castle in Co. Sligo, 1597 for his son John

John Nolan family attacked and forcefully evicted from Enniscrone Castle, 1641-42 living in Isle of Wight Co. VA, 1643

Thomas Nolin (Nolun) of James City Co. VA, 1717 d. 1729 Goochland Co. VA leaving widow Agnes

William Nowland (Noland) (Nowlin) of Goochland Co. and Albemarle Co. VA, 1740-44 fathered John, Thomas, William, and Agnes with wife Jane

Thomas Nowland (1745-1787) m. Anne having three children: Thomas, Micajah, and Lucy

Thomas H. Nolen b. Davidson Co. TN, 1785 d. 1850-60 Lauderdale Co. AL

Hardin Nowlin (Nolen) m. Cytha (Cynthia) Vickers, 15 May 1845

A. James Green Nolen (Jan. 1847 to 4 Sept. 1910) m. Eliza M. Isbell in Lawrence Co. AL, 3 June 1866

William T. Nolen (12 Feb. 1868 to 25 June 1914) m. Mary Elizabeth Mobley both buried at County Line Cemetery Logan/Yell Co. AR

B. John Alexander Nolen b. 1861, brother to the above James Green Nolen, m. Belle Palmer

William Turner Nolen b. 1886 m. Florence in 1905

Arthur Lee Nolen m. Madge W. Wells in Vigo Co. IN, 31 Dec. 1944

* The 25 marker match between N-3 and Kit #18393 from the Windham Family DNA Project, the 33 of 37 Y-DNA marker match between N-4 and Kit #56134 from the Windham Family DNA Project, and the 62 of 67 marker match between N-4 and Kit #18393 from the Windham Family DNA Project give a high probability of a common ancestor through an extramarital event, non-paternity event or adoption.

Nolan Lineage II represents N-3, N-4, and N-30.

Lineage III - Barony of Forth, Carlow Clan O'Nolan

Patrick Pierce Nolen, born Ireland, 1802

Patrick Pierce Nolen b. Ireland, 1802 m. Mary Devers 1860 Tippah Co. MS d. 1898 Crockett Co. TN

William Neal Nolen b. 1866 Hardeman Co. TN m. Cordelia Laman 1894 Crockett Co. TN d. 1941 Crockett Co. TN

Jesse Pierce Nolen b. 1895 Crockett Co. TN m. Maude Worrell 1919 Crockett Co. TN d. 1960 Crockett Co. TN

Bobby Nolen b. 1931 Crockett Co. TN m. Patricia Williams 1958 Crockett Co. TN

Daniel Nolan, Ireland?

Daniel Nolan believed to have been a plumber who worked on the Merrimack River Dam project MA m. Catherine Devereaux

Mary Nolan m. Patrick Dempsey moving back to Ireland

Daniel Patrick Nolan d. 1897 Lawrence MA m. Ellen Matteson b. Scotland d. Lawrence MA

Daniel Nolan d. early in childhood Lawrence MA

George Patrick Nolan d. early in childhood Lawrence MA

Daniel Winslow Nolan b. about 1873 Lawrence MA d. about 1927 m. Henrietta Whipple

John Thomas Nolan b. about 1871 Lawrence MA d. 1946 Lawrence MA m. Elizabeth V. Barry b. about 1884 in Scotland d. 1971 Lawrence MA

Marion Francis Nolan (1907-1971) m. George Emmott (1908-1992)

Alice E. Nolan b. 1908 d. early in childhood North Andover, MA

Daniel John Nolan (1916-1962) m. Theresa Lavin in Lawrence MA

George David Nolan (1918-1962) North Andover, MA

Edward V. Nolan b. about 1920

Lily May Nolan b. 16 August 1923 Uitenhage, Republic of South Africa [British subject] d. North Carolina, 2002

Nolan Lineage III represents N-1, N-21, N-26, and N-29.

Lineage IV - O'Nolan - I-P37.2

Thomas Nolan born circa 1820 Ireland died circa 1879 married 9/4/1844 Creggs Parish, Roscommon, Ireland to Bridget White born Co. Sligo circa 1820 married dying April 1880

Patrick born circa 1846 Co. Roscommon, Ireland died 7/10/1903 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. OH

Malachi born circa 1848 in Ireland

Helen (aka: Ellen) born 10/23/1855 in Covington, Kenton Co. KY dying 1/30/1880 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. OH

Robert Charles born 8/28/1857 in KY dying 2/22/1936 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. OH married 4/25/1879 in Kenton Co. KY to Sarah Martine born 1/29/1860 in Kenton Co. KY dying 11/15/1951 in Cincinnati, OH

William T. born 5/23/1879 in Covington, Kenton Co. KY died 5/4/1963 in Cincinnati, OH

Walter Harold born 3/20/1881 in Cincinnati, OH died 8/17/1951 in Cincinnati, OH married circa 1906 to Clara English born 1/10/1884 in OH died 3/8/1948 in Dayton, OH

Viola born 3/7/1907 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. OH dying 2/23/1993 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. OH

Ruth born 3/2/1912 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. OH dying 2/17/1994 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. OH

Howard W. born 10/16/1920 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. OH dying 2/22/1984 in Newport, Campbell Co. KY married 6/21/1941 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. OH to Eva M. Gemmer born 3/3/1923 in Newport, Campbell Co. KY

Patrick H. born 8/3/1943 in Dayton, OH

Judith E. born 11/10/1946 in Dayton, Campbell Co. KY

Michael A. born 12/19/1948 in Covington, Kenton Co. KY

Kathleen M. born 1/15/1950 in FT. Thomas, Campbell Co. KY

Timothy L. born 7/29/1959 in FT. Thomas, Campbell Co. KY

Lisa M. born 3/2/1961 in FT. Thomas, Campbell Co. KY

A marriage of Thomas Nolan and Bridget White took place on 4 September 1844 and was witnessed by James Colles and Elizabeth Mulligan in the RC (i.e. Roscommon) parish of Creggs. Father Egan officiated at the marriage. They brought two sons to America, Patrick & Malachi, who were born in Roscommon per the U. S. Census.

Nolan Lineage IV represents N-24, and N-25.

Lineage V - Carlow Clan O’Nolan #3

Family history not available

Nolan Lineage V represents N-49 and N-50.

Lineage VI - Barony of Forth, Co. Wexford?

Patrick? Nolan born Ireland, wife unknown.

John Nowlan born circa 1810 Co. Wexford, Ireland married Mary Lannen New Ross, Co. Wexford; immigrated to Indiana 1850.

"John Nolan, a native of county Wexford, Ireland, came to America about 1850, a year or two in advance of his family, and came directly to Daviess County, where he worked on the canal until his death, which occurred soon after his arrival and when he was about thirty-four years of age."

Patrick Thomas Nolan born New Ross, Co. Wexford, 5 March 1843 married Rose Ann Hand.

Lawrence Joseph Nolen born Daviess Co. Indiana 16 October 1876 married Mary Estelle Holland.

Francis Clinton Nolen born 10 July 1914 Daviess Co. Indiana married Anna Maude Benham.

Michael Eugene Nolen born 7 April 1938 Vanderburgh Co. Indiana married H. Elaine O'Dell.

Nolan Lineage VI represents N-35 and N-53.

Lineage VII - Tipperary Clan O'Nolan

Pierce Nowland born 1632, Dublin (?) Ireland.

William Nowland (or Noland) born 1658, Co. Mayo-Ireland, died 1719, St. Mary's Co. Maryland.

William Nowland (or Noland) born 1682, St. Mary's Co. Maryland.

William Noland (or Nowland) born 1720, St. Mary's Co. Maryland, died 1804, Berkeley Co. VA (now WV), married Johanna (or Joanna), 1740.

Obed Noland born ~1750, Berkeley Co. WV, died 1828, Berkeley Co., married Priscilla Bailey 1798 in Berkeley Co. WV.

Obediah (Jr) Noland born 1807 Berkeley Co. WV, died 1873/79, Francisville, Pulaski Co. IN, married (1) Mary Jones, (date unknown), married (2) Malinda Beech, 1827, Berkeley Co. WV.

Wesley (or Westley) Noland born 1838, (IN?), died 1916 Jasper Co. IN, married Evangeline (Evaline?) Culp, IN.

Obedia Elijah Noland born February 1867, IN, died 1921 IN, married Luella Maple, 1891.

Lonnie Obed Noland born 1895, IN, died 1950, Los Angeles, CA, married Delena Lefler, ~1918, IN.

Nolan Lineage VII represents N-8, N-10, and N-38.

* Lineage VIII - Nolan (Nollent) and Ozment (Osmond) Clan)

Famille de Nollent: Nolan (Nollent) and Ozment (Osmond) Branch


N-2 - Richard de Nollent of France

* N-2 and N-62 have a 23 of 25-marker match. They mismatch at DYS #385a and 464d. The mutation from 11 to 12 at DYS #385a for N-62 does not appear to be a recent mutation meaning that the 23 of 25-marker match for these two families indicates an ancient common ancestor not within the genealogical time frame. N-62 clearly has an 11 and 14 ancestor at DYS #385a and 385b. His lineage then mutated to 12 and 14 at DYS #385a and 385b. N-62 is more likely to have recent common connections with a group at 12 and 14 at DYS #385a and 385b then with his 11 and 14 ancestor, however, the ancient connection to the 11 and 14 ancestor is still valid and may exhibit itself as in this 23 of 25-marker match. N-68 is a genetic distance of one from N-2 and N-62 at the 25-marker level.

Nolan Lineage VIII represents N-2, N-62, and N-68.

Lineage IX - Barony of Boyle, County Roscommon Clan O’Nolan

N-15 and N-64 have a genetic distance of one with a 36 of 37-marker match. Research has established it as a County Roscommon lineage.

Nolan Lineage IX represents N-15 and N-64.

Family I - Kilknock Branch, Carlow Clan O'Nolan

"I have now identified the exact townland and relatives of my ancestor who emigrated to New Brunswick around 1818. Our line is the Kilknock Nolan line, Kilknock being a townland close to Ballon Village in County Carlow."

James Nowland b. circa 1760, Ireland

James Nowland m. Mary Clowry (nee Shortall) in 1793

Peter Nowland b. circa 1796 emigrated to New Brusnwick (NB) Canada in 1818 m. Modeste Jaillet in 1828 in Richibucto, NB

William Nowlan b. 1837 Buctouche, NB m. Madeleine Landry in 1864 Buctouche, NB

Alexander Nowlan b. 1876 Buctouche, NB m. Marie-Blanche Melanson in 1915 Buctouche, NB

Albert Nowlan

Roger Nowlan

Michael Nowlan

Family I represents N-18.

Family II & III

N-14, and N-27, Haplogroup G - Portugal, and G2a

Family IV & V

N-20 and N-23, Haplogroup E3b3a and E3b

Family VI

N-31, Ireland

Family VII

N-34, Haplogroup R1a (R1a1) Ireland

Family VIII

N-9, Ireland?



Family IX


N-?, Ireland?




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