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Newsom(e) Project Discussion

The purpose of this page is to discuss our DNA results and other news or ideas regarding the Newsom(e) project.  Names are spelled, with or without the “e” as submitted by the participant.  Early Newsoms in VA and NC appear without the “e” in records, but many of their descendants, adopted the “e” ending.   We agree with Shakespeare, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” and so it is with the spelling of the name.

Status Reports

March 19, 2008 - We have had some interesting test results in the past month.  When all of Larry E, Newsome's results came back from the lab, and did not match those of other participants in the Newsome project, this confirmed his theory that their had been an illegitimate birth in the line back in the early 1800's. However, Larry's markers did match those of members of another FTDNA project; and he now knows a great deal about his true genetic line.  Even when results do not match the line you think it will, a whole new group of blessings may result. 

Our other Larry (with the W.) extended his markers from 12 to 37, and all but one marker matched the Newsome Lineage standard.  Now, we just need to find the most recent common ancestor he shares with the other men. 

We have two more participants with DNA samples at the lab; one of which lives in Ireland.  We are most eager to have a participant who currently lives in VA and descends from William, the first Newsom to arrive there in the early 1600's.  If you qualify as that person, or know some one who does, please contact me.

February 15, 2008 - Donald Newsome's 25 and 27 marker results matched many of the other Newsomes in the project.  Donald descends from Harrison, so his results help confirm that yDNA signature.

James A. Newsome has matched the Newsom(e) line at the 12 marker level, but is one marker off at the 25 marker level from many of the other participants.  James' Patriarch, earliest known ancestor,  is A.A. (or A.W.) Newsome who married Sarah Ryals in 1875 in Jefferson County GA. Sarah was a widow in the 1880 census.  If any reader had any information about A.A. Newsome, please contact us.

Donald Newsome's 25 and 37 marker results matched many of the other Newsomes in the project. Go to the Results page to see all this graphically displayed.

December 27, 2007 -  The final test results for Charles Newsome N-7 have been returned showing a match of 35 of the 37 markers matching with Cebert Newsome.  Two more kits are in the mail for Newsome participants.   The mtDNA sample for Mary Alice Newsom Dell is now being tested.

December 21, 2007We have a match!!  The early report is in on 25 of the 37 marker test on Charles Newsome.  He had a match on 24 of the 25 markers with three other participants: Cebert E. Newsome, Gary Newsom, and Larry Newsom.  Cebert and Charles had already compared their family histories and knew that Harrison Newsom was their common ancestor, so the matching yDNA was confirmation.   Larry does not descend through Harrison, so the common ancestor there remains to be discovered. 

N-2  (C.E. Newsome) has a proven line to Harrison Newsome and has claimed as his Patriarch Henry Newsom, whose last record is the in 1800 Rowan County NC census in which he is listed age 45 plus.  His probable son, Harrison, who married Peggy Lowe, moved to Floyd Co. KY by 1820; and through his five Newsome sons produced numerous descendants.   Only one other record has been found for Henry, either before or after that census (He was listed as having made purchases in 1799 in neighboring Randolph Co. NC.)  Since the only other Newsom listed In Rowan was Lewis Newsom, son of Sampson Newsom of Southampton Co. VA, there is the possibility that the men were related, or that Harrison was the son of Lewis. For more information on this line, contact Mary Alice Newsom Dell at 

Harrison Newsome of Rowan Co. NC, who died in 1833 in Pike Co. KY, had several acknowledged sons by Mary Kinney. They assumed the Kinney name.  We would welcome these descendants of Harrison, to be tested and have their results posted on the Newsom(e) Project pages, since they are genetically speaking Newsomes.

N-1 (G.L Newsom) who matches the former two, and N-5 (S.J. Newsom) have not yet submitted pedigrees.  We would urge them to do so, and to upgrade their testing to 37 markers so they may more closely determine their MRCA (most recent common ancestor).

N-3 (Andrew Newcomb) is shown on the Newsom(e) Project page until such time as a Newcomb Project can becomes a separate project.  See the Family Tree DNA  Newsom(e) Project page (click here) to see other surnames that will share our Project pages until they have their own project.


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