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Individuals identified by a red-code, such as "HyVA-1" have been tested. All other lines await participants. The code "HyVA-1" signifies that the participant's earliest documented ancestor lived in Henry County, Virginia and this is the first Murphy to be tested from that geographic area. As another example, "UkIR-1" translates "unknown place of origin in Ireland, first participant." If Cork, Ireland were known, the code would be "CkIR-1." This serves to pinpoint where Y chromosomes existed at historic places and moments in time.

View Murph(e)y or Murphree families whose earliest documented ancestors lived in:

Alabama     England     Ireland     Maryland     North Carolina     Ohio     Pennsylvania     Scotland     South Carolina     Virginia




     According to family tradition, Patrick came from County Antrim, Ireland.






     According to family tradition, James came from County Cork, Ireland.



North Carolina

 Ezekiel was possibly the son of Miles Murphy.








South Carolina






      Among the eight generations of this participant's Murphy/Morphew ancestry back to James/Joseph, five couples lived to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversaries.


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