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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Pedro De Morales del Rio b 1645 Spain m Maria De la Concepcion d 1700 Puerto Rico - Kelvin Morales [morales.kelvin AT]
    • Cristobal Morales b 1685 Puerto Rico m Juana Francisca De la Cruz d 1730 Puerto Rico
      • Eusebio Morales b 1710 Puerto Rico m Maria De la Rosa Velasco d 1760 Puerto Rico
        • Justo Marles de la Rosa b 1725 m Maria Santiago d 1785 Puerto Rico
          • Braulio De Morales b 1785 m Ursula De los Santos
            • Justo Daniel Morales b/d Puerto Rico m Maria Encarnacion Rivera
              • Justo Morales y Rivera b 1840 Naranjito Puerto Rico m Margartia Morales y Morales d Naranjito, Puerto Rico
                • Manuel Morales Morales b 17 June 1886 Puerto Rico, USA m 15 Oct 1910 Puerto Rico, USA Aurelia Nieves y Suarez d 3 Aug 1970 Guaynabo Puerto Rico
                  • Manuel Morales y Nieves b 22 Nov 1915 Naranjito, Puerto Rico m 24 May 1941 Josefina Espada Orlandi d 8 Aug 1999 Puerto Rico 101018
  • Lorenzo Moralez b c 1880 TX m Gergoria Aguilar - [larryjandconnies AT] N101745

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