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Welcome to Our Moorhead DNA Project

The Moorhead DNA Project is open to all those in a direct paternal line to the surname Moorhead or its many variants,
such as: Morehead, Moorehead, Muirhead, Morshead, Morad and others

 This MOORHEAD DNA PROJECT WEBSITE is provided by  (About us)


  • This DNA Project was started so a group of genealogy researchers who share this surname, or a genetic link to this surname, could join together to use yDNA testing, paper trails, and research to identify those with whom they share a common ancestor.
  • You nay click on the links in the black bar at the top of this page to view every page of the project's website. 
  • Of most interest to you initially may be the project's PATRIARCH and y-RESULTS pages.   
  • You do NOT need to be registered or logged in to view any page of the project’s website, but you will need to log in to post on the forums and to use the "Make this a Favorite Project" link in the left column to create a link to this project's website .
  • Click here to order a DNA test and become a member of this project.  
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  • Were you yDNA-tested at another company?  Transfer your results to FTDNA to join this project. Learn how:
  • Upon joining the project, go to the Forum section and register. You can post your paternal lineage and we will add it to the Patriarchs page. If your Surname spelling is missing, we can add it as well. Just follow the directions listed there. 


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