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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.

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Lineage I (Haplogroup R1b)
Submitted by [jmonahan AT]
  • Patrick Monaghan (1827-?) b. 1827 in Ireland  Arrival - 1853 in Brant Township, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada m Denise Denny (Dennie)  1835-1926 D.? in Florida, USA
Submitted by T Monaghan
Thomas Monaghan  b: 1840?  d: ?  in Toocannannagh Bohola ,County Mayo  Ireland
           marriage  1: 2/2/1860 to Bridget Ann Groarke  in Toocannanagh,Bohola
{C}§  {C}Thomas J. b: 12/2/1860  d:1942 in Belleville NJ
{C}§  {C}Thomas  J  b:9/13/1896  d:10/30/1949  in Belleville  married to Bridget Dacey
{C}§  {C}Patrick  b:  2/2/1866   d: in Ireland?
{C}§  {C}James J  b: 2/26/1868  d: 1940  in Belleville NJ  married to Mary  Quinn 1901
{C}§  {C}James J b: 11/27/1904   d:8/2/1981  in Belleville married to Constance White
{C}§  {C}Patrick D  b: 1/25/1907  d: 1922 in Belleville NJ
{C}§  {C}Timothy  W b: 1/9/1909  d: 12/18/1961 in Belleville NJ married to Helen R. Kaminski
{C}§  {C}Myles C  b: 1/9/1911  d: 3/20/1975  in Belleville NJ married to Lillian Rapp
{C}§  {C}Andrew  b: 3/13/1915  d 1/30/82  in Linden NJ married to Kay Kelly
{C}§  {C}John F  b:4/28/1920  d:2/14/1971  in Belleville NJ married to Helette Pugh
{C}§  {C}John   b: 4/19/1871  d:  in Belleville NJ?   Married to Kate
{C}§  {C}Myles  b:  3/9/1873   d:1957   in Belleville NJ  married to Margaret O’Hara
{C}§  {C}Andrew  b:  11/10/78  d: in Ireland?
        marriage 2:  in 1881 to Bridget(nee Murtaugh )Quinn in Clooneen,Bohola
{C}§  {C}Martin  b:  10/12/1885  d: ?
{C}§  {C}Thomas  b:  10/18/1885  d?
{C}§  {C}Timothy  b:  9/20/1887  d: 1949? in Clooneen  Bohola  married Celia Jordan  
{C}§  {C}Thomas  b: ?  d:? in England  married Audrey?
{C}§  {C}Francis  b: ? d:? in England
{C}§  {C}Patrick  b: 1919 ?d:8/9/1999  Clooneen Bohola  married to Eileen Craine
Submitted by lauren AT
Paul Monaghan b: 1841 in Ireland, d: 7 Aug 1888 in TX
      marriage1: 1877 to Mary Flynn      
{C}§  {C}Paul Emmitt Monaghan b: 22 Aug 1878 TX; d: 27 Oct 1879 TX
{C}§  {C}John Louis Monaghan b: 6 Apr 1880 TX; disappeared after 1920, last known residence was in Stanislaus, CA.
marriage2: 1882 to Felicie Vienne
{C}§  {C}Richard Vienne Monaghan b: 19 Aug 1883 TX; d: 3 Mar 1937 TX
{C}§  {C}Richard Paul Monaghan b: 10 Jul 1909 TX; d: 26 Feb 1996 TX
Submitted by pkljdl AT
Gilbert Monaghan b: 1800 (guess) in Ireland; d: in Ireland
      married: Jane Harrison about 1793 or 1800 in Church Hill, County Monaghan, Ireland; died 1864.                                                   
{C}§  {C}William Monaghan christened: 12 November 1820, Albany, NY.
{C}§  {C}George Monaghan christened: 30 March 1823 in Albany, NY; d: April 1850 Smithville, Chenango County, NY.
{C}§  {C}Matthew Monaghan b: between 1821-1825 in NY.
{C}§  {C}James Monaghan b: between 1826-1830 in NY.
Jonathon Monaghan b: about 1814 in Ireland.
Colonel William Monaghan b: about 1815 in Ireland; d: 1864 in battle.
{C}§  {C}Alexander Churchill Monaghan b: 15 August 1848, New Orleans, LA
{C}§  {C}William Hecker Monaghan b: 18 November 1853
{C}§  {C}Thomas Jefferson Monaghan b: 23 June 1858
                          married: 1883 to Elizabeth Culleton
{C}§  {C}William Monaghan b: 31 August 1883, New Orleans, LA
  • Daniel G.  Monaghan (1841 - 1864) b: about 1841 in  Ireland, d: about 1864 in USA m Elizabeth McLaughlin - c_m_monaghan [c_m_monaghan AT]
    • Charles Patrick Monaghan (1862 - 1922) b: 14 Jan 1862 in Baltimore, Maryland, d: 25 Feb 1922 in Baltimore, Maryland m Maria Louisa Joseph Bryan
      • Joseph Daniel Monaghan, Sr. (1897 - 1964) b: 28 Nov 1897 in Baltimore, Maryland, d: 8 Jul 1964 in Perth Amboy, New Jersey m Mabel Emma Keve 315781

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