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Welcome to the Monaghan-Monahan DNA Project

Surname Y-DNA testing and "FamilyFinder Test" are the newest tools available to genealogists! Both types of tests are welcome.

  1. Surname Y-DNA tests allow genealogists to identify the DNA of their father's, father's, father's.....father since the Y-DNA is never recombined. Y-DNA information can be very powerful for filling in more of your surname history when it is combined with traditional paper trails.
  2. The Family Finder test is designed to trace all of your ancestral lines using your autosomalDNA (non gender DNA that is passed on to you by both parents) to identify other people who share an ancestor within the last five generations and occasionally an earlier one. This is different from mtDNA and Y–chromosome DNA tests, which are intended to exclusively trace the direct maternal or paternal line.

The following Monaghan surname variations are all welcome in this project. Any type of Monaghan DNA will be helpful to fill out lineages, prove/disprove lineages or link lost family members.

Known spelling variations are:

Monaghan, Monagan, Managan, Moneghan, Monoghan, Monahan, Monks


The Monaghan Surname DNA Project is part of the Monaghan one-name study. If you are interested in joining the Y-DNA study, you may purchase a kit through the Monaghan project HERE. I would reccomend the Y-DNA67 test, but even the Y-DNA12 will give you more information than not taking one at all!

You can learn more about this significant research by visiting the Monaghan One-Name Study web site hosted by the Guild of One-Name Studies, or by contacting the Group Administrator.  Your participation would be appreciated and very valuable to this project so please consider joining us.

If you are willing to sponsor a Monaghan Y-DNA test or contribute to our general fund, click HERE. If you are interested in contributing your research or pedigree to the surname research project without participating in the DNA study, please send an email to


My Monaghan Family

My personal quest for finding my Monaghans began while attempting to trace my family who was separated during their immigration to America from Ireland during the later part of the 19th century.  The last living male descendant from my Monaghan family passed away in 1996.  Since his Y-DNA is not available, both of his daughters and one granddaughter have all done the FamilyFinder test with the hopes of finding a male Monaghan relative, but so far no luck!! For more information about Paul Monaghan, you may read my blog page, Mysterious Monaghan. Although I am still researching my family, my Monaghan research has transformed into a study of this surname.


UPDATE: A free Y-DNA 37 marker test is currently available for any male who was born in Ireland or Northern Ireland with the surname Monaghan (or any variant listed above). Please contact me for further details. 

As of May 2014, both of the sponsored Y-DNA 37 tests have been used and we are awaiting those results. If you are able to contribute to the general fund, we will be grateful for any amount no matter how small so please help us if you can!!

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