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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
G1 - William Mode b bef 1755 m Nancy Unknown
G2 - Isaac Mode b abt 1785 NC m Anna White
G3 - James White Mode b 1812 NC m Nancy McFarland
G4 - William Gettis Mode b 1852 McDowell Co., NC m Mary Ellen Taylor 
G5 - John William Mode b 1877 TN m Lillian E. Wilson
G6 - William Gerald Mode b 1919 Milam Co., TX m Virginia Lucy Vonminden Kit # 209039
Researcher John Mode & Sharon H. Noyes jwmode AT and sherrylucky370 AT
G1 - Samuel Mode b abt 1821 NC m Lavinia White
G2 - John William "Long John" Mode b 1849 NC m Sarah Caroline "Sallie" Raffety
G3 - Henry Clay "Hank" Mode b 1894 Henderson Co., KY m Maude May Barker Kit #210982
Researcher Sharon H. Noyes sherrylucky370 AT
NOTE:  William Mode b. abt 1780 m Sarah Parker and are believed to be the parents of Samuel Mode.
G1 - Julia E. White b. 1860 NC m1 Unknown m2 Thomas Jefferson Wiseman
G2 - Charles Alexander White b. 1883 McDowell Co., NC m Maggie Minnie Delilah Burleson
G3 - Aubrey Lee White b. 1906 Avery Co., NC m Melba Revonda Houston Kit #99320 
Researcher Marie Bost atavus AT
NOTE:  All indications are that John William "Long John" Mode b 1849 NC may be the father of Charles Alexander White.
G1 - Aris Mode b. 1814 NC m Unknown
G2 - John Mode Sr b. 1830 NC m Mary D. "Nannie" Canipe
G2a - George Thomas "Tom" Mode b. 1871 AR m Jennie Donnell
G2a1 - John Frederick Mode b. 1895 AR b Lucy Vivian Allen
G2a1a - Leslie Neal Mode b. 1920 AR m Living Presley Kit #211952
Researcher Sharon H. Noyes sherrylucky370 AT
G2 - Sarah "Sally" Mode b 1842 NC m Meredith "Meredy" Queen
G2b - Cynthia Ann Queen b 1861 McDowell Co., NC m Joseph F. "Joe" White
G2b - Ida Bell White b. 1883 TN m Isaac Lawson
G2b1a- Islona Lawson b 1903 Claiborne Co., TN m Cassie Glen Shuler Kit #40865
Researcher Sharon Flora florasharon AT
G2 - Bryson Summey Mode b 1860 NC m Emma Jane Padgett
G2c - Samuel Arthur Mode b 1886 McDowell Co., NC m Edith Belle Madison Kit #211914
Researcher Sharon H. Noyes sherrylucky370 AT
G1- Mary Jane Mode b 1845 m1 Unknown m2 Augustus Dover
G2 - John Thomas Mode b 1867 NC m Nancy Belle Green
G3a - Joseph Wheeler Mode b. 1899 Cocke Co., TN m 10 Marguerite Aretta Sliger Kit #210801
Researcher Joe Mode jmode AT
G2 - Louise Ella "Lou" Dover b. 1884 NC or TN m Rufus E. Burgess
G3b - Mary Etta Burgess b. 1907 Cocke Co., TN m William Calvin Worex Kit #216570
Researcher Joe Mode jmode AT
G1 - Sarah L. Clay b. 1856 McDowell Co., NC m Unknown
G2 - John Henry Clay b. 1885 McDowell Co., NC m Mary "Mollie" Snipes Kit #161882, Kit #196820, Kit #202318
Researcher Lois Clay Perkins lopernc AT
NOTE:  Further matching of cousins through autosomal DNA indicates that John Thomas Mode b 1867 NC may be the father of John Henry Clay.
G1 - Samuel Julius Mode b 1879 NC m Hettie Jane Philbeck
G2 - William Everett Mode b 1905 NC m Florence Jones
G3 - Ray Arthur Mode b 1928 NC m Janice Lee Vandyke Kit #237349, Kit #237352
Researcher Judy Mode jmode1 AT
G1 - Thomas Rogers b. 1847 VA m Loretta Boils/Boyles b. 1855 IN OR Serena Duffield b. 1840 IN
G2 - Andrew Jackson Jaynes b. 1874 Jacson Co., IN m Mary Jane Stevens
G3 - Charles Washburn Jaynes b. 1906 Lawrence Co., IN m Edna Ruth Barton Kit #204300, Kit #181737
Researcher Judyth Jaynes Braden popsy AT
G1 - Jefferson C. Rogers b. 1820 TN m Nancy Adaline Carder
G2 - Ephraim Hicks Rogers b. 1850 Pikesville, Bledsoe Co., TN m Isabelle Frances Vaughan
G3 - Jefferson Davis Rogers b. 1902 Collinsville, Grayson Co., TX m Katherine Louise Chewning Kit #61661
Researcher Jay Rogers jrogers2758 AT
G1 - Thomas Rogers b. 1740 VA m Jane
G2 - Thomas Rogers b. 1780 VA m Unknown
G3 - Jesse Rogers b. 1801 Hawkins Co., TN m Lucinda Rice
G4 - Arthur Rogers b. 1831 VA m Ailcy Lawson
G5 - Henry Logan Rogers b. 1875 VA m Martha Ann Adams
G6 - Bethel Henry Rogers b. 1904 Beaver, Taney Co., MO m Heneritta Fanny Taylor Kit #173673
Researcher T. A. Rogers tarogers5 AT
G1 - Alexander Francis Rogers b.  1806 MO m Elizabeth Ann Ellis
G2 - Hiram Berry Rogers b. 1840 Conway Co., AR m Nancy McGee
G3 - Onie Simos Rogers b. 1875 Bell Co., TX m Minkie Elizabeth Stone
G4 - Luther Rogers b. 1901 Erath Co., TX m Elsie Ruth Rowland
G5 - Gordon Rogers b. 1926 m Living Kit #213447
Researcher Ronny Rogers jkeisling AT
G1 - Doswell Rogers b. 1736 VA m Ann
G2 - Catherine Rogers b. 1765 m William Roberts
G2a - Emanuel Roberts b. 1805 m Lucy
G2a1 - Abraham Roberts b. 1829 Lee Co., VA m Louisa Jane Greer
G2a1a - Mary Jane Roberts b. 1853 Scott Co., VA m Joseph Lawson
G2a1a1 - Isaac Lawson b. 1880 Kyles Ford, Hancock Co., TN m Ida Bell White
G2a1a1a - Islona Lawson b. 1903 Claiborne Co., TN m Cassie Glen Shuler Kit #40865
Researcher Sharon Flora florasharon AT
G2- James Rogers b. 1770 m Rachel
G2b - Moses Rogers b. 1794-1804 m Mary "Polly" Anderson
G2b1 - Moses Rogers b. 1828 VA m Agnes Sarah Church
G2b1a - Thomas Rogers b. 1858 TN m Amanda F. Bowen
G2b1a1 - James Rogers b. 1895 Kyles Ford, Hawkins Co., TN m Betty Ramey Kit # 43920
Researcher James E. Rogers Sr. jamesrogers AT
William Mode b. before 1755 m Nancy unknown
William Mode b c1780 m Sarah Parker b unknown
William M Mode b c1804 NC m Mary Proctor b c1795 NC
Malinda Mode b c1831 NC m Howell Henderson Green b 15 May 1827 NC
Louteshia Green b 06 Mar 1858 NC m James Lafayette Morrison b 15 May 1877 NC
Ethel Ray Morrison b 07 Oct 1899 NC m Perry Green Parker b 28 Apr 1893 NC B103034
Researcher Judith Parker-Proctor judytalk AT
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Kit Y-DNA match
Kit Y-DNA match
Kit mtDNA HVR-1 match
Mode to White/Lawson - Rogers to Lawson/White DUAL ancestry

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