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Mitchell Family DNA matches and discussion:

This page provides information about the different groups of DNA matches in our project, including pedigrees and discussion about possible connections and ways to move the research forward.  These are our success stories. Come celebrate with us!

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Haplogroup E

Matches have not provided pedigrees.

Haplogroup I

  • Group 1 earliest ancestor, Nimrod Mitchell b. ca. 1743. Others in this group of matches trace back to Virginia  and Abbeville Co. SC. They have not yet found their common ancestor, nor how they all tie together.
  • Group 2 earliest ancestor, Robert Mitchell b. 1720 VA m. Anne Lea d. 1782 NC.
    Another match traces back to Henry Mitchell b. 1789 County Down Ireland d. Belmont Co. OH. Another match goes back to James Mitchell b. 1767 Westmoreland County PA. A next step for this group is to investigate Irish leads and try to recruit other male Mitchells to test who have roots in County Down.

  • Group 3 earliest ancestor, Thomas Mitchell b. 1757, Franklin Co. NC?  d. 1853 Lawrence Co. TN.  Others in this group go back to Georgia around 1790.  Thomas' family went through GA on the way to TN. Could the families link  up in GA?

  • Group 4 earliest ancestor, Samuel Mitchell b. 1680 MA d. ca. 1761. Other members trace back to Hugh Mitchell b. 1784 Rutherford Co. NC and Moses Mitchell Sr. b. 1750 PA or NC > Bourbon Co. KY.  Do these Southern Mitchells connect up with Samuel's line here in the US or back in Europe?

  • Group 5 earliest ancestor, Joseph Theodore Mitchell b. 1859 Crawford Co. PA.


  • Group 6 earliest ancestors, John Mitchell of Lanarkshire, Scotland and John Mitchell of Co. Derry, Ireland. Both born around 1800.  Descendants ended up in Canada and the United States.  How were these men related to one another?

Haplogroup J

  • Group 1 earliest ancestor, Benjamin Mitchell m. Ann Holland ca. 1756 Goochland Co. VA.  The other match goes to an Archer Mitchell b. ca. 1794 New Kent Co. VA.

Haplogroup K

No matches yet.

Haplogroup R1 and R1a

The matches in this group have not provided pedigrees.

Haplogroup R1b

  • Group 1 earliest ancestor, William Mitchell b. ca.1748 VA d. 1819 Franklin Co. GA

    This group all trace back to a single common ancestor, so now their task is to move further back in their research to learn William Mitchell's origins, and of course, to encourage others to test in hopes of finding more matches and more clues.

  • Group 2 earliest ancestor, Amelia Co. VA 1780s

    This group of matches has some good indication based on their results that two of their early ancestors may have been brothers or cousins: James Mitchell b. ca. 1772 Amelia Co. (his decendents went to Prince Edward Co. VA) and John Mitchell 1783 Amelia Co. (his descendents went to Montgomery Co. VA). More research is needed into this connection. The other match is in Union Co. SC.

  • Group 3 earliest ancestor, John Mitchell, b. ca. 1699 m. Rebecca Ackley d. ca. 1767 Colchester, CT.   Both members of this group trace back to the same man. They are hoping to move back even further and find a match in early New England or in Great Britain.

  • Group 3.5 earliest ancestor unknown. One match traces back to William Allen Mitchell b. ca. 1836 VA d. Fayette Co. PA; while the other goes back to Jonathan C. Mitchell b. 1821 TN d. 1884 Newton Co. MO.  One of the lineages is complicated by a potential name change or other irregularity.  More traditional genealogical research is needed, both to extend the individual pedigrees back further, and also to identify where the DNA connection takes place.

  • Group 4 earliest ancestor, John Mitchell b ca. 1738 d. 1767 Lancaster, PA.  The other match was from a Daniel Mitchell b. ca. 1781 Bedford Co. VA. These matches have not located their common link.

  • Group 5 earliest ancestor, Capt. William Mitchell of Chichester, Sussex, England d. 1658 prob. Anne Arundel Co. MD. Others in this group of matches go back to Warren Co. KY, Edcomb Co. SC, and Wilkes Co. NC but don't know exactly how they connect up to Capt. William Mitchell. Testing male Mitchells who go back to Sussex, England would be a good next step for this group.

  • Group 6, earliest ancestor, William Mitchell fl. 1770 VA.  The other match is in Newton, Georgia

  • Group 7 earliest ancestor, Isaac Mitchell b. ca. 1717-1727 m. Sarah Elizabeth Hickman d. 1778-1783 VA. Son, Isaac Jr. lived in Northumberland Co. VA, before moving to Logan Co. KY and Mason Co. IL .  Both members of this group trace back to Isaac.  More matches are hoped for so that this group can go forward.

  • Group 8 earliest ancestor, Henry Mitchell b. ca. 1634 in Great Britain d. aft. 1705 Henrico Co. VA. His descendants populated much of early Virginia, settling in Prince George, Surry, Sussex, Dinwiddie and other counties.  Some records for these counties have been lost, making it difficult to sort out relationships between similarly named persons. Possible earlier ancestor was Matthew Mitchell b. 1590 Halifax, Yorkshire, England.  Further testing shows that Henry Mitchell probably has origins in  Yorkshire also, and was probably connected to Matthew Mitchell's extended family, rather than to him directly.  This group has many members who need to test beyond 12 or 25 markers to prove their relationship, as they share a very common haplotype.

  • Group 10 earliest ancestor, Thomas Mitchell b. ca. 1783 VA d. aft. 1850 Greene Co. TN. Two of this group trace back to Thomas Mitchell of Greene Co. TN. Another match goes to Hiram Mitchell (b. TN, lived Bibb Co. AL, Sabine Parish, LA) and the other goes to John Q. Mitchell, b. NC, lived AR. Both of these probably connect to Thomas Mitchell's family earlier in VA. More research is needed.

  • Group 11 earliest ancestor, Drury Mitchell b. ca. 1765 VA d. 1857 Butler Co. AL.  Lived in Jones Co. GA.  All matches trace back to the probable parents of Drury, Henry and Sarah Maderias Mitchell of Jones Co. GA.

  • Group 12 earliest ancestor, Experience Mitchell b. 1609 London, England, fl. 1623 Plymouth, MA d. ca. 1689 Duxbury, MA.  The other matches in this group go to a Calvary Mitchell in Providence, RI and a Noah Mitchell in North Gwillimbury, York, Ontario. More research needs to be done to connect these lines. Also, male Mitchells in England are needed to test against to confirm the line in England.

  • Group 15 earliest ancestor, John Mitchell b. 1750 Ireland d. Chatham Co. NC. The other match is also found in North Carolina, William Mitchell b. ca. 1770 md. in 1790 in Franklin or Nash Co. NC d. Wilson Co. TN. These 3 North Carolina counties are located in close proximity so these kits may have a good chance of making their connection to one another in NC with more research.  Another avenue of research to explore is to find Irish Mitchells to test in hopes of finding a hometown in Ireland for John Mitchell above.

  • Group 19 earliest ancestor is William Mitchell b. ca. 1737 VA? and died in 1795 Caswell Co. VA.  Another match is Frederick Mitchell b. ca. 1808 Prince Edward Co. VA d. Union Co. OR, who obviously connects up in Virginia somewhere.  Two recent matches descend from Franklin Foster Mitchell b. 1845 TN d. 1932 Giles Co. TN.

  • Group 20 one person descends from Nelson Mitchell b. 1796 Granville Co. NC d. 1875 TX while the other is from a Thomas L. Mitchell b. 1805 NC md. Elizabeth Roberts and d. bef. 1896.

  • Group 21 earliest ancestor, Rev. Morris Mitchell b. 1762 Montgomery Co. MD d. Polk Co. MO.  Other matches include Dennis Mitchell b. ca. 1809 TN & another family in Montgomery Co. MD.  More research needs to be done to connect up these lines.

  • Group 24 earliest ancestor, Layton Mitchell b. 1793 NC or VA and died ca. 1870. Both persons in this group descend from Layton. They suspect he or his family might have originally been Scots-Irish who came into Philadelphia and then down to Virginia.  Hope we get more participants from the British Isles and Commonwealth as many of our roots come from the UK.

  • Group 25 one person descends from John Mitchell b. 1782 Bedford Co. VA and the other from Gideon Mitchell b. 1784 Mecklenburg Co. VA d. 1867 NC.

  • Group 26 earliest ancestor, Welcome Mitchell b. 1792 RI d. 1860 Orleans Co. NY.

Haplogroup T

Matches have not provided pedigrees.

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