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Haplogroup R1b (but not R-M222)

·          John Millikin b. 1800 KY USA  P-2


·          Jesse Millican, b 1810 TN (probably Jefferson Co) USA, m Margaret Shelley - David Millican [dm13 AT]

o         Nathan Alexander, b 1836 Mc Nairy Co, TN, m Annie McElroy

§          Jesse George Millican, b 1870 Mansfield, De Soto Psh, LA, m Alice Cotton  P-3


·          William Riley Milligan 1824 – 1827   P-64


·          William M Millican b 1810 TN USA d. 1871 TX

o         John Millican  P-59

o         William Millican  P-58


·          Julius Washington Milligan b. c. 1777 Greene Co. KY - Jim Milligan [milligan_jw AT]

o         John A Milligan b. 1798 d. 1892 KY USA   P-44


·          John Milligan b. c. 1800 Scotland or Ireland  P-5


·          Lionel Millikin of Wanwood farm, Alston, Cumberland UK - died 1624

o         John Millikin of Wanwood farm Alston [manorial records]

§          John Millikin of Wanwood farm Alston Cumberland UK  -  buried 22.Mar.1713

·          John Millikin of Wanwood farm Alston, Cumberland UK - died late 1698 Alston, md Mary

o         John Millikin of Wanwood farm Alston Cumberland

§          Thomas Millican, b.8.Mar.1724 Garrigill Cumberland UK   -  8.Jun.1782 Garrigill, md Alice Allinson of Nattrass, Alston 1745

·          Thomas Millican, b.3.Aug.1766 Garrigill Cumberland UK  -  20.Mar.1843 Garrigill, md Mary Bradwell 1786, Elizabeth Wallace of Garrigill 1793

o         George Millican, b.22.Jul.1810 Garrigill Cumberland UK  -  22.Jan.1890 Garrigill, md Mary Hall of Garrigill

§          George Alfred Millican, b 1854 Garrigill Cumberland UK  -  d.1905 Garrigill, md Jane Dent

§          Joseph [Dent] Millican, b. 1880 Garrigill Cumberland UK, d.1937 Brisbane Australia, md Gertrude Varty of Alston UK  P-39


·          John Milliken b. 1796 Pennsylvania USA, d. 1865 New Hampshire USA , md. Achsa Sawyer - Lloyd Mulliken [loyd.Mullikin AT]

o         George Mulliken m. Elizabeth Oakes Fitzgerald

§          John Mulliken m. Matilda Brickner

·          Lee Vernette Mulliken m. Ethel Mae Drake  P-72


·          John Milligan b. 1820 of Kirkubright Scotland and Lancashire England   P-69


·          Robert Mullicken  b. 1666 Scotland d. 1741 Bradford, Essex Co. Massachusetts m. Rebekah Savory - Terri Mulliken Allen [Imacutegal AT]

o         Benjamin Mullicken b. 1696 Bradford, Essex Co. Massachusetts, d. 1773 Bradford Massachusetts, m. Elizabeth Stickney

§          Amos Mulliken b. 1727 Bradford, Massachusetts, d. 1814 Townsend, Middlesex Co. Massachusetts, m. Mehitable Dodge

·          Asa Webster Milliken b. MA, d. Campbelltown, Steuben Co. New York USA m. Rachel Campbell

o         Henry Mulliken b. 1809 Campbelltown New York, d. 1880 Lansing, Ingham Co. Michigan, m. Ermina Burritt

§          Charles Hawley Mulliken b. 1839 Crete, Will Co., Illinois, d. 1896 Curunna, Shiawassee Co. Michigan, m. Mary Lucienda Watts

·          Franklin Granger Mulliken b. 1865, Illinois d. 1948 Washington, m Ella Marilla (Eastman) Crampton

o         Ralph Franklin Mulliken b. 1906 Washington, d. 1951 California   P-80


·          Jesse Milliken of Barnes Co. Tennessee

o         Austen Lee Milikien b. 1809, d. 1855 m. Catherine Wainwright   P-76



·          Robert Milligan b. c 1767 MD USA  d. 1842 Fairfield, OH - Barbara Waits [Barbarablooming AT]

o         Zachariah Milliken b. 1793 MD d. 1879 Fairfield, OH

§          George Milligan b. 1841 Fairfield, OH d. 1907 Fairfield, OH

·          Elda Milligan b. 1871 Fairfield, OH d. 1950 Frankin, OH

o         Paul Milligan b. 1910 Fairfield, OH d. 1958 Franklin, OH  P-22


·          Samuel Milliken b. c. 1804 PA USA  P-19


Haplogroup R1b (R-M222)

·          James Milligan of lowlands of Scotland md. Martha Eustis - Susan Milligan [similligan AT]

Note:  link to next generation is by secondary sources

o         John Milligan b. c 1779 of Co. Tyrone, Ireland, d. 1839 Coitsville OH USA, m. Margaret

§          James Milligan b. 1806 Co. Tyrone, Ireland, d. 1881 Coitsville OH m. Catherine McGuffey

·          William John Milligan b. 1834 PA, d. 1908 Coitsville OH, m. Martha Thornton Brownlee

o         John Rayen Milligan b. 1878 Coitsville OH, d. 1958 Youngstown OH, m. Ina Young   P-6


·          John Francis Milliken b. 1806 Portland Maine USA


·          Hugh Milliken 1600's of Boston MA USA m. Eleanor Ellison

Note: connection between Hugh and John is not proven

o         John Milliken b. c. 1664, d. 1749 Scarboro ME, m. Elizabeth Alger

§          John Milliken b. 1691 Boston MA, d. 1779 Scarborough, Cumberland ME USA, m. Sarah Burnett

·          John Milliken b. 1723 Boston MA, d. 1766, m. Eleanor Libby

o         Benjamin Milliken b. 1764 Scarborough ME, d. 1818 Buckford, Oxford ME, m. Elizabeth Bangridge

§          John Milliken b. 1791 Buckfield, Oxford, ME, d. 1861 Brunswick, Cumberland, ME, m. Jemima Bradstriit Minot

·          John Minot Milliken b. 1821 Lubec, Washington, ME, d. 1891 Sacramento CA USA

o         Theodore Jones Milliken b. 1868 Sacramento CA,d. 1932 Sacramento CA, m. Carrie Ann Eaton

§          Ernest C. Milliken b. 1896 Sacramento CA, d. 1973 Oaland Ca, m. Amybeth Payson   P-46

§          Edward Milliken b.c. 1706 Boston MA, m. Abigail Norman

·          Edward Millien b. 1733 Scarboro ME, d. c. 1812, m. Elizabeth Harmon

o         Nathaniel Milliken b. 1754 ME, m. Molly Lord

§          Samuel Alger Milliken b. 1802, d. 1872 m. (2nd) Olive Parcher McKenney

·          Frank R. Milliken b. 1833, m. Sarah C. Banks

o         William Hardy Milliken b. 1857 m. Fannie S. Lowell

§          Samuel Alger Milliken b. 1898 d. 1954 m. Elizabeth Kuhn  P-40


·          Stephen Grant b. 1620 Ireland  P-7


·          Placeholder   P-62


·          Robert Milligan b. c. 1811  P-67


·          William Millican b. 1738 Gt. Yarmouth Norfolk  P-21


·          Lewis Newton (aka Samuel M.) Milligan b. 1851 GA d. OK USA m. Minerva Hardin - Don Milligan [maivy42 AT]

o         Lewis Newton Milligan b. Van Buren Co., AR d. 1937 OK  m. Elizabeth McClung

§          Ester Milligan b. Garvin Co., OK  d. 1984 OK m. Marie Townsend  P-41


·          John Milligan - born 1755 in County Donegal, Ireland, d.1839 Washington CO. PA USA  -  Glenn Milligan [gmilligan AT ]

o         Robert Milligan b. 1785, d. 1863

§          Robert Henry Milligan b. 1828 d. 1906

·          Joseph Wesley Milligan

o         Glenn Edward Milligan

§          Donald Lee Milligan  P-42

o         Joseph Wesley Milligan  P-33

·          Robert Daniel Milligan

o         Richard Milligah  P-32

o         Alexander Neely Milligan

§          John Milligan

·          Alexander R. Milligan

o         Clyde F Milligan  P-30

Note:  P-31 is culturally connected with the above family, but his DNA is connected to a non-Milligan/Milliken family


·          William Milligan b1757 probably Ireland; d 1796 Rockbridge, VA, m. Martha Barton - Marcia Milligan Skiver [mmskiver AT]

o         Robert Milligan, b1780 Rockbridge, VA; d 1852 Adams Co., OH, m. Elizabeth Wiley

§          William Milligan b 1814 Rockbridge VA; d 1881 Adams Co., IL, m Mary Ann Secrist Caringer

·          Charles Andrew Milligan, b 1843 Adams Co., OH; d 1925 Paris TX; m. Martha Licenora Perryman

o         Charles Andrew Milligan, b 1881 Paris, Lamar, TX; d 1947 Pauls Valley, OK, m. Martha LaDella Knight

§         Thomas William Loyd Milligan, b 1903 Paris, Lamar, TX; d1952, Oklahoma City, OK; m. Truly Mae Blackwell   P-60


·          William Milligan b. 1829 Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, m. Alice Taggert  - Richard Milligan [rmajpe72 AT]

o         Robert H. Milligan, b. 4 Oct 1854 Jersey City, NJ USA, m. Emma C. Behme

§          William S. Milligan, b. 1901 Michigan, North Dakota, m. Julia Marvin Lytton (Litton)  P-29


·          John Millikin c.1630-40 of Donegore, Co. Antrim, IR -  Don Milligan [donmilligan AT]    P-11


·          Patrick Mullikin b. c. 1630, d. !686 Maryland   P-54


·          James Beatty Millikin b. c. 1808 Ballymulderg, Derry, Ulster, d. 1878 Ardtrea, Ontario, Canada   P-57 and P-65


·          Moses Milliken b. 07 Mar 1697 in unknown married Mary Murrell - Diane Bertrand [dbertrand AT]

o         Benjamin Milligan b. 18 Feb 1728 in SC USA married Elizabeth Hargrove

§          Hezekiah Milligan b.c. 1770 in NC married Sarah Bozeman

·          Samuel Milligan, b.c. 1826 Brunswick County, NC married Lucy Milligan

o         Christenberry Milligan b. 22 Dec 1851 in Brunswick County, NC married Sarah Elizabeth Milligan  P-14


·          William Carrington Milligan b. 1900 South Carolina - William Milligan [docmilligan AT]   P-79


·          James Milligan

o         James Milligan b. 1800 Killyleagh, Co. Down, Ireland

§          Robert Milligan   P-75


·          Robert Milligan b. 1798 Dumfriesshire, Scotland d. New Brunswick, Canada, m. Elizabeth Wood Seaton

o         James Milligan b. 1822 Dumfriesshire, Scotland, d. 1880 NB, Canada m. Margaret Douglas Aiken

§          Charles James Milligan b 1870 NB Canada, d. 1926 ?, m. Mary (Cunningham) Stone

·          Charles James Milligan b. 1895 NB Canada, d. 1947 ?, m. Marjorie (Stickland) Wilson  P-48


·          Thomas Milliken d. 1845 Islandmagee, Co. Antrim, Ireland m. Jane Hill

o         James Milliken b Islandmagee, d. 1858 Islandmagee m. Eliza Miller  

§          Thomas Milliken

·          Henry James Shaw Milliken   P-82

§          James Milliken b. 1857 Islandmagee, Co. Antrim, Ireland d. 1936 NSW Australia md. Helena Hill

·          Wiliam Millar Milliken b. 1896 NSW Australia d. ? m. Thelma Amelia Thompson   P-70



Subgoup B


·          Samuel Milligan (1727-1815) b. Scotland? d. Perry county, PA m.. Sarah Jardine  - Patricia Cootey [pcootey AT]

o         John Milligan (1764-1842) b. Ireland d. Perry county, PA m. Jane Graham

§          Samuel Milligan (1793-1861) b. Perry county, PA d. Osage, Henry county, Missouri m. Margaret Graham

·          William G. Milligan (1828-1862-64?) b. Perry county, PA d. Unknown m. Margaret Brushwell

o         William Wallace Milligan (1858-1886) b. Minn. d. Randolph county, IN m. Sadie Dixon

§          Dora Elmer Milligan (1880-1966) b. Randolph county, IN d. Randolph county, IN m. Ollie Jarrett

·          John Wesley Milligan (1911-1991) b. Randolph county, IN d. San Antonio, TX m. Amy Krueger  P-49



·          James Milliken b.c1680 Ballyskeagh, Co. Down, Ireland - Alan Milliken [Alanmill10 AT]

o         Hugh Milliken b. 1722 Ballyskeagh, Co. Down, Ireland

§          David Milliken b. 1753 Ballyskeagh, Co. Down, Ireland

·          Hugh Milliken b. 1784 Ballyskeagh, Co. Down, Ireland

o         James Milliken b. 1836 Ballyskeagh, Co. Down, Ireland

§          Hugh Milliken b. 1866 Ballyskeagh, Co. Down, Ireland

·          John Milliken b. 1891 Possilpark, Glasgow, Scotland   P-16


·          James Milliken b.c1680 Ballyskeagh, Co. Down, Ireland  P-17


·          Rodger Milliken b.c.1765 in Ireland m. Frances Dickson - Bryce Milligan [brycemilligan AT]

o         John Milliken/Milligan b.1804 in Ayrshire, Scotland m.Agnes MaGill

§          John Milligan b.1842 in Ayrshire, Scotland m. Margaret Gordon

·          Thomas Rodger Milligan b.1875 in Scotland m. Louise Vogel

o         Robert Milligan b.1914 in Manchester, NH USA m. Hazel Gunn  P-20


·          James Milligan b. 1818 Pennsylvania USA   P-78


·          Robert M Milligan b. 1819 Pennsylvania USA   P-55


·          William Millikan b. 1720 Dromore, Down Co., Ireland, d. 1804 Randolph, NC, m. Jane White

o         William Millikan  b. 1753 Chester, PA, d. 1838 Morristown, TN, m. Eleanor Smith

§          Elihu Millikan, b. 1785, Guilford, NC, d. 1864, Blaines Roads, Jefferson Co., TN, m. Nancy Hurst

·          Pleasant Miles Millikan, b. 1811, Jefferson City, Jefferson Co., TN, d. 1874, TN m. Jemima Day

o         Frank Thomas M. Milligan, b. 1849, Lost Creek, Jefferson Co., TN, d. aft. 1920, m. Hetty Dunn

§          John Edgar Milligan b. 1881 St. Paul Nebraska USA m. Ethel Brooks  P-35


·          Thomas Milliken b.c.1730 in Northern Ireland. m. Mary Jane McConnell  - Ron Milliken [rmilliken AT] OR Mike Milliken [mikeamilliken AT]

o         John Milliken b: 17 May 1766 in Cumberland or Juniata Co, PA. USA m. Parmelia Stiles

§          Abraham Stiles Milliken b: 17 May 1785 in Juniata Co, PA m.Jane Hufty

·          Abraham Stiles Milliken Jr. b: 23 Jul 1811 in Jefferson Twp., Greene Co, PA. m.Jane Gwynne

o         Jesse Abraham Milliken b: 12 Apr 1857 in Jefferson, Greene Co, PA. m.Mary Elizabeth Hoge

§          Clarence Francis Milliken b: 18 Nov 1890 in Washington, Washington Co, PA. m. Helen Belle Gilmore

·          Robert Norval Milliken b: 07 May 1918 in Wilkinsburg, Allegheny Co, PA.m.Irene Cecelia Tomko  P-18

o         Isaac Franklin Milliken b: 10 May 1850 PA USA m Johanna Huffman – Lawrence Paul Milliken [milliken AT]

§          George Leslie Milliken b: 9 March 1876 PA USA m Albra Faustian Dodds

·        George Kenneth Milliken b: 9 Sept 1910 PA USA m Luella Kathryn Rutter  P-51

o         Samuel Milliken  b: abt 1773 Cumberland Co, PA d: abt 1805 m: Mary Gray

§          Thomas S Milliken  b: 5 Jun 1797 Mifflin Co, PA d: 18 Apr 1864 Tuscarora Twp, Juniata Co, PA. [John’s mother is unknown]

·          John Milliken  b: 9 Oct 1826 Juniata Co, PA d: 7 Oct 1885 Locke's Mills, Mifflin Co, PA m: Anna Catherine Wolfkiel

o        Thomas Samuel Milliken  b: 15 Feb 1879 Menno, Mifflin Co, PA d: 27 Dec 1946 Piketown, Dauphin Co, PA m: Anna Mary Nesbit   P-52

Note:   DNA results for P-18 and P-51 above indicate that they are not related.   The participants are looking into this.



Ungrouped R-M222


·          James Mullikin 1667, Scotland  P-10


·          James Mulligan (b around 1760)- Geoff Mulgan [geoff.mulgan AT]

o         William Edward Mulligan (b 1816)

§          Edward Ker Mulgan (?)

·          Geoffrey Mulgan (b 1881)   P-63


Haplogroup T

·        Isaac Milligan b. 1810 d. 1880  P-27



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