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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, project members can identify their genetic heritage and related families.   Click here to find out how to use the Patriarchs Page or how to contact a pedigree provider.
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Lineage I - Haplogroup I1

  • Richard Micklethwayt, b. 1490, Ingbirchworth, d. 1544, m. Jennett ?
    • Richard Micklethwayt, b. 1520, Ingbirchworth, d. 1589, m. Unknown
      • Richard Micklethwait, b. 1559, Ingbirchworth, d. 1601, m. Matilda Hawksworth
        • Richard Micklethwait, of Ingbirchworth, m. Jennett ?
          • John Micklethwait, b.1624, Ingbirchworth, d. 1697, , m. Catherine Greaves
            • Benjamin Micklethwait, b.1660, Ardsley, d. 1747, m. Ann Milner
              • Richard Micklethwait, b.1697, Ardsley, d. 1773, m. Anna Wilkinson
                • Richard Micklethwait, b.1727, Leeds, d. 1800, m. Mary Raywood
                  • Richard Micklethwait, b.1756, Ardsley, d. 3-Jun-1822, m. Elizabeth Pollard
                    • John Micklethwait, b.1795, Ardsley, d. 1861, m. Mary Ann Atkinson
                      • Richard Micklethwait, b. 1830, Ardsley, d. 1888, m. Frances Eleanor Key
                        • George Whitley Micklethwait, b.1873, Ardsley, d. 1940, m. Ethel Ann Kent
                          • John Kent Micklethwait, b.1908, Crewe, d. 1984, m. Kitty Rita Robinson I1-1


  • Richard Micklethwait, of Cawthorne Yorkshire UK, d. 1683, m. Unknown,
    • Joseph Micklethwait, b. 1632 Cawthorne YKS, d. 1661, m. Sara Clayton
      • Jonathan Micklethwait, of Clayton YKS, d. 1700, m. Ellen Wood
        • Richard Micklethwait, b. 1685 High Hoyland YKS, d. 1744, m. Frances
          • Jonathan Micklethwait, b. 1711 Hemsworth YKS, d. 1785, m. Olive Rhodes
            • John Micklethwait, b. 1743 Hemsworth YKS, d. 1831, m. Mildred Summersal Finnow Moore
              • John Micklethwait, b. 1777 Kellington YKS, d. 1862, m. Jane Kidson
                • Joseph Micklethwait, b. 1808 Gowdall YKS, d. 1850, m. Barbara Funk
                  • John Micklethwait, b. 1834 Portsmouth Ohio, d. 1893, m. Rebecca Crees
                    • Walter James Micklethwait, b. 1883 Portsmouth Ohio, d. 1955, m. Blanche Isabel Treuthart I1-2

Haplogroup I2b

  • Jonas Micklethwaite, d. 1794 Darfield, m. Mary Brown 1786 Darfield
    • Joseph Micklethwaite, b. 1786 Darfield, m. Elizabeth Cooke 1806 Silkstone
      • Jonas Micklethwaite, b. 1810 Monk Bretton, d. 1861, m. Fanny Moody 1835 Royston
        • George Micklethwaite, b. 1844 Barnsley, D. 1911, m. Esther Laycock 1865 Barnsley
          • Arthur Micklethwaite, b. 1886 Monk Bretton, d. 1939, m1. Alice Palfreyman 1906 Barnsley I2b-1

    Haplogroup R1b

    • John Micklethwaite, b. 1805 Huddersfield UK, m. 1827 Hannah Mitchell
      • Daniel Micklethwaite b. 1830 Paddock, Huddersfield, m. Sarah Hetherington
        • John Hetherington Micklethwaite, b. 1858 Ossett UK, m. Sarah Clapham
          • Harry Micklethwaite, b.1880 Huddersfield, m. Lucy Newsome R1b-1

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