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Welcome to the Merritt/Marriott DNA Project! This project supplements traditional genealogical research with DNA information. It is intended for researchers working on their paternal lineage, and targets the surname Marriott and all variant spellings (Merritt, Merrit, Merit, Meriot, etc.) It encompasses any haplogroup that has received the surname over time, and includes any location where our surname occurs. All Merritts are welcome!
One primary project currently underway is to collect DNA from as many early North American families as possible, especially if they can identify an immigrant. This will enable us to more easily match lost family lines with their ancient families. This project will eventually evolve into identifying the ancient families and their countries of origin. We have several subprojects. One example is an attempt to identify the source of the Sampson County NC Merritts. A second works to determine the roots of the Colonial Virginians. Sub projects represent individual family research efforts. If you seek to join an existing project or start your own, please contact us!
What is the source of the name Marriott, and it's variants? (Merriot, Marryat, Merrett, Merritt, etc) Apparantly, there are many! One record that we have seen for the name Merritt is in 1066, at the Battle of Hastings, a decisive Norman victory in the Norman invasion of England. According to the book by Lynne Turner, three Merritt brothers were in the invading army of William the Conqueror. Their names were Rudolph, Augustus and William Merritt (Maryet/Maryot). From these three brothers in the county of Kent, the line descended to other locations throughout England. There are other sources as well. Here is a collection of articles regarding this subject: What's in a name? Marriott by Desmond Holden Henry Merritt's Lineage - Biographies of Addison Co, Vermont Merriott Families Genealogy Who should use this project? Any researcher working on Merritt family history or genealogy is welcome. In particular we seek those who can provide a DNA sample from the line or lines they research, either their own or that of a male representative.
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