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Join the The MERCER Project

Description of the Project:

The MERCER PROJECT is open to individuals interested in the collaborative genetic genealogical research of families having origins in the MERCER / MESSER Group of Patronyms. Participants are sought from all parts of the world.                                                  


Collaborative Project Research:

The MERCER PROJECT helps individuals discover and better understand their heritage through the sharing of participants' DNA data, used in conjunction with historical and traditional documentary genealogical research.

DNA results are not necessarily intended to “prove” a relationship, but can be quite helpful in guiding genealogical research.


DNA Testing:

Both male and female members are welcomed, and encouraged to test themselves and/or at least one individual of their family's oldest living generation - according to the following criteria:


  • The historically patriarchal structure of most societies presents researchers with documentary evidence that is usually most suited for correlation with Patriarchal-oriented studies.


  • Therefore, the MERCER PROJECT is primarily structured around the testing of living males whose Y-DNA is critical for the determination of paternal MERCER PROJECT lines. Nevertheless, the MERCER PROJECT also utilizes mtDNA (indicative of direct maternal lineage) and autosomal DNA (trade named as the Family Finder Test at Family Tree DNA, where 50% is derived from each parent) to complement and supplement patriarchal data.


  • Within the PROJECT, Family lines are anchored to Patriarchal Lineages (aka Paternal Pedigrees).


  • Therefore, in addition to any DNA testing one does for themselves, female project members are encouraged to test the DNA of one (or more) of their closest male relatives of the oldest generation possible from the MERCER / MESSER group of patronyms (surnames).


Click here to place an order for a DNA test at Family Tree DNA


What are the specifics?:

  • The test will be conducted by Family Tree DNA, of Houston TX, the World's leading testing company for Surname DNA Projects.  All tests include an estimate of the "Haplogroup" (an indication of deep ancestry).

  • We personally recommend the largest number of markers that you can afford.   We expect that most serious researchers will eventually upgrade to 111 markers - if not starting there initially.

  • The test is a simple cheek swab.  The kit will arrive and leave your house by mail.  You simply rub the inside of your cheek a number of times with a special scraper, put the kit back into the envelope, and put it in the mail.

  • If you wish to participate, you may place an order for a DNA test and submit your pedigree.


Click here to go to the WFN Forum and submit your Pedigree Info. 

A Project Administrator will soon thereafter insert it into the MERCER Patriarchs page for the purposes of collaborative research.


What do I do if I have questions?: 

  1. Please read Getting Yourself Tested at World Families Network.

  2. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions at World Families Network.   

  3. If you still have questions, contact one of the Project Administrators listed below.

Group admins

Project Administrators