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Updated September 22, 2016


1.  We are currently seeking at least two individuals to help administer this Project.       


     ** We could particularly use assistance in the following two areas:

  • Someone with at least a rudimentary skill level in the analyses involved with genetic genealogy, in order to help Project members with recommendations and to aid in identification and interconnection of different MERCER Lines.


  • Someone with a working knowledge of Web Design - or willing to learn to work with an existing Web Template (entering data, updating events, managing users of the site, etc.).


2.  We also seek Patriarchal Line Leaders to act as catalysts in the collection (through member collaboration/communication) and sharing of Family History information for the various Patriarchal Lineages now being discovered through this Project.


**  Individuals interested in either of these, please contact DM Kulbeth at .  **







Reminder:  Please feel free to participate in our collaborative research discussions at the Mercer Family Forum .





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