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Meanor / Minor / Meenach


  • James Meenach b 1749 Antrim, Cumberland Co., PA - Donald L. Meenach [linda.lathrop AT]
    • Alexander Meenach b 1781 Franklin Co., PA m Elizabeth Graham
      • Mortica Meenach b 9 Feb 1825 Lewis Co., KY m Margaret Ann Cartee (McCarty)
        • Robert Franklin Meenach b 15 Jan 1871 Wolf, Carter Co., KY m Margaret Ann Bailey
          • Leslie E. Meenach b 25 Mar 1914 So. Portsmouth, Greenup Co., KY m Erma B. Lowe 127991
  • Isaac Meanor b 1750 PA m Elizabeth Scott - Linda Minor Coleman [lcoleman AT] 175270
    • George Beatty Meanor b 1781 Chester Co., PA m Martha Davidson - James Beatty Minor [jbmjrm1 AT]
      • James Beatty Meanor b 5 Nov 1819 Moon, Allegheny Co., PA  m Ada Swearingen (kit # pending)
    • James Scott Meanor/Minor m 1798 Moon, Allegheny Co., PA m Sarah Deemer
      • John David Minor b 20 Dec 1825 Moon, Allegheny Co., PA m Sarah Marjorie Meanor
        • James Scott Minor b 7 Feb 1865 Salem, Meigs Co., OH m Lenora A. McElhinny
          • Arthur Leo Minor b 30 Aug 1892 Salem, Meigs Co., OH m Thelma Pearl Merriman 175270
  • Samuel Minor b bef 1780 PA(?) - Howard Sinclair Minor [linda.lathrop AT]
    • William Minor b c1800 PA or VA (now WV) m Melinda "Linda" Hart
      • Samuel Decator Minor b 14 Feb 1828 Hancock Co., VA (WV) m Hannah Mary Garlick
        • Howard Clarence Minor b 21 Jul 1869 New Cumberland, Hancock Co., WV m Caroline "Carrie" E. Holland
          • Howard Holland Minor b 15 Aug 1905 Toronto, Jefferson Co., OH m Katherine Emelda Sinclair 189458
  • Stephenson Leslie Minor b 10 Jan 1820 Somerset, PA m Rachel Crow - Gene Allen Minor [linda.lathrop AT]
    • Orville Thompson Minor b 25 Dec 1842 Ridgeway, Elk, PA m Elizabeth Hanna
      • Shelton O. Minor b Oct 1870 Spring Creek, Elk, PA m Olive Ann Gardner
        • Oscar Orville Minor b 2 Mar 1895 Hallton, PA m Pauline McCloskey 143822
    • William Henry Minor b 1 Aug 1864 Hazen, Jefferson Co., PA m Jennie Winifred Rolle - Linda Lathrop, Meanor Administrator [linda.lathrop AT]
      • Warren Xavier Minor b 8 Nov 1892 Falls Creek, Clearfield Co., PA m Helen Victoria Olson 189458

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