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For now, please see:

Also see this fantastic blog on all things Maher, Meagher, or Meachair-related:


If FTDNA's website is down for some reason, you can see a static, backup copy of the Meagher / Maher / Mahar Y-results here on WorldFamilies.

Last backup copy uploaded to Y-results tab on 7 Oct 2012.

I started working on this WorldFamilies Meagher / Maher / Mahar website on 6 Oct 2012.

Goals for the Meagher surname project on WorldFamilies:

I want this website to serve as a secondary location where people with Meagher / Maher / Mahar ancestry can coordinate their genealogical research, while maintaining FTDNA's website as the primary place to go.  This site will be more geared toward looking at the lineages in detail, and not just looking at direct-male-line Maher ancestors.  Currently, if you search online for "Maher" or "Meagher", besides the FTDNA surname project, also dozens of scattered, isolated matches turn up, most of them queries on old forums inquiring about such-and-such Maher or Meagher born in such-and-such year.  Ideally, these people should be able to go online, search for their ancestor, and come either to FTDNA (if someone has the same ancestor and has posted that ancestor next to their FTDNA results), or here (if that Maher or Meagher ancestor is not listed on the FTDNA page).  This site is intended as a catch-all, centralized location for any Maher or Meagher person who doesn't find what they're looking for on FTDNA's page.


Specific tasks:

Keep Y-DNA results for Meagher / Maher / Mahar on FTDNA and copy them here in the Y-results tab ----- completed.

Create listing of patriarchs and post here ----- not completed.

Recruit people with Meagher / Maher / Mahar surname to test their DNA and add their patriarch data ----- just started communicating.

Find person with Meagher / Maher / Mahar surname who wants to collaborate on this website as co-admin ----- searching.  (Please email me if you want to collaborate, especially if you are a person who is proficient with HTML.  My strength is in analysis of genetic data, not in designing web pages.)


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