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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Hugh McAnally b c1753 d 1830 in Caledonia, MN - Sheila McNally
    • William Henry McAnally b 1783 Lexington, KY d aft 1860 in Caledonia MN m Hannah Dever?
      • Uriah Parker McAnally b 15 Apr 1802 Williams OH d Aft 1851 m Elizabeth Mulligan
        • Claybourne Thomas McNally b Jan 1847 Dekalb Co IN d 5 Nov 1902 Winona Co, MN m Sarah Josephine Church
          • William Henry McNally Sr. b 21 Jul 1880 Winona MN d 9 Sep 1959 Winona, MN m Myrtle Davis
  • Michael McNally or McEnalley  b c 1790 Irelandd by 1874  m.  Elizabeth Rush -Colin McNally
    • James McNally (Mcenalley) b county town of Monaghan, County Monaghan, Ulster  b18.11.1813, d24.12.1886 418312
  • Francis McNally b c1800 Crockanboy, Bodoney Lower, Co. Tyrone, Ireland m Ann McNamee - Mike McNally [mike AT]
    • James McNally b c1833 Crockanboy, Bodney Lower, Co. Tyrone, Ireland m Ann Bradley
      • Francis Patrick McNally b 19 Nov 1864 Brooklyn, NY m Johanna Hoaglund
        • Francis Anthony McNally b 11 Feb 1892 Hempstead, NY m Gladys Hotchkiss 198682
  • Patrick McNally, b c1844 Ireland, m Winifred Devitt - JoanneMcNally [joanne AT]
    • John McNally, b c1866
    • Joseph McNally, b 2 Feb1868 Chicago Il, m Margaret Quinn
      • Gertrude McNally, b c1889 San Francisco CA, m George Pearce
      • Winifred McNally, b 28 Jun 1893 Chicago Il, m John Ryan
      • Anna McNally, b 06 Jul 1896 Chicago Il, m John Ryan
      • Julia McNally, b c1897 Chicago Il, m Louis O'Connell
      • Helen McNally, b c1902 Chicago Il, m William Hartnett
      • Marie McNally, b c1905 Chicago Il, m Frank Edgeworth
      • William J McNally, b 01 Dec 1908 Chicago Il, m Anne M-1 12142
  • Patrick A. McNally, b c 1828 Tyrone Ireland, m Mary McCrory - cecilia [treqtrital AT]
    • Esther, b July 1851 Philadelphia
    • Peter J., b 1854
    • Ellen A. b c1858
    • Bernard Joseph, b March 1860
    • Mary, b c1863
    • Felix A., b 1866
  • Felix, b c1832
  • Bernard Patrick, b c1835

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