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 By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • James McGraw b 1787 SC m Mary E McKemie - James Carroll McGraw [jangmac AT]
    • Rev Daniel Enoch McGraw b 17 March 1826 Fairfield District, SC m Nancy Emmaline Loudermilk
      • Elliott Loudermilk McGraw b 6 Oct 1858 Pickens Co., AL m Sally Jensey Langley  M-3 59011
  • Ephraim W. McGraw Sr. b c1791 SC d c1840 Meriwether Co., GA - dmac117 [dmac117 AT]
    • Ephraim W. McGraw Jr. b 1833 Carroll Co., GA d 1904 Haralson Co., GA
      • Roland J. McGraw b 1859 Coweta Co., GA d 1910 Lauderdale Co., AL
        • Lee A. McGraw b 1882 Haralson Co., GA d 1957 Cullman Co., AL
          • Aubrey L. McGraw b 1906 Lauderdale Co., AL d 1972 Lauderdale Co., AL B16149
  • Edwin/Edward McGraw b c1810 Ireland d c1897 NY m Mary Adams - lomast [lomast AT]
    • Joseph McGraw b 1845 NY d 1911 Lincoln, NE m Mary Jane Howells
      • Howell McGraw b 1877 Highland Precinct, NE d 1942 Madison, WI m Mary Anna Busse
        • Edwin Howell McGraw b 1906 Ord, NE d 1997 Port Charlotte, FL m Della Pauline Batchelor M-7 128511
  • Edward M. McGraw, b: April 15, 1816 Morrison's Cove, Blair Co. (then Bedford Co.), PA, m: Sarah A. Delancy - Gary McGraw [j_mcgraw AT]
    • James Milton McGraw, b: Sept. 1845 Blair Co., PA; m: Laura Jane Athey
      • Howard Leamer McGraw, b: Nov. 25, 1885 Hollidaysburg,PA; m: Emma Belle Fletcher
        • John Robert McGraw, b: Jan. 04, 1912 Lakemont, PA; d: June 16, 1976 in Miami, Florida 323473
  • John Albert McGraw b 23 Aug 1826 Carroll, TN d 20 Feb 1907 Greene, AR - Shannon Berry [berrypatch6 AT]
    • Wiley C. McGraw b 9 Jun 1847 Gibson, TN d 25 Jul 1928 Dyer, TN
      • Henry David McGraw b 4 Jun 1883 Dyer, TN d 14 Nov 1921 Dyer, TN
        • Robert Edward McGraw b 23 Jan 1914 d 15 Nov 1989 Roellen, TN
  • Christopher Malachi McGraw b.19 Dec 1852 GA d.6Aug 1933 Texarkana TX m Mary E. Johns-mkaymac [mkaymac AT]
    • John E. McGraw b. 18 Oct 1888 GA, d. 31 Jul 1956 Texarkana TX m Sarah Edna Jenkins
  • John McGraw m Mary Ann Cross  - Sue McGraw [Txstarsue AT]
    • Charlie S. McGraw b 6/20/1894, Orange, TX  m Vera G. Franks M-4 67291
  • Edgar Sumner McGraw b 1874 Grand Rapids, MI - Donnadae [chasnsunshine AT] M-6 86630
  • Marion LaFayette McGraw b c1875 Rome, GA - sandimcgraw [correiafamilia AT]

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