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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Hugh McGinn b c1800 Ireland m Catherine - Robert McGinn [bob-pamela AT]
    • Daniel McGinn b c1828 Ireland m Mary Coddle
      • Peter John McGinn b 1871 Liverpool m Sarah Bell
        • Daniel John McGinn b 1895 Liverpool m Alice White 267217
  • Daniel McGinn b 1803 Co. Down, Ireland d 1828 Matilda Tp Dundas - Rob McGinn [rob.lou AT]
    • John McGinn b 1828 Dundas d 1905 Toronto
      • William W. McGinn b 1858 Leeds Co., Canada West d 1937 Toronto
        • Arthur Robert McGinn b 1900 Orillia, Ontario d 1969 Toronto 45060
  • Patrick McGing b 1808 Arderry Co Mayo Ireland m Jane Scahill -John McGing  [john AT]
    • Philip McGing 10/18/1845, Arderry Co Mayo, Ireland m Penelope Morrin
      • Thomas McGing 9/12/1897, Churchfield Co Mayo Ireland m Bridget Donoghue   B11338 
  • Hugh McGinn b. Ireland d. Ireland m. Catherine Mooney - Kevin McGinn [kmcginn AT]
    • Patrick McGinn b. c1830 Ireland d. Bef. 1881 Ireland m. Alice Mathews
      • John McGinn b. 14 May 1854 d. 7 Feb 1917 Philadelphia, PA (by way of Worcester, MA) m. Anne Ruddy
        • Thomas John McGinn b. 12 Feb 1884 Durham, England d. 30 Jun 1956 Philadelphia, PA m. Sophia Stewart
          • George Michael McGinn b. 4 Oct 1911 d. 4 May 1968 Montreal, Quebec, Canada 266296
  • John Patrick McGinn, April  1858, New York City , New York, USA, m Mary Jane Noble -  Kathie Cheetham [KathieCheetham AT]

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