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28 Jan 2017 Posted M-164 pedigree to lineage 1.4.1 line of Richard McClure of Findrum

27 Jan 2017 Posted M-172 Pedigree Placed with M-103 Lineage 1.4

22 Jan 2017 Posted M-175 pedigree to the line of Halbert McClure

5 Nov 2016 made major corrections and additions to M-170 pedigree

30 Oct 2016 Posted M-170 pedigree under the Halbert/John McClure section just under the M-21 pedigree

5 Oct 2016 Posted M-165 Pedigree under Lineage 1 Andrew McClure of NC, m. Mary Wilson Branch of McClure’s

1 Feb 2016 Posted M-155 pedigree under the Halbert McClure section of Pedigrees. It is unknown if he connects to Halbert or his brother John at this time, but a 111 marker upgrade would be of great value. M-155 Patriarch is most likely a brother with the M-122 patriarch.

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Welcome to the McClure Patriarch page. This page is divided up by McClure Lineages and the lineages are subdivided into branches when applicable. (Use your browser search function to search for an item, … Ctrl F.)

There is NO common ancestor between any two Lineages. By Y-DNA, everyone listed WITHIN a lineage descends from a single common male McClure ancestor. That very fact means those that make up an entire lineage are all related to some degree to each other. Within McClure Lineage 1 (The largest McClure Lineage to date), we are able to identify Branches that make up that lineage. Everyone within the same Branch is much more closely related genetically to each other than persons within the same Lineage but in a different branch. But every branch within the lineage still remains related to some degree to the other branches. 

The pedigrees with a red "M" are submitted by participants in the DNA study and have Y-DNA results posted on the "y-results" page (or waiting for results from the lab). The red "M" code is placed at the end of the pedigree line representing the participant's direct McClure line. The Patriarch is listed in gold and is the Earliest KNOWN ancestor for that line of McClure's. Patriarchs with a line under them are linked to the submitter's pedigree at the pedigree forum (Note: The actual submitted pedigree may contain more detail than what you see here). The people that are listed in Black are the "Line Leaders" for that pedigree or branch of a pedigree and are the authors and point of contact should one have questions or comments regarding that line.

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McClure Lineage 1


William McClure (m. Margaret) c1690-1747 of the Cumberland Valley Pa Branch of McClures


·         William McClure b 1690 d 1747 Heisters Mill, Cumberland Twp Franklin Co PA m Margaret - Dan Mcclure [dmcclure AT]

o    Robert McClure b 1734 d 20 Sep 1792 West Pennsboro, Cumberland, Pa m Margaret Douglas - Robert Bruce McClure [bmacinind AT]

§  William McClure b 31 Mar 1759 West Pennsboro, Pa d 1 Oct 1823 Landisburg, Perry, Pa m1 Agnes Nancy McKeehan d 1798 m2 Margaret McKeehan d 1841

§  John McClure b 1 July 1788 Landisburg, Perry Co Pa d 25 Dec 1849 Northfield, Iowa m Susannah Ross

§  Robert McClure b 9 Mar 1816 Highland Co Oh d 1 Mar 1881 Hopeville (Thayer) IA m1 Mary b 22 May 1826 d 26 Sep 1845 m2 Catherine Berrier 1 Mar 182_  d 9 Aug 1859 m3 Hannah Mason Pownall  d 29 Dec 1915 - Donald William McClure, Sue McClure POC [subron4 AT]

§  Abner Leonard McClure b 13 May 1845 Des Moines County Ia d 27 Sept 1881 Hopeville (Thayer), IA m Eunice Beers Morley b 8 Oct 1845

§  Robert Franklin McClure b 17 Jun 1868 Mt. Pleasant Ia d 17 Feb 1953  Council Bluffs IA m Maude (Mary) Hester Morford b 21 Nov 1869  Muscatine Ia d 30 Sep 1932

§  Ralph Edward McClure b 14 Jun 1892 Griswold Ia d 3 Nov 1970 La Grange Oragon m Gertrude Orlean Tye b 29 Aug 1893  Griswold Ia d 29 Nov 1954

§  Donald William McClure b 17 Mar 1924 Griswold Ia d 24 Jan 1982 San Antonio Tx m Alverta Halois McClure b 9 June 1924 Tracy Ia -M-123

§  Alexander Lynn McClure b 15 June 1822 Greenfield, Highland, Ohio d 4 Feb 1864 Mediapolis, Des Moines, Iowa m Nancy Ann Willson

§  Samuel McLeod McClure b 6 May 1860 Northfield, Iawa d 13 Dec 1938 Morning Sun, Iowa m Etta Jane Mahaffy

§  Robert Milton McClure b 30 Jul 1909 Yellow Springs, Des Moines, Iowa d 16 Aug 2001 Waterloo, Black Hawk, Iowa m Marjorie Ruth Bryant -M-55

o    William McClure b 1736 Cumberland Co PA d 14 Jan 1819 East Waterford, Juniata Co Pa m Rebecca Harvey

§  James McClure b 1794 PA d 1874 Pa m1 Jean Lowrie m2 Jane Neal

§  Hugh Lowrie McClure, b 1822 PA d 1892 Pa m Rhoda A. Lowrie

§  Samuel Woods McClure b 1858 Pa d 1920 Tacoma, Washington m Carrie May Bickford

§  Hugh Meridan McClure b 1894 Ks d 1984 Ok m Bertha Ann Bilderback

§   Larry Mead McClure b 1927 Ok d 2010 Ok m Marie Delores Sarver -M-8

§  William G. McClure b c1868 Pa d 1943 - Wade L. McClure [wmcclure AT]

§  George Lowrie McClure b 1896 d 1965 Ok

§  William Lowrie McClure b 1925 Ok d 1995 Ok -M-52

§  Thomas McClure b 7 Jul 1797 New Bealtown Honey Grove Juniata Pa d 17 Sep 1858 McCullochs Mills Juniata Pa m 1824 Margaret "Margery" Kirk -James Lloyd McClure (Mylene Zimmerman POC) [auntneen AT]

§  Thomas Harvey McClure b 18 May 1842 Lack Twp Mifflin/Juniata Pa d 18 Dec 1893 Turbett Juniata Pa m 1866 Margarita Jane Kilmer

§  Thomas Furman McClure b 24 Dec 1890 Turbett Juniata Pa d 17 Sep 1948 Turbett Juniata Pa m Frances Elizabeth Dysinger -M-59



Halbert and John McClure (Brothers) Lineage 1.4 & Richard McClure Lineage 1.4.1 all of Findrum, Convoy, Raphoe, County Donegal, Northern Ireland Branch of McClures


14 May 2013: A recent research discovery by Mr. Erin Moore has unearthed John McClure, a brother to Halbert McClure. He is a sponsor of three men in this group. John McClure was born c1706 in Northern Ireland. He also found that this John McClure had four sons (all listed below). Y-DNA results prove his new research and has enabled him to connect not only his family members to this John McClure, he was able to connect the previous pedigree of M-78 to John McClure.



All the men in this entire Branch have the "11" mutation and "16" mutation at markers 511 & 534 respectively. This Branch of McClure's has two MAJOR sub-branches, those with the "10" mutation at marker 391 (Richard & Descendants) and those without the "10" mutation at marker 391.  We have grouped all those without the "10" mutation under the next pedigree, that of brothers Halbert & John McClure. And below this Halbert & John pedigree section we have grouped all those with the "10" mutation under the Richard McClure Pedigree. Please note, Richard is older than Halbert by a generation. The 10 mutation is not seen in the descendants of Halbert & John which means Richard is not the father of Halbert and John McClure, but perhaps an Uncle or Great uncle. 


·         Unknow McClure b. 1660 Co Donegal, Ireland

·         Samuel McClure b c1709 Raphoe Parish Co Donegal, Ireland d 4 May 1779Rockbridge Co. Virginia m Mary Kelso -POC Ingrid McCluer [myclue4u AT]

·         William Kelso McCluer b c1739 Orange Co Virginia d Oct 1785 Rockbridge, Va m 26 Dec 1765 Jean Kersey Trimble in Rockbridge Co  Va

§  James McCluer b c1770 Rockbridge Co Va d btwn 1824-1830 Leesville, Whetstone River, Craford Co, Ilinois m Rebecca Jackson

·         Hugh F. McCluer b c1806 Ross Co, Ohio m 12 Jul 1827 Hannah Pittenger in  Mansfield Richalnd Co, Ohio

§  James McCluer b 30 May 1830 Marion, Marion Co, Ohio m 22 Nov 1854 Harriett Easter LaRue in Marion Co, Ohio

§  George Washington McCluer b 11 Oct 1857 Marion Co, Ohio  d 17 Jul 1929 Jackson, Hinds Co, Ms m 6 Sep 1885 Nancy Parrill in Marion Co, Ohio

·         Leon McCluer b 1 Oct 1893 Champaign, IL d 2 Oct 1993 Jackson Ville, Calhoun Co, Alabama, m 1 Feb 1921 Mary Irene MOORE Parks in Jackson, Hinds Co, Ms –M-175

·         Moses McClure b c1710 d 1778 m 1745 Isabella Steel b c1720 Ireland d c1797 - Doug McClure [keltoi49 AT]

·         Halbert McClure b c1750 d c1830 Rockbridge Co, Va m ______ Steel

§  Moses McClure b c1785 d 10 May 1828 m 1812 Elizabeth Jones

§  Nicholas James McClure b 28 Nov 1815 d c1860 Union Co Ky m1 30 Aug 1840  Mary Holmes b c1820 Va d aft 9 Aug 1841 m2 Rebecca A. McChestney

§  William Preston McClure b 9 Aug 1841 d 17 Mar 1926 Henderson Co Ky m 13 Mar 1862 Eliza Jane D. Cottingham b 9 Feb 1846 d 7 Aug 1905

§  George Isham McClure b 17 Feb 1870 Dixie, Henderson, Ky d 17 Feb 1934 m 25 Oct 1893 Amy Alberta Toney b 21 Aug 1870 Sauk Center, Mn d 24 Oct 1935

§   George Guy McClure b 18 April 1897 Dixie, Henerson, Ky d 8 May 1973 m 4 Oct 1923 Vivian Overfield b 12 Apr 1906 - No Y-DNA test as yet 

·         Nathaniel McClure b c1712 Ire or Va?, m Mary Dryden/Harrelson? (1716-bef 1767)

·         James McClure b c1739 Rockbridge Co Va d 13 Sep 1799 Augusta Co Va

·         Alexander McClure b 31 Oct 1774 Rockbridge Co Va d 9 May 1843 Grant Co Ky m Martha Elliott 1795 b 27 Jul 1779 Augusta Co Va d 1808 Rockbridge Co Ky

·         James McClure b 1 Mar 1804 Rockbridge Co, Va d 7 Mar 1893 Davis Co Ia, m1 1829 Jane McClain Jessamine Co, Ky b 3 Feb 1812 Ky d 1854 Ia m2 1855 Elizabeth (Sharp) Humphrey

·         William H. McClure b 12Oct 1829 Lexington Ky d 28 Jul 1912 Davis Co Ia, m Letitia A. Prevo (1833-1891)-Jerry McClure [j.mcclure AT]

·         Obediah McClure b 10 Feb 1859 Davis Co Ia d 23 Apr 1935 Davis Co Ia, m Sarah E Smith (1861-1903)

·         Franklin Arthur McClure b 9 Feb 1887 Davis Co Ia d 13 April 1941 Davis Co Ia, m Edith L. Killen (1887-1956)

·         Doyle Clayton McClure b 17 Oct 1910 Davis Co Ia d 6 Mar 1963 Davis Co Ia, m Marguerite T. Hancock-M-29

·         Hiram McClure b c1855 m Mary Mathilda Lynch-Robert Roy McClure & Colin McClure Peg Moudy POC [peg AT]

·         Leroy Manford McClure b 14 Feb 1899 Davis Co Ia m 1925 Eva A Thiel -MA-1 & M-110

·         Nathaniel McClure b 1741 Va d 1792/93 Va m Dorcus Cole b 1764 NY d bef 1837 Va -Steve Byrd [sbyrd AT]

·         Dorcus McClure b c1789 Va d 1857 Va m James Squire Cole b 1779 Va d 1852 VaNathaniel Cole b 1809 Va, d 1867 Tn m Mary Jane Kelly

·         Eliza Ann Cole b c1833 Va d 1897 Tx m Andrew Calliham b 1832 Va d 1918 Tx

·         Virginia Rose Calliham b 1861 Tn m Charles Monroe Byrd b 1856 Mo d 1944 Tx

·         Charles Lee Byrd b 1885 Tx d 1945 Tx m Nannie Rutherford (see next pedigree below)

·         Martin Cleon Byrd b 1911 Tx m Doris Aldridge

·         Moses McClure b c1760 Augusta Co Va m Sarah McCorkle - Julie McClure Campbell [julie AT]

·         Alexander McClure b 14 Jul 1806 Harrison Co Ky m Margaret Neely

·         Newton Jasper McClure b 4 Jan 1848 Bath Twp Allen Co Oh m Charlotte Ross

·         Charles Fremont McClure b 18 Jun 1869 Grover Hill Paulding Co Oh m Eliza Lucinda Boroff

·         Leo Virgil McClure b 18 Apr 1908 Grover Hill Paulding Co Oh m Hattie Madeline LaRocque-M-33

·         John McClure b 1725 Raphoe Parish Co Donegal Ireland d 1777 Rockbridge Co Va m1 1746 Mary Malcolm m2 c1775 Mary Allen -Gordon McClure [glmcclure AT]

·         Samuel McClure b 1748 Rockbridge Co Va d 1815 Rockbridge Co Va m Hannah McClure

·         Holbert C. McClure b 1770 Rockbridge Co Va d 1838 Adams Co OH m Mary McClure

·         William M. McClure b 1809 Rockbridge Co Va d 1877 Trimble Co Ky m Jane Randall

·         James S. McClure b 1848 Trimble Co Ky d 1909 Trimble Co Ky m Mary Talbot Gillum

·         Charles Talbot McClure b 1878 Trimble Co Ky d. 1935 Trimble Co Ky m Fannie Mae Barnes

·         Emmett Francis McClure b 1910 Trimble Co Ky d 1986 Jefferson Co In m Martha Malinda Weatherly-M-9

·         John A McClure b 1765 Va d 1854 Botetourt Co Va m Isabel Hall -Judy McClure Wisehart For her Brother [rexwisehart AT]

·         William E McClure b 3 Feb 1814 Va d 1888 Jewel Co Ks m Evelinah Hall Cross

·         Andrew Jackson McClure b 19 Mar 1842 Botetourt Co Va m Mary Elizabeth Gish

·         William Daniel McClure b 27 Mar 1875 IN m Minnie Mae Brunk b 2 sep 1882 Ks

·         Herbert Ray McClure b 31 Mar 1920 Ks m Thelma Naomi Adams b 16 Aug 1920 Ks-M-22

o    John McClure (brother to Halbert) b c1706 Ireland d c1742 Augusta, Virginia m Nancy _____ - Erin Moore [erin-sharonmoore AT

§  Arthur McClure b c1732 Ireland d 1786 Lincoln Kentucky

§  James McClure b c1734

§  John McClure b c1736

§  Halbert McClure b. c1738 Augusta Virginia d c1782 Washington Virginia m c1765 Alice Young b c1750 Augusta, Va d aft 1810 Russell Kentucky -Marvin D. McClure & Ron McClure, Erin Moore POC [erin-sharonmoore AT]

·         Samuel McClure b 1769 Augusta, Va d. 1832 Haywood, Tn m 6 Dec 1789 Sally Harper in Mercer, Ky

§  John Wales McClure b c1788 Ky d 1860 Fayette Alabama m c1822 Ellen Phelps in Alabama

§  Abner McClure b 1844 AL m 1868 Angeline Shirley in Fayette AL

§  James Phelps McClure b 1869 Fayette, AL d 1949 Marion AL m Ollie Owens - M-126

§  Asa McClure b 1 Aug 1807 Cumberland, Ky d 1844 Fayette, Tx m c1827 Susan Archer in Tn or AL

§  John R. McClure b 27 Dec 1875 Fayette, Tx d 14 Oct 1956 Dallas, Tx -M-113 & M-125


NOTE: This next McClure line is a second McClure tie to the above pedigree, (see Nannie Rutherford (in Red) in Nathaniel branch above). It is unknown at this time if the below James McClure b. 1748 in Pa (below) is related in any way to the Patriarch James Andrew McClure b. 1660 in Donegal Ireland (See Pedigree above)?


·         James McClure b 1748 Pa d 1821 Pa/Va?, m Martha Chalfant b 1752 Eng d 1833 Va

o    William Pleasant McClure b 1791 Pa d 1858 Mo m Martha Ann DeHaven b 1796 Va

§  Jesse Stoball McClure b 1836 Va d 1909 Tx, m Mary Jane Winifred Martin b 1838 Mo

§  Laura Ann McClure b 1861 Tx, m Rufus Rutherford b c1864

§  Nannie Rutherford ( see above Pedigree ) m Charles Lee Byrd b 1885 d.1945

§  Martin Cleon Byrd b 1911 Tx m Doris Aldridge-Steve Byrd [sbyrd AT]



·         William McClure b 29 Jun 1829 Oh d 7 Jun 1862 Douglass Co IL m 1752 Mary Jane Hawkins (1833-1863) in Coles Co IL -Harold E. McClure [maggi312 AT]

o    John Mason McClure b 25 Jan 1854 Coles Co. IL d 13 June 1924 near Perry, Noble, OK m 1871 Rebecca Whisenand In Buchanan Co Ia

§  John Luther McClure b 11 Sep 1881 d 1 Apr 1917

§  Richard Theron McClure b 30 May 1908 d 22 Jan 2005

§  Gayle Loy McClure b 10 Dec 1932 d 22 Sep 1990

§  Oscar Allen McClure b 3 May 1885 Dows IA d 27 Dec 1971 Caldwell, Canyon, Id m 1906 Anna Havlovic in Watonga, Blaine, Ok

§  John Harold McClure b 1 Dec 1907 Watonga, Blaine, Ok d 6 Dec 2002 Phoenix, Maricopa, Az m 1930 Nora Ellis in Cleveland,  Pawnee, Ok -M-3


·         David McClure b c1762 Virginia or Pennsylvania d Prob Hardin Co Kentucky m 21 Feb 1792 Elizabeth Friend Ashcraft in Nelson Co Ky – Dennis Ray McClure, Barbara McClure Wright (Cousin) POC [bjottis AT]

·         Samuel C. McClure b 1 Jan 1827 Grayson Co Ky d 26 May 1903 m 1849-1851 Nancy Ann Carnes

·         Leonard “Jack” McClure b 27 Dec 1911 Bee Springs Edmonson Co Ky d 14 May 1981 McLean Co Ky m 2 Oct 1943 Juanita Goodwine in Calhoun Edmondson Co Ky -M-78

·          Willard McClure b 29 Aug 1917 Bee Springs Edmonson Co Ky d 8 June 1988 Campbellsville Taylor Co Ky m 10 Jun 1939 Violet Martin Porter in Hartford Ohio Co Ky




Note: In the next pedigree, John McClure (below) and Lily were living in Lancaster Co PA (18 miles from the town of Lancaster), 24 Dec 1764, when their first son Thomas McClure was born, per Thomas’s Revolutionary Pension application. By 14 Jan 1767, they were established in Mecklenburg Co NC, when their first Mecklenburg Co NC deed was recorded at BK 3:266


·         John McClure b c1730 Pa? d bet 5 Jun 1814 & 26 Aug 1816 Mecklenburg Co, NC m  Elizabeth (Lily) M. ____, b c1731 d 7 Mar 1813 Mecklenburg Co NC -Kermit McClure, Larry C McClure (Marie McClure POC) [memcclure AT]

o    Alexander McClure, c1770 d 20 Dec 1851 both Mecklenburg Co NC m Esther McGill b Mar 1774, presumably Mecklenburg Co NC d 8 Dec 1852 Mecklenburg Co NC Marriage bond 10 Oct 1798 Mecklenburg Co NC

§  David Cyrus McClure b 29 Jul 1799 d 3 Jun 1836, both Mecklenburg Co NC m Nancy Jackson b c1798 d 23 Jun 1876 Mecklenburg Co NC  Marriage bond 24 Feb 1823 Mecklenburg Co NC

§  James Lee McClure b 3 Jul 1823 d 21 Jul 1891 both Mecklenburg Co NC m Easter Caroline Jamison b 3 Jul 1823 d 21 Jul 1891 both Mecklenburg Co NC Marriage bond 9 Jun 1847 Mecklenburg Co NC

§  John Alexander McClure b 12 Sept 1847 d 3 Aug 1908 both Mecklenburg Co NC m 1876 Jane A. Stewart b 4 Jun 1856 d 18 April 1894 both Mecklenburg Co NC

§  Harry Lee McClure b 9 Mar 1899 d 10 Nov 1971 both Mecklenburg Co NC m 1913 Beulah Marybelle Kelly b 25 Aug 1894 d 22 Oct 1984 both Mecklenburg Co NC

§  Madge Louise McClure b 3 Jul 1923 d 8 Sep 1996 both Mecklenburg Co NC and Wiley Bernis Barrett b 28 Sep 1918 Madison Co NC d 27 Oct 1963 Camden Kershaw Co SC (not married) - M-71

§  Robert Sherman McClure b 3 Jun 1861 d 21 Jun 1928 both Mecklenburg Co NC m Margaret Lucinda Kerr (Carr) b 8 Mar 1864 d 18 Feb 1927 both Mecklenburg Co NC

§  Robert Leonard McClure b 6 Mar 1892 d 25 Mar 1937 both in Mecklenburg Co NC m Anna P Carr b 26 May 1894 d 26 Aug 1958 both in Mecklenburg Co NC -M-63



·         John McClure / McCluer b 1759 Near Susquehanna River Pa d 25 Mar 1837 Limestone Co Alabama m Nancy Young - Sandra Hoover for James Wayne McClure [sandrahoover AT]

·         James Arthur McClure b 6 Sep 1836 Al d 27 Jan 1893 Cundiff Jack Co Tx m1 03 Feb 1859 Morgan Co Al Mary S. Bowman b Ga m2 02 Mar 1867 Mary Elisabeth Lusk of Burton Lusk & Tabatha Summers -Peggy Lofland POC [lofland AT]

o    Arthur McClure b 12 Mar 1811 NC, m Sarah Owen

§  John L McClure b 13 Sep 1850 Alabama, m Martha Louisa Guess

§  Clemens L McClure b 20 Dec 1887 Ms, m Arminta Jane Harvey -M-21



This McClure family and its branches have lived in the adjoining Parishes of Knockbreda and Drumbo in County Down, N. Ireland since, at least, the early 18th century. The Y-DNA is very close to M-21, but M-21 only has 67 markers and M-170 (of this pedigree) has the full 111 marks. It is highly recommended that M-21 get the upgrade test 68-111 markers before a definitive connection can be made between M-21 & M-170. Both of these testee’s are tentatively placed here with Halbert and/or his brother John McClure as the Earliest Known Ancestor (EKA). Troubling is the lack of the “11” mutation at marker DYS-511 and since M-170 has the full 111 markers we see the “34” mutation at Marker DYS-710 and the “14” mutation at marker DYS-485. These two mutations are seen in other Halbert or John McClure testee’s but they have the “11” mutation at DYS-511.  So, I suspect that should M-21 upgrade to 111 markers we will see those same mutations at DYS-710 and DYS-485 and when coupled with both of them missing the “11” mutation at DYS-511 one will conclude that both received the reverted DYS-511 from a common ancestor! But, this is speculation until addition information is seen in upgrade tests or new tests, we will keep them separate with the Lineage of Halbert or his brother John McClure to which we have little doubt that they belong to one or the other at this time. (I wish to acknowledge Robert McClure of Belfast, Ireland for his assistance and wonderful research in putting together this very important pedigree. He has been a great asset to many McClure’s in this DNA Project. Thank you Robert!)



·         John McClure b late 1700’s or early 1800’s pos. Drumbo Parish – Richard M. McClure [rmmcclure AT]

o    John McClure b. c1825 in Drumbo Parish, d 3 May 1886 Ballycowan/Ballycoan, Drumbo Parish m1 on 2 Nov 1843 Mary Caldwell Clawson d c1847 dau. of Robert Clawson of Knockbreda Parish m2 3 Mar 1853 Jane Morton b c1831 dau. of James Morton of ‘Island Green’ Ballylenaghan, Knockbreda Parish

§  John McClure b c1845 pos. in Drumbo Parish

§  Margaret Jane McClure b 1846 in Drumbo Parish d 3 Aug 1865 Ballycowan/Ballycoan, Drumbo Parish

§  James McClure b 1854 in Ballylesson, Drumbo Parish, d 5 May 1919 in Newtownbreda, Knockbreda Parish, m on 5 Apr 1883 to Sarah Melville,  b 18 Aug 1853 d 24 Nov 1896 in Belfast, Co Antrim, dau. of Andrew Melville and Agnes Burns of Belfast, Co Antrim

·         Olivia Melville McClure b 11 Sep 1885 Belfast, Co Antrim d 11 Feb 1934 Belfast, Co Antrim m Dec 1933 Joseph McGee b c1883 d 3 Apr 1942

·         Ethel Jane McClure b 2 Oct 1887 Belfast, Co Antrim d 2 May 1934 Yorkshire Eng. m Apr 1912 m Herbert Banford Shaw b 14 Aug 1888 Chorton, Eng. d 14 Jul 1938 York, Eng.

·         James Herbert McClure b 11 Dec 1888 Belfast, Co Antrim d 24 Jan 1889 Belfast, Co Antrim

·         Frederick James McClure b 21 Mar 1891 Belfast, Co Antrim d 10 Dec 1892 Belfast, Co Antrim

·         Melville McClure b 17 Jun 1895 Belfast, Co Antrim d 15 Jan 1978 Ligonier, Westmoreland, PA m 3 Jun 1938 Mildred I. Westley b 25 May 1905 Pittsburgh PA d 28 Jun 1969 Laughlintown, Westmoreland, PA dau. of Adam C. Westley & Sarlynn E. Shaffar of Pittsburgh, PA

·         James Alexander McClure b 11 Nov 1896 Belfast, Co Antrim d 29 Mar 1970 m 25 Nov 1919 Annie Lillian Teather b 25 Nov 1899 Shefield, Eng. d 28 Nov 1957 Ligonier, Westmoreland, PA dau. of Charles Teather & Annie Eliza Brindley of Pittsburgh, PA

o    Melville James McClure b 19 Feb 1923 Pittsburgh, PA d 1 Mar 1988 Studio City, CA m 16 Mar 1946 Shirley Virginia Criswell b 29 Apr 1923 Pittsburgh, PA d 11 Jun 2013 Escondido, CA dau. Harry Crisswell & Anna Margaret Gaub Pittsburgh, PA –M-170

§  Samuel McClure b 10 Aug 1855 Ballycowan/Ballycoan, Drumbo Parish m L M Perlman

§  Robert McClure b 1861 d 3 Apr 1930 ‘Brooklyn’ Knockbreda Parish m 2 Sep 1885 Rosanna Melville b 27 May 1860 Belfast Co Antrim d 18 April 1924 ‘Brooklyn Knockbreda Parish dau. Andrew Melville & Agnes Burns Belfast, Co Antrim

·         Andrew Melville McClure b 27 Aug 1886 Belfast, Co Antrim d 29 Aug 1956 Hampshire, Eng. m1 Dulcie Elise Josephine Gill 2 Jam 1892 Leeds, Eng. d 13 Dec 1961 Belfast, Co. Antrim m2 Ida Louise (Nee Virtue) Craig b 1892 Londonderry, Co Londonderry dau. of William Virtue

o    Morton McClure 25 Feb 1916 Bangor, Co Down d 6 Sep 2003 Newcastle, Co Down

o    Robert Andrew McClure b 15 May 1920 Co Down d 31 Aug 1991

·         Florence Olivia McClure 29 Oct 1887 Belfast, Co Antrim m William M. Thompson b c1877

·         Hilda Jane McClure b 25 Aug 1890 1887 Belfast, Co Antrim m James G. Thompson b c1911

§  Thomas McClure b 25 May 1864 Ballycowan/Ballycoan, Drumbo Parish d 27 Oct 1866 Ballycowan/Ballycoan, Drumbo Parish

§  Mary Anne McClure b c1865 d 24 Nov 1933 m 6 Mar 1899 Thomas McQuoid b c1855

§  Alexander McClure b c1866 Ballycowan/Ballycoan, Drumbo Parish d 19 Feb 1947 ‘Bellvue’ Ballylesson, Drumbo Parish m1 23 May 1894 Mary Gill Martin d 15 Oct 1898 dau. William Martin d 15 Oct 1898 m2 Josephine Houston b c1881 d 22 Oct 1953 ‘Bellvue’ Ballylesson, Drumbo Parish dau. James Houston of Ballylenaghan, Knockbreda Parish

·         James Alexander McClure b 22 Mar 1895 Ballylesson, Drumbo Parish m I. Bea Croft

·         Joseph Morton McClure b c1903 m E. Keib (spelling?)

·         John Morton McClure b c1905 m c1940 Mary Torrens Morrison, dau. James Morrison of Belfast

·         Arminella Hunter ‘Anna’ McClure b c1907

·         Florence “Fay” McClure  b c1910 m 26 Apr 1939 W. Parke

·         Eric McClure b c 1915

§  Thomas McClure b 20 Sep 1867 Ballycowan/Ballycoan, Drumbo Parish d 3 Nov 1869 Ballycowan/Ballycoan, Drumbo Parish




Note for next pedigree:  Before 1830 John Sr. moved to Holmes County Ohio from Pennsylvania with his family, no wife mentioned.

·         John McClure Sr b 1787 PA - Timothy Wayne McClure [mccluretw AT]

·         John McClure Jr b 1810 PA d 1890 Holmes Co. OH m 1835 Holmes Co OH Mary Richardson

·         George Richardson McClure b 1838 Holmes Co OH m 1865 Holmes Co OH Martha Croco

·         Jay William McClure b 1879 Franklin Co KS m 1899 Ora Ross Wallace Rice Co KS

·         Harold Ralph McClure b 1902 Sterling KS d 1992 Sedan KS m 1929 Ethel Fay Palmer -M-103

·         James McClure b 1840 Holmes Co. OH d 1888 Olatha KS m 1870 Rebecca J. McBride Holmes Co OH

·         Rebecca J. McClure b 1841 Holmes Co. OH d ? OH m 1861 Uriah N. Altman

·         Samuel M. McClure b 1843 Holmes Co. OH d 1923 Johnson Co. KS m Sarah J. Perkey

·         William M. McClure b 1844 Holmes Co OH d 1921 Mt. Hope OH m 1873 Martha Johns Holmes Co. OH

·         Margaret Ann McClure b 1846 Holmes Co OH d? m 1898 D. Fred Varnes

·         Sarah McClure b 1850 Holmes Co. OH d ? m 1887

·         Mary Ellen McClure b 1852 Holmes Co. OH d ? m 1887 Christian Yoder

·         John Calvin McClure b 1854 Holmes Co. OH d? m 1883 Elizabeth Varnes

·         Samuel McClure b 1820 PA

·         William McClure b 1824 PA m 1852 Jane Sands

·         Sarah E McClure

·         Elizabeth McClure

·         Martha McClure

·         Margaret McClure

·         James McClure

·         Richard McClure

·         Mary McClure

·         Margaret McClure McClure b 15 Feb 1825 Mt. Hope, Holmes, OH, d 2 Jun 1902 Georgetown, Beaver, PA m. William Jackson McHaffie 27 Dec 1829 PA d 25 Jan 1921

·         Eliza M. McHaffie b 25 Mar 1854 Beaver, PA d 11 Apr 1908 PA

·         Andrew Hamilton McHaffie b c1856 d 12 Nov 1938

·         Mary Murilla McHaffie b c1858 PA

·         James Parkley McHaffie b 28 Feb 1863 PA d 2 Aug 1940

·         James C. McClure b 1826 Mount Hope, Holmes, OH, d 30 Jan 1895 Ashely, DeKalb, IN m Harriet Matilda McHaffie b 1826 PA, d after 1886 –Tim B. McClure [t.bmcclure AT]

·         William Jackson McClure b Jul 1848

·         George Kenton McClure b 25 Feb 1853 Beaver, PA d 3 Nov 1929 Louisville, Jefferson, KY

·         Mary McClure b 1855 PA

·         Samuel Edward McClure b 10 Jan 1861 Beaver, PA d 02 Jul 1936 Concord DeKalb, IN m Carrie Kelly b April 1866 Lucas, OH d 25 Nov 1919 Elkhart, IN

·         Helen Jane McClure b 4 Sep 1886 Bryan, Williams, OH d c1957

·         Alfred Kelly McClure Sr. b 7 Sep 1888 Bryan, Williams, OH d 11 May 1959 Goshen, Elkhart, IN m Lulu Jeanette Straub b 17 Sep 1887 Goshen, Elkhart, IN d 13 Mar 1969 Goshen, Elkhart, IN

·         Mary Katherine McClure b 20 Oct 1913 IN d 8 Mar 1997

·         Frank Edward McClure b 8 Sep 1915 Goshen, Elkhart, IN d 5 Jun 1956 Goshen, Elkhart, IN -M-172

·         Alfred Kelly McClure Jr. b 08 Sep 1915 Goshen, Elkhart, IN d 20 Jan 1990 Marion, Grant, IN

·         Clark McClure Sr. b 17 Aug 1893 Williams, OH d 23 Mar 1938 Goshen, Elkhart, IN

·         Hiram W. McClure b 1864 Beaver, PA, d after 1928

·         Richard McClure


These next two pedigrees both descend from either Halbert McClure b 1685 or his brother John b 1705 and they BOTH have a unique “11” mutation at marker DYS 439 not seen in any other descendants of Halbert or his brother John, which could indicate Nathaniel and Pleasant McClure below are most likely brothers. M-122 has the full 111 markers tested whereas M-155 only has 67 markers tested. M-122 has some additional mutations in his panel of markers 68-111 that appear to be unique, which if seen in an M-155 upgrade to 111 makers, would prove the close relationship between the two and also show from which patriarch they descend. 

·         Nathaniel Manley McClure b c1800- d.? m Sarah/Sallie Pitchford b c1807 KY – Steve McClure, Shannon Rowlett Jones POC [srjdesign AT]

o    Camila Clementine McClure

o    Dianne J McClure

o    Martha McClure

o    Eli McClure b 1845 d 1922 m Mary Jane Allbritten b 1847 KY d 1939 KY

·         Olive (Pet) McClure

·         William (Billy) McClure

·         Sarah Virginia (Virgie) McClure

·         Henry Clay McClure

·         Desota (Dee) McClure

·         Jesse McClure

·         Odia McClure

·         James Sanford McClure

·         Mary Eula McClure

·         Clarence Fred McClure b 1890 d1989 m Mavis May Vaughn b 1893 KY d 1978 KY

o    Eli Kynois McClure

o    Velma (Teen) Christene McClure

o    Casie (CW) Whitmore McClure (1926-1950) m. Margaret Marie Vaughn b 1927 TN d 1950 TN -M-155

·         Leslie Dane McClure

·         Sadie Nell McClure

·         Mary Euell McClure

·         Blondie G McClure



Possible father to Pleasant McClure (Below) is Moses McClure b c1770

·         Pleasant W. McClure b c1805 Kentucky d 1886 Webster Co Missouri m 14 Jun 1830 Eliza Cowden in Allen Co Ky - James Dean McClure, Donna Tattershall POC [ddtatt AT]

o    Mary Jane McClure b 1836 KY d 1903 Mo m Lazarus Nichols

o    Amanda McClure b c1839 Ky d 1897 Mo m Cyrus m. Bradshaw

o    Frances McClure b 1840 Ky m John Houk

o    Wylie B.  McClure b 1842 KY

o    Alice "Alsy" McClure b 1844 KY d 1909 Mo m Edward Holder

o    Elizabeth McClure b 1846 Ky d 1918 Mo Jackson Eslinger

o    William Taylor McClure b 12 Aug 1848 Barren Co Ky d 1 Dec 1916 Webster Co Missouri m 13 Dec 1875 Mary Frances Ferrill in Webster County Mo

·         James Blain McClure 22 Apr 1891 Webster Co Mo d 24 Jul 1974 Webster Co Mo m 7 Apr 1915 -M-122

o    Martha Susan McClure b1851 KY d 1906 Mo or TX m James Mathis Davis

o    John E McClure b 1854 d bef 1870 mo



This next pedigree starts the Sub-Group of those with the "10" mutation at marker 391.

This next line of McClures came from Scotland to Ireland and settled in the Deele Valley between Convoy and Ballybofey, County Donegal in the mid 17th century. This area remained the Heartland for the Donegal McClures until partition in 1922. Over the years many of the families emigrated to Australia and America and a great many remained in the Deele Valley. This group has the same signature mutations, the "11" at marker 511 and the "16" at 534  as the Halbert McClure group but also has a "10" mutation at marker 391 which defines the Richard part of this group and his descendants but is missing from the Halbert group and his descendants. Richard is about a generation older than Halbert. There is no doubt the Richard McClure group of Findrum/Convoy shares a common ancestor with the Halbert group. Those listed below this pedigree but not attached to it are considered desendants of Richard, and not of Halbert.


·         Richard McClure of Findrum, (Conveyance dated 5 May 1677) Convoy, County Donegal, Northern Ireland b. mid 1600's d. 1709 prob Findrum - Norman Malcolm McClure [malcolmmcclure AT

o    Francis McClure Gent of Findrum b. c1675 Prob Findrum, Convoy, County Donegal, Northern Ireland

§  David McClure, Sr of Ballybofey & Findrum b c1711 Findrum Convoy County Donegal Ireland d 21 Oct 1784 m c1736 Jane Graham in Convoy County Donegal Ireland b c1714 Convoy County Donegal Ireland-Robert John McClure [paula AT]

o    Andrew McClure of Findrum d 1798 Findrum Convoy County Donegal Ireland m 1770 Rebecca Caldwell in Ardstraw of Kilstrule

§  Richard McClure of Ballybofey

§  Elizabeth McClure/Love of Kilstrule

§  John McClure of Pollpatrick b 1765 d 1816 m 18 Dec 1799 Ardstraw Mary Caldwell of Crew

o    Andrew McClure of Findrum Convoy County Donegal Ireland b 1801 m 1823 Margaret Gregg

§  Ann Jane McClure b 28 Oct 1833

§  Andrew McClure b 18 Mar 1837

o    Mary McClure m _______Hamilton

o    Rebecca McClure m ______Gibbons to Melbourne, Australia

§  Mary McClure of Findrum b 1758 d 1843 Single

o    David McClure, Jr of Cavan County Donegal Ireland b c1730 m Elizabath Thompsom

§  William McClure b 1768

o    David McClure b c1820 Killynure County Donegal Ireland d 10 Apr 1898 Ireland m 1846 Margaret Temple of  Killynure b 1822/5 d 15 Sep 1914 [Ulster Covenant 1912] Never left Ireland

§  William McClure b 31 Dec 1846 Bap 1 Feb 1847 Ireland Emigrated to Australia 1869 d 11 Nov 1929 m Jane Donald of Seymour Australia

o    David McClure b 24 May 1874 d 24 May 1944 Single

o    William McClure b 1882 Mooroopna Australia d 23 Feb 1943 Mooroopna Single

o    Robert John McClure b 1887 d 3 Mar 1942 Single

o    Eliza Jane McClure b 1890 d 13 Nov 1945 Single

o    Samuel McClure b 31 Jan 1892 d 31 Jan 1892 Died at birth Buried Mooroopna

o    Margaret McClure d 1933 Single

o    Esther McClure Single

o    Martha McClure m Sam Meaklim

o    George McClure m Olive Betts

§  Jane McClure m Sam Poole

§  George McClure m Vera Lindsay

§  Stephen McClure b 1918 d 1990 m Janet Warren -M-75

§  Louisa McClure m Ron Poole

§  David McClure b 6 Aug 1847 Ireland Emigrated to Australia 1869 d 22 Jul 1922 Australia

§  Samuel McClure b 14 Jan 1849 Killynure Emigrated to Australia 1869 d 1 Jun 1921 Sunshine m 1880 Kilmore Margaret Johnstone b 19 Oct 1861 Moranding  d 3 Feb 1944 Sunshine

§  Elizabeth "Lizzie" McClure b 16 Nov 1880 Karimba Australia  d 26 Dec 1948 m Walter Thomas (Tim) Gilby b 1870 d 1945 Foster

§  David Temple McClure b 1882 Karimba d 21 Oct 1949 m c1913 Ellen Rebecca Irving b 1881 d 1949 No Children

§  Margaret (Maggie) McClure b 23 Dec 1885 Karimba d 1 Feb 1961 m1 William Crawford b 1874 Foster d 1929 Foster m2 Arthur Noble Irving b 1890 Foster d 1964

§  Euphemia McClure b 24 Nov 1886 Seymour d 11 May 1965 m 1913 Moonee Ponds William Saville 1887–1962

§  William Johnstone McClure b 15 Nov 1888 Seymour d 6 Aug 1953 Maidstone m 19 May 1909 Northcote Florence Irene Elizabeth Logan b 1887 Balranald d 1974 Melbourne

§  Isabella McClure b 1890 Foster d 1890 Foster (died at birth)

§  Child McClure (died at birth)

§  Jane [Jean] McClure b 9 Jan 1892 Foster d 21 Jul 1966 m1 Harold Humphery b 1888 Maidstone d 1937 Kent England m2 1942 Francis Mathias d 1956

§  Annie Warlow McClure b 22 Jan 1898 Foster d 15 April 1983 Foster m 1920 Herman Robert [Dollar] Herweg b 1892 Sunshine d 1976 Foster

§  Elizabeth "Betty" Herweg b 5 Apr 1922 Brunswick d 6 Jun 2005 Foster m 31 Aug 1946 Sunshine Percival Reginald Eric Gilbert Yea b 6 Dec 1919 d 4 Aug 2008 Foster - John Gilbert [jakana AT]

§  Sarah McClure b 2 Sep 1850 Ireland m 16 Dec 1884 in Ireland George Elliot

§  Eliza Ann [Beth] McClure b 24 Jul 1854 Ireland m 30 Jun 1892 Will Temple of Upper Cavan

§  Robert McClure b Feb 1856 (Baptized 6 Aug 1856) Ireland d 3 Mar 1880 (Buried Mooroopna) Emigrated to Australia 1869

§  James McClure b 17 Nov 1858 (Baptized 7 Mar 1859) Ireland Migrated to USA, became a School Inspector

§  Joseph McClure b 12 or 17 Feb 1869 Ireland (Ulster Covenant 1912)

§  Andrew McClure b 1871 Ireland d 11 Jan 1937 m Jenny Sherlow

§  Andrew McClure of Findrum b. 1721 d.1798

o    Andrew McClure b 1749 ?Killynure d 1824 of Castlebane Carrickbrack, County Donegal, Northern Ireland m c 1775 Jane Parmiter

§  John McClure b 1776 Convoy, County Donegal Ireland m c1815 Catherine McElhenny

o    Margaret McClure

o    Sarah McClure

o    James McClure

o    John McClure m 19 Oct 1854 Eliza McClure of Gobnascale, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

o    Charles McClure Bap 11 Jul 1827 Convoy m 18 Jan 1862 Sarah Nesbitt

§  John McClure b 28 Jan 1864

§  William James McClure b 6 Jul 1865

§  Robert McClure 20 Sep 1866

§  Samuel McClure 20 Sep 1866

§  Charles James McClure b 7 Apr 1874 Aughagalt d 26 Nov 1946 m 1899 Margaret Simpson Ewing d 1 Mar 1952 -M-100

§  Catherine McClure b 1869 m Andrew Kee

§  David McClure b 1878 or 1881

§  Margaret McClure b 1883 or 1885

o    Richard McClure of Findrum

o    Robert McClure of Findrum; of Raphoe m Jane ____

o    Rebecca McClure m ______ McClenaghan MD

o    Samuel McClure b 1767 d 1792

§  Francis McClure of Findrum

§  "Black" Richard McClure of Carrickbrack

§  Charles McClure of Findrum b. 1729

§  George McClure d c1779 (Findrum Will)

§  Rebecca McClure m John Nesbitt

§  James McClure m Mary Graham

o    Charles McClure b. c1677 Prob Findrum, Convoy, County Donegal, Ireland

o    Robert McClure

o    Arthur McClure


Note For the next pedigree: Charles is strongly thought to be the son of Richard, above. Arthur first appears in Augusta Co Va in the 1760s at the "fork of James River" on "Woods Creek." (This land was in Botetourt Co when they sold it in 1775.)  His land is just across the James River from the old Halburt McClure grant and quite close to that of Halburt's son, Samuel. Arthur and Martha migrated to Greenbrier Co (W)Va after 1775. The older children of Arthur and Martha were presumably born in Augusta Co Va in the area that became Botetourt Co in 1769 and Rockbridge Co in 1778. Charles McClures's first documents in 1746 in Lancaster Co Pa says he is "of the Parish of Rapho and the County of Donegal in the Kingdom of Ireland." It is also said but not proven that Halburt was of the same place. The DNA places this pedigree with the Richard McClure of Findrum Branch of McClure's. The Charles that died 1758 in Lancaster, Pa is most likey the son of Richard of Findrum.


·         Charles McClure d 1758 in Lancaster Co, PA, m Eleanor ______ d Mecklenburg Co. NC

·         Catherine McClure b c1763 (Named in father's will, but not in some 1809 receipts, so possibly deceased by that date?)  m Mr. Irons/Hirons

·         Jane McClure b 18 Dec 1765 d 1830 prob Clark Co Oh m 1789 John Callison in Greenbrier Co

·         Charles McClure b c1768 d 1844 McHenry Co IL m 1792 Martha Vaughob/Walkup in Greenbrier Co

·         Arthur McClure Jr b c1770 d cJune 1842, Greenbrier Co Va m1799 Elizabeth Buckley in Bath Co Va- Marilyn Hansen POC [gneolog AT]

·         Samuel McClure b c1801 Greenbrier Co Va d aft 4 Jul 1870 m 28 Sep 1822 Elizabeth Erwin in Greenbrier Co Va

·         James B. McClure b 5 Mar 1830 Greenbrier Co Va d 13 Feb 1900 Pocahontas Co WV m Sarah Elizabeth Gibson

·         John William McClure b 15 Feb 1863 Pocahontas Co WV d 2 Jan 1943 Pocahontas Co WV m 21 Aug 1884 Ida Elizabeth Auldridge in Pocahontas Co WV

·         Forrest Albert McClure b 7 Nov 1891 Pocahontas Co WV d 7 Nov 1958 Pocahonas Co WV m 25 Nov 1913 Lillie Hannah McClung in Pocahontas Co WV

·         Elmer Lee McClure b 16 Jul 1921 d 5 Feb 2010 Charleston WV

·         Samuel McClure b 4 May 1773 prob Botetourt Co Va d 17 Jul 1846 Jackson Co Oh m 12 Feb 1801 Nancy Levisay in Greenbrier Co Va

·         Jacob Warwick McClure b 18 Feb 1819 Jackson Co Oh d 1 Oct 1887 Jackson Co Oh  m 18 Feb 1841 Emily Burris in Jackson Co Oh

·         Samuel Frank McClure b 9 April 1859 Jackson Co Oh died 28 Sep 1945 in Hocking Co Oh m 21 Sep 1889 Lyda Russell in Jackson Co Oh

·         Elmer F McClure b 13 June 1890 Jackson Co Oh d 1925 Pontiac, Oakland, Mi m Minnie McCann -M-81

·         Martha McClure b c1775 d 1851 in Clark Co Oh m 1789 David E Stephenson Greenbrier Co

·         Rebecca McClure b c1777 m 1799 James B. Snodgrass in Greenbrier Co

·         John McClure b c1779 Va migrated to Jackson Co Oh where he presumably died after 1846 m 1807 Hannah Taylor in Greenbrier Co – John Edward McClure [John.McClure4 AT]

·         John B. McClure b 24 Dec 1824 Prob Jackson Co. Oh d 24 Mar 1872 Lick Twp Jackson Co Oh m 18 Dec 1845 Nancy Sinclair/St. Clair b 1825 Oh

·         George Washington McClure b 29 April 1855 Jackson Co Oh d 21 Mar 1922 Marietta, Washington Co, Oh m 9 Mar 1876 Emma M. Driggs b 4 June 1855 Athans Co Oh d 26 April 1933 Columbus, Franklin, Oh

·         Frank Jeremiah McClure b 8 June 1885 Chillicoth, Ross, Oh d 27 Oct 1942 Marietta, Washington, Oh m 18 Jul 1808 Maud Conner b 12 Sep 1885 Sitka Oh d 28 Dec 1973 Marietta, Washington, Oh -M-85

·         Mary McClure b 1780 d 1869 Greenbrier Co Va m 1801 George Coulter in Greenbrier Co

·         William McClure b 1783 d 1850/1851 Greenbrier Co Va m 1812 Elizabeth McClintic in Greenbrier Co

·         James McClure b c1788  m 1811 Mary Downey in Greenbrier Co

·         Elizabeth McClure (She may not be in correct chronological order)

·         Samuel Dupre McClure b 1797 in York Co., SC m Elizabeth Ann McWhorter

·         Samuel Dewitt McClure b Jan 29, 1839 m Elizabeth T.C. McWhorter 1857

·         Leonidas Lafayette McClure b Dec 1860 Walker Co, GA m Ida E. Drennan 1883

·         Leonidas Carl McClure b 1893 Hill Co, TX m Willie Lee Drake Sep 1912 -M-38



The next three pedigrees all have DNA that places them as descendants of Richard of Findrum, but not Halbert and certainly belong to the above pedigree. How they connect is not yet known.

·         Charles McClure b 1770-1780 Rockbridge Co., VA, m Sarah _____ -Richard H. McClure <cmack AT>

o    Elianer (Eli) McClure b 1798/1799 TN, m Charlotte George

§  William Alexander McClure b 1836 TN, m Sarah Godfrey

§  Robert A. McClure b 1882 TN, m Jennie C. Watson

§  Joseph Elmer McClure b 1905 TN, m Mary Helen Maurer

§  Richard Henry McClure b 1927 Akron, OH, m Doris Frances York -M-19

(Note: The TN individuals above all lived in and around Maryville, Blount Co., TN and Knoxville, Knox Co., TN)



·         James McClure prob b North Carolina  d bef 1842 Humphreys Co Tn m1 Unk m2 16 Feb 1825 Williamson Co Tn Mary (Legate) Tapley/Tarpley - Gary McClure [gary AT]

·         Riley M McClure b 7 Nov 1856 d 6 Mar 1900 m Theodosia French b 24 Aug 1859 d 5 Aug 1909

·         Virgil McClure b 17 Jan 1895 d 11 Feb 1969 m Ethel Lee b 21 Sep 1902 d 2 Jan 1997 -M-74

·         Harvey Davis McClure b Nov 1860 d bef 1920 m Victoria Ann Rogers b Dec 1861 d 1939

·         Sarah Jane McClure b c1857 d aft 1930 m H. I. Kee



·          William McClure, Perry County, Pa b c.1790 -C. Arnold McClure [arnoldmcclure AT]

o    Joseph McClure b 1816 Pa d. Huntingdon Co Pa moved from Franklin Co, Pa m. Elizabeth Donithan

§  Mosden Gardner McClure b 1857 Pa d Huntingdon Co, Pa m Anna M. Renecker

§  Clyde Earl McClure b 10 Oct 1891 Pa d 20 June 1968 Huntingdon Co, Pa m Esther Mae Drake

§  Clyde W. McClure b 19 Feb 1923 Huntingdon Co, Pa d 11 Jan 1978 m Stella Kowalski -M-31



·         William McClure b c1798 Ed McClure [elm AT]

·         John Brown McClure b 4 Mar 1835 TN

·         John Edward McClure b 17 Mar 1874 MO

·         Edward Lee McClure 5 Sep 1908 –M-164



DYS 447 = "24 Branch" of McClures



·         John McClure b bet. 1755-65 NC or SC d 1845 Lincoln Co Tn -Johnny Milton McClure, Susan Mays POC [ssmays AT]

o    Elijah McClure b abt 1785 in SC d 17 Jan 1836 Lincoln Co Tn m Susanah Gore

§  Jane McClure b 1824 Tn d Bet. 1865 - Jul 1870 Muddy Fork Pike Co Ar m Jesse McClure (see next pedigree) b 1809 SC d Aft 1866 Pike Co Ar

o    Thomas McClure b c1798 SC d bet 1837-49 Franklin Co Tn m Lydia Gore

§  Jesse McClure b 16 Sep 1814 Possibly Chester Co SC d 24 Jun 1887 Weakley Co Tn m Elizabeth Huff

§  David P. McClure b 02 Apr 1841 Tn d 11 Jun 1904 in Graves Co Ky m Amanda Saphronia Williams

§  Anna Robert McClure b 15 Mar 1874 Tn m George Washington McClure b 24 Feb 1863 Tn

§  William Billy McClure b 1821 Tn m Eppsey McClure b 1830 Tn d Aft 1900 in Graves Co Ky

§  George Washington McClure b 24 Feb 1863 Tn d 12 Mar 1924 Springville Henry Co Tn m Anna Robert McClure b 15 Mar 1874 Tn

§  Barnie McCoy McClure b 10 Jan 1895 Pilot Oak Graves Co Ky d 2 Dec 1979 Mayfield Ky -M-50

§  Johnathan McClure "Little Dant" b c1835 Tn m 1844 Henry Co. Tn Elizabeth Hart-Jeanette Henson McClure for David McClure [jfmcclure_1 AT]

§  David Buchanan McClure b 1855 Henry Co Tn (near Como)

§  Zachariah (Zack) McClure b 1900 Weakley Co Tn m Harlee Estelle Watts-M-14

o    Aaron H. Arch McClure b 15 May 1801 SC d 09 May 1867 Henry Co Tn m Mary F. Simmons

§  Eppsey McClure b 1830 Tn d Aft. 1900 Graves Co Ky M William Billy McClure b 1820 Tn



·         Jesse McClure b 1809 SC d Aft 1866 Pike Co Ar m Jane McClure b 1824 Tn d Bet 1865 - Jul 1870 Muddy Fork Pike Co Ar -Ed Rhodes POC [ed.rhodes AT]

o    Wiley Jackson McClure b 02 Jan 1854 Pike Co Ar d 14 May 1925 Nathan Howard Co Ar

§  Thomas Aaron McClure b 05 Nov 1894 Nashville or Nathan Pike Co Ar d 16 Sep 1969 Shallowater Lubbock Co Tx m Laura Merilda Tennessee Reid

§  Billy Tom McClure b 06 Aug 1927 Dierks Howard Co Ar d 18 Jun 2003 Shallowater Lubbock Co Tx m Betty Jane Lewis -M-49



·         William "Bill" McClure b ? d ? m. Bessie McClain (McCain?) -Michael Robert McClure, Karen Bousman POC/Sponsor [arkaloid AT]

·         John Thomas McClure b 2 Feb 1862 Mayfield, Graves Co, Ky d 21 Dec 1946 St. Louis, Missouri m 1897 Dona Porter Bunch in Mississippi Co, Arkansas

§  Herman Wilburn McClure b 1919 Hermanville, Missouri d 1993 Little Rock, Pulaski Co, Arkansas -MA-4



·         Thomas W (William?) McClure b 2 June 1820 Salem/Winchester, Lincoln/Franklin Co Tennessee d 22 Oct 1905 Corinth Pike Co Arkansas m 11 Feb 1842 Mary M Dickson Lincoln Co Tn -Phillip E. McClure, Carla McClure Reeves POC [creeves764 AT]

o    Wylie Newman McClure b 1 Nov 1842 Salem Tn d 19 Feb 1929 Ardmore Carter Co Ok m1 12 July 1866 Ak Eliza Jane Hale m2 Sep 1881 Murfreesboro Pike Co Ak Mary Elizabeth Strawn

§  Frederick Andrew (by second wife) b 12 Feb 1902 Murfreesboro Pike Co Ak d 23 Aug 1973 Sapulpa Creek Co Ok m 31 July 1924 Marrietta Love Co Ok Ruby Marx

§  Carl Marx McClure b 23 Jan 1932 Ardmore Carter Co Ok d 15 May 2002 Carter Co Ok m Joann Busbee 1 Jan 1954 Clinton Ok -M-65



·         John McClure b c1859 Tx? d c1900 Ok m 3 Jan 1892 Dora Secrest in Muskogee Ok b c1877 Mo d c1939 Bozeman Mt - John McClure, Marleen Van Horne POC [msvnhrn AT]

o    Virgil L McClure, b 1892 Ok, m Alice  ____, b c1910 Ct

§  William McClure, b c.1927 NY

§  Doris McClure, b c1929 NY 

o    Vera McClure, 8 Sep 1893 Ok, m Ezra Henry Christensen

§  Ezra Henry Christensen, Jr. b 29 Jun 1923, poss Raymond, Wi or Burbank, Ca

§  Dorothy Marie Christensen b 24 Dec 1924, prob Burbank, Ca

§  Joseph Edwin Christensen b 1 Jan 1927, prob Burbank, Ca

o    Luther Wiley McClure, b 18 Apr 1895 in or near Tecumseh, Ok, m Mary Lucile Miller

§  John Wiley McClure, b Aug 1924 Pocatello, Id -M-10

§  Robert David McClure, b 7 Dec 1926, Glendale, Ca



·         McClure b c1780-1790, m Nancy _____, b c1785 VA, d 1850-1860 Ga - William McClure[bmccl AT]

o    Robert B. McClure b 1824 SC d 1901 Ga, m Hannah Abigail Cobb, b 1822 SC, d 1882 Ga

§  James Henry "Bud" McClure, b 1850 Ga, d 1921 Ga, m Sarah Cornelia Dobbs

§  Alonzo Franklin McClure, b 1874 Ga, d 1944 Ga, m Mary Belle Wood

§  Larry G McClure b 1903

§  Henry Grady McClure b 1904 Ga

§  Walter A McClure b 1918

§  William Emmett McClure, b 1878 Ga, d 1937 Ga, m1 Lenna Beatrice Hughes, m2 Sudie Butler

§  James Andrew McClure, b 1880-81 Ga, d 1967, m Beatrice Pickens b 1886

§  David McClure, b 1884 Ga, d 1961 Ga, m Fannie Bell Stalling

§  Robert Lee McClure, b 1886 Ga, d 1947 Ga, m Daisy Richards

§  Arthur Jefferson McClure, b 1889 Ga, d 1973 Ga

§  Arthur W McClure, b 1890 Ga

§  Elbert Dean McClure, b 1896 Ga

§  William Robert McClure, b 1852 Ga, d 1917 Ga, m Margaret Alma Dobbs

§  William Henry McClure, b 1879/1880 Ga, d 1947 Ga, m Ida May Hill

§  Howard McClure b. 1905-1908

§  Autrey McClure b. c1909

§  Nolan Dean McClure, b 1914 Ga, d 1935 Ga

§  Olin A McClure, b 1916 Ga, d 1951 Ga, m Leone King

§  Clarence L McClure, b 1918 Ga, m Ruby Lance

§  Leonard McClure, b 1881 Ga, d 1960 Acworth Ga, m1 Francis Fountain, m2 Alva Shipp

§  William Herschel McClure Sr., b 1913 Ga d 10 Sept. 2006, m Almedia Smith

§  William Herschel McClure, Jr. b 1941 Oh -M-11

§  Jesse Paul McClure, b 1893 Ga, d 1952 Ga, m Ruth Davenport

§  Robert Ernest McClure, b 1897 or 1903 Ga, d 1978 G, m Cristene ______

§  Ernest McClure

§  John McClure m Bessie _____

§  Robert McClure, Jr

§  Thomas J McClure, b c1854 Ga, d 1916 Ga, m1 Emily James, m2 Elizabeth Lizzie J Band Or Bond

§  Thomas McClure, b c1878 Ga

§  Osie O McClure, b 1880 Ga, m Sarah D. _______

§  Hubert McClure b. 1907

§  Boston J McClure b. 1908

§  Robert J McClure, b 1884 m Emma ______

§  James McClure b 1917

§  Jackson McClure, b 1885

§  Clifford McClure, b 1889

§  John C McClure, b 1887 Ga, d 1971 Ga, m Jewel L. W. _______

§  Willis or Miller W McClure, b 1890

§  William C or R McClure, b 1913 Ga, d 1988 Ga

o    James (Jack) Jackson McClure b 1814-1816 SC, d Ga, m Marilda Grist b 1813-1818 SC

§  William Asberry McClure, b 1838 SC, d 1924, m Dialtha T or Dilhana T Baker

§  William T McClure, b 1869, m Mary A Payne

§  Davenport McClure, b 1871

§  Benjamin McClure, b c1839

§  James M McClure, b Mar 1840

§  James J McClure, b 1841/1842 SC, m Mary Freeman, b c1845 Ga

§  William Robert McClure, b c1845 Cherokee Co GA, d 1890 Ga, m Mary Jane Millwood

§  William Thomas McClure, b 1867 GA, d 1951 Ga, m Mary A Payne

§  Andy A or S McClure, b 1891 Ga, d 1983 Ga, m Electa _____

§  Perry D McClure, b 1895 GA, d 1983 Ga

§  Alfred Milton McClure, b 1899 Ga, d 1895 Ga, m Lillie Belle Kuykendall

§  Albert McClure, b 1904

§  William A McClure c1909

§  Ardell McClure, b 1910

§  William L McClure, b 1870, d 1919, m Ella ____

§  Samuel Jackson McClure, b 1872 Ga, d 1954, m Minnie May Fann

§  Paul McKinley McClure, b 1897 Ga, d 1941 Ga

§  Ernest McClure c1903

§  Fred Lee McClure, b 1909 Ga, d 1977 Ga

§  James Bartow McClure, b 1874 Ga, d 1941 Ga, m Dora D Wright

§  Orlando McClure c1896

§  Landrum McClure c1898

§  E Clifford McClure, b 1905 Ga, d 1947 Ga

§  Felton McClure

§  Shelton McClure

§  Clyde McClure

§  J C McClure

§  McMurray McClure, b 1879 Ga, m Naomi Cline

§  Earl McClure c1906

§  Walter T McClure, b 1883 Ga

§  Henry L McClure, b 1886 Ga, d 1954

§  Thomas Jefferson McClure, b Aug 20 1847 Ga, d 1916 Ga, m Amanda R Milwood - Mark Wesley McClure [markmcclure22 AT] 

§  James Thomas McClure, b Jun 1885 Ga, m Lois Elliott

§  Jesse J McClure

§  William David McClure, b Sep 19 1887 Ga, d 1964 Ga, m Media Fowler

§  William Herbert McClure

§  Warner David McClure b Nov 22 1924 d 1997 Cherokee Co. GA m Laura Nell Dykes -M-16

§  Ola or Oda or Ada D McClure, b c1891

§  Odian A McClure, b 1891 Ga, d 1962 Ga, m Lucy R Elllio



·         David McClure (1675/76-1744) of Budore, parish of Tullyrusk/Glenavy, Co. Antrim, Ireland m Jane Bell (second wife) -Robert David McClure (Sponsor of William Martin McClure) [robertdmcclure AT]

o    Thomas McClure of Budore d 1785/86 m Margaret Reid of Ballygowan, Co. Down

§  William McClure (no dates) of Budore m Jane Oakman of Hopevale, Glenavy

§  John McClure (c1783-18??) of Budore m Rebecca Lyons (1810/11-1878)

§  George McClure (1834-1901) of Budore m Mary Patterson (c1843-1905)

§  William McClure (1884/85-1952) of Budore m Mary Ann Bamford (1886/87-1949)-M-41

Additional information is provided on the above lineage.

David McClure's first wife was a Miss Watt/Watson and had family who lived at Dunmurry. Other early 18th century names in this extended family were James, Robert and Archibald. A David and a John McClure of Glenavy parish may have immigrated to America in 1728.



·         John McClure b c1740/50 Casheltown, Ahoghill, Co. Antrim, Ireland d 1818/19 same place -Robert David McClure (Sponsor of John Cameron McClure) [robertdmcclure AT]

o    Abraham/Abram McClure b 1781/82 same place d 1855 same place m Mary McClure 1788/89-1864

§  Abraham/Abram McClure b 1818/19 same place d 1893 same place m Jane Murphy 1831/32-1868

§  Abraham McClure b 1856 same place, d 1927 same place m Rachel Taylor 1862/63-1934

§  John Taylor McClure b 1889 same place d 1983 at Ballyminstra, Ahoghill m Mary Cameron

§  John Cameron McClure b 1917 Ballyminstra, Ahoghill -M-39



·         David McClure b. __ d. Late 1700's Randalstown, Co Antrim, Ire -Robert David McClure [robertdmcclure AT]

o    John McClure b. ___ d. ___

o    David McClure b. ___ d. abt 1830 Artresnahan, Randalstown, Co Antrim, Ire

§  William John McClure b 1786 Artresnahan, Randalstown, Co Antrim, Ireland d 1867 Catoosa County, Ga m Jane Black (em. 1840 to Charleston, SC)

§  David McClure b 1790 Artresnahan, Randalstown, Co Antrim, Ire d 1883 Derryhollagh, Randalstown, Co Antrim, Ire m. Margaret Beatty

§  Thomas Henry McClure b late 1700's Artresnahan, Randalstown, Co Antrim, Ireland d. abt 1845 Newtownards/Bangor, Co Down, Ire m1 Jane Beatty m2 Jane Collins

§  Samuel McClure b abt 1797 Artresnahan, Randalstown, Co Antrim, Ire m. Susannah McMullen/McMillan (em. abt. 1845 to White Co, Ga)

§  Elizabeth (Betty) McClure b late 1700's Artresnahan, Randalstown, Co Antrim, Ire d. early 1800's leaving young family m ____ Killen

§  Robert McClure b abt 1799 Artresnahan, Randalstown, Co Antrim, Ire d. 1888 Ballymoughan, Magherafelt, Co Derry, Ire m Mary Steele

§  David McClure b1838 Ballymoughan, Magherafelt, Co Derry, Ire d 1929 Killymuck, Magherafelt, Co Derry, Ire m Rachel Daley

§  David McClure b 1892 Killymuck, Magherafelt, Co Derry, Ire d 1975 Ballynagarve, Magherafelt m Annabel Marion Dorcas Taylor -M-43


·         John McClure b 1799 Antrim, Ire. d 1875 Chinguacousy, Ontario, Canada m Sarah Scott b 1806 Amagh, Ire d Chinguacousy, Ontario, Canada – Scott McClure POC [stmcclure AT]

o    John Arthur McClure b Chinguacousy, Ontario, Canada d 1891 m Amelia Jane Hunter b 1854 d 1928 –M-163



o    Robert McClure b 1798/99 d 1863 Belfast, Ireland m Anne (Nancy) Callendar b 1811/12?  d 1872? - Norman Alistair Mcclure,  Deirdre McClure POC [deirdreandfrancis AT]

o    Margaret McClure b 1832/33  d 1850  single

o    Thomas McClure b 1835  d 1864  m Flora Gillan

o    William McClure  c1838  (a reporter, thought to have died in Chicago)

o    Robert McClure b 1840 d 28 Jan 1888 Milwaukee Wisconsin m Mary Stevenson

§  Hugh Stevenson McClure b 1871 New York d 1890 Londonderry, Ireland, single

§  Annie McClure  b 1872 New York m Dr. H. W. Cunningham in Londonderry, Ireland

§  Florence Stevenson McClure  b 1873 in Japan d 1949 Londonderry, Ireland, single

§  Ernest Robert McClure b 1883 Londonderry, Ireland, d 1 July 1916 (at the Battle of the Somme in WW1)

§  Norman Alexander McClure b 1881 Londonderry, Ireland  d 1929  m Mabel Parris

·         Ernest David McClure

o    Norman  Alfred Stevenson

o    Norman Alistair McClure -M-83

o    Samuel McClure b 1842 d 1922  m Hester Hume



·         Edward Jefferson Tate McLure, b1802 Pendleton District, SC (Anderson Co), d 1868 -Hubert Chamblee McClure,  Jane Hall Barfield POC [fbjjfarm AT]

o    Thomas Joberry McClure, b 1832 Pendleton District, SC (Anderson Co), d 1901?

§  Thomas Whitfield McClure, b 1871 Pendleton District, SC (Anderson Co), d 1954 -M-94

§  Vergie Louise McClure, b 1900 Pendleton District, SC (Anderson Co), d 1980



·         John McClure, Farmer (No information on John, mentioned on son Robert McClure’s Wedding Certificate in 1875) - Albert McClure [amcclure AT]

o    Robert McClure b 1848/1851 County Antrim, Ireland d 07 Jun 1910 Belfast, N. Ireland m 04 Feb 1875 Susan Jane woods 1854-1924 in Belfast, Ire

§  William Snodden Todd Mitchell McClure b 24 Jan 1876 Belfast N. Ire d 14 Dec 1953 d Co. Antrim, Ire. m 30 Nov 1903 Margaret Carvill 1877-1960 in Belfast, Ire

·         Robert McClure b 12 Dec 1903 Belfast N. Ire d 27 Dec 1939 Belfast, Ire m Mary Thompson Looney in Belfast, Ireland b 10 Aug 1904 Belfast, Ire d 2 Sep 1960 Sunshine, Victoria, Australia

§  Robert McClure, Jr b Dec 1934 Belfast N. Ire d 2 Feb 1935 Belfast N. Ire

§  John Looney McClure b 15 Apr 1936 Belfast N. Ire d 15 Jun 1991 Victoria, Australia m Shelia Ann Baker b 28 Aug 1941 Middlesex, England

·         Mary “May” McClure b 19 Apr 1905 Belfast N. Ire d 3 Dec 1985 Belfast N. Ire

·         William McClure b 18 May 1909 Belfast N. Ire d 5 Jan 1977 Belfast, N. Ire m 28 Jun 1935 Margaret Rebecca Kells Belfast b 21 Apr 1910 Belfast N. Ire d 12 June 2003 Belfast N. Ire -M-150

·         David McClure b 9 Feb 1911 Belfast N. Ire d 19 Jul 1980 Belfast N. Ire m Evelyn Graham b Belfast N. Ire d 19 Jul 1986 Belfast N. Ire

·         John McClure b 1918 Belfast, N. Ire d 10 Jul 1976 Belfast N. Ire m Sep 1940 Mary Molly McKay Belfast N. Ire b 7 Jun 1920 Belfast N. Ire d 13 Sept 1975 Belfast N. Ire

·         Margaret McClure b 19 Oct 1920 Belfast, N. Ire d 18 Jun 2009 Belfast N. Ire m 22 Aug 1946 John Greer Graham in Belfast N. Ire b 1916 Belfast N. Ire d 7 May 1983 Belfast N. Ire

§  John McClure b 4 Aug 1877 Belfast, N. Ire

§  Robert McClure b 30 Jun 1879 Belfast, N. Ire d 9 Feb 1955 Belfast N. Ire

§  Samuel McClure b 30 Jan 1882 Belfast N. Ireland d 3 Sep 1953 Belfast N. Ire m 25 Dec 1911 Cecilia Nelson 1884-1954 in Belfast N. Ire

·         William Vance McClure b 30 Jun 1913 Belfast N. Ire d 27 Oct 1990 Belfast N. Ire m Ethel 1922-2008

·         Samuel McClure b 28 Feb 1915 Belfast N. Ire

§  George McClure b 25 Feb 1884 Belfast N. Ire d 13 Apr 1958 Belfast N. Ire

§  Susan Jane McClure b 4 Jan 1886 Belfast N. Ire m 12 Sep 1918 John Lowry McCausland b 1891Belfast N. Ire

§  Caroline McClure b 6 Feb 1888 Belfast N. Ire

§  James McClure b 13 Jun 1890 Belfast N. Ire

§  David McClure b 13 Jan 1893 Belfast N. Ire




New England John McClure b. c1665 Ireland Branch of McClures


·         Andrew McClure, b 11 Nov 1771, Me/Ma, d 1830 Lancaster, Oh m 11 Nov 1794 to Mary Polly Devol Washington Co Oh

o    Maria Theresa McClure b 1796 OH d 1857 Oh, m Stephen Rouse (1782-1855)

o    Charles McClure b 26 Jan 1800 Washington Co Oh, d 12 Oct 1875, Jefferson Co,  IL, m 12 Oct 1826 Sarah “Sallie" B. Webster in Washington Co, Oh – Bruce McClure [srjdesign AT]

§  Sylvester S. McClure b 1829 Oh d bet 1870-1873 Jefferson Co, IL m1 13 April 1856 Crista A Ward Jefferson Co IL m2 1 Aug 1867 Mary E. Reeves Jefferson Co IL

§  Oscar Foster McClure d 27 Dec 1856 Moore’s Prairie, Jefferson Co IL d 31 Mar 1934 Moore’s Prairie, Jefferson Co, IL m1 17 Jul 1882 Aurelia A. Rotramal Jefferson Co IL m2 17 May 1914 Sarah Florence Minton

§  Clyde Ellsworth McClure b 10 Aug 1892 Bell Rive IL d Jan 1977 Lyons, Cook Co, IL m c1917 Inez Cramp - M- 154 

o    Andrew McClure b 1801, Oh

o    Henry Devol "Harry" McClure, b 1803 Oh, m Lavinia Huniston (1805-1889)

o    Austin McClure b 1805 Oh d 1862 IL, m1 Marie McDonald (1806-1843) m2 Sarah Dana Shaw (1822-1878)

§  William McClure b 1830 Oh

§  Elizabeth McClure b c1832 Oh

§  Jane L McClure b c1833 Oh

§  Martha McClure b c1836 Oh

§  Mary Ann McClure b c1839 Oh, d 1858 IL, m Aaron Harvey Richardson 1856 IL

§  Eliza McClure b abt 1847 prob Washington Co, Oh

§  Harriet McClure b abt 1849 prob Washington Co, Oh

§  Relief McClure b 1854 IL or Washington Co, Oh, d bet 1910 and 1920, m Albert Damon (1851-1920)

§  Almer Shaw McClure twin? b 1857 Oh m Lizzie Bell Tathwell

§  Albert McClure Twin? b,1857 IL

§  Boylston McClure b 1859 IL

§  John  McClure b c1850 IL

o    Mary McClure b 1807 Oh

o    Sarah McClure b 1809 Oh, d 1837 Oh, m Seth Bailey (1806-1884)

o    William Devol McClure, b 1811 Oh, m Julia Ann Steele -Robert McClure [mcclurera AT]

§  James A. McClure, b 1841, m Laura Woodworth

§  John Winchester McClure, b 1867 IL, m Jennie Anne Snodsmith

§  Orlie Bob McClure, b 1903 IL, m Thelma Joan Epperson -M-2



·         Richard McClure, b bef 1700, N. Ireland, m Margaret ______,  -Don Mcclure [drmcclure1 AT] 

o    Robert McClure, b 19 July, 1718 N. Ire. ,d 5 Apr 1818, Acworth, NH, m Martha Rogers

§  Lt. Thomas McClure, 1761, Londonderry, NH d 31 Oct 1846, m. Isabel Dickey

§  Thomas McClure Jr, b 17 Jul 1791, Acworth, NH, d 5 Apr 1819, m Elizabeth (Betsy) McClure

§  Rev. Dr. Thomas Clarendon McClure, b 9 Jun 1819, Monmouth, Me, d 04 Nov 1887, California, WA County, Pa, m Sarah A Stevens

§  John Clarendon McClure, b 20 Dec 1862, Pa, d. 20 Oct 1943, Los Angeles, Ca, m. Julia Frances Martz

§  John Clarendon Englebright McClure, b 12 Nov 1888, Ca, d 10 Sep 1960, S. Pasadena, Ca  m Helen P. Morris

§  John Clarendon McClure, b April 1919, Ca, m Carol Morrison -M-17 



·         John McClure b 1755 NY m Mary _____ -Troy McClure[tmcclur3 AT]

o    James McClure b 1777 NY d 1865 Sheldon, Franklin, VT m Rebecca Lindsey

§  James McClure Jr b Abt 1803 Swanton, Franklin, VT; d 1896 Jay, Orleans, VT

§  John McClure b Abt 1806 VT

§  Moses McClure

§  David Cornelius McClure b 1809 St. Albans, Franklin, VT; d 1885 Manhattan, Will, IL

§  Mary Elizabeth McClure b Abt 1815 Highgate, Franklin, VT; d 1899 Blackhawk County, IA

§  Nathaniel McClure b 1817 Swanton, Franklin, VT; d 1893 Swanton, Franklin, VT m Amaretta Mitchell

§  Ranson D McClure b Abt 1842 Highgate, Franklin, VT

§  Charles McClure b 1844 Highgate, Franklin, VT m Caroline Smith

§  (child) McClure b 1864 Sheldon, Franklin, VT d 1867 Sheldon, Franklin, VT

§  John Charles McClure b Abt 1867 Potton, Quebec, Canada

§  Myron O. McClure d 1871 Highgate, Franklin, VT

§  Edith Caroline McClure b 1876 Troy, Orleans, VT

§  Edwin James McClure b 1888 Stansted, Quebec, Canada; d 1971 Worcester, Worcester, MA m Jessie Pearl Johnson

§  Derwood Edwin McClure b 1908 W. Derby, Orleans, VT; d 1964 St. Johnsbury, Caledonia, VT

§  Rupert Leslie McClure b 1917 W. Derby, Caledonia, VT; d 1969 St. Johnsbury, Caledonia, VT -M-42

§  Polly McClure b Abt 1846 St. Albans, Franklin, VT

§  Daniel L McClure b Abt 1847 VT

§  Cynthia Y McClure b Abt 1854 VT

§  Miriam McClure b Abt 1819 Highgate, Franklin, VT

§  Mahala McClure b 1821 Highgate, Franklin, VT; d 1878 Wilmington, Will, IL

§  Rebecca McClure b (unknown) VT

§  Sarah McClure b Abt 1824 VT

§  Chole McClure b Aft 1824 VT



·         John McClure b. abt 1665 N. Ireland m. Unknown - Dennis McClure POC [mcclured AT]

o    David McClure b 1687 N. Ireland d bef 8 Mar 1745 prob Brookfield, Worcester, Ma m. Agnes ____

§   David McClure b bef 1710 N. Ireland d 1759 m c1747 Sarah Hamilton

·         Martha McClure m David Spencer

·         Sarah McClure

§  John McClure b 1710 N. Ireland d 3 Apr 1782 m 1730 Elizabeth Gill Leicester, Worcester, Ma

·         John McClure b 1731 d aft 27 Jul 1795 m 1759 Sarah Coburn

·         David McClure b 1733 Brookfield, Worcester, Ma d 1813 Roxbury, Washington, Vt m 1784 Lucy Kibbe Stafford, Tolland, Ct

·         Elizabeth McClure b 1735

·         Thomas McClure b 1738 d bef 1800 Vermont m 1762 Zilpah Leach Sturbridge, Worcester, Ma

·         Mary McClure b 1740

·         Anna McClure b 1742 m 1765 Daniel Richardson Brookfield, Worcester, Ma

·         Nicholas McClure b 1746 d 4 May 1822 Brookfield, Worcester, Ma m 1776 Thankful Kingsbury

·         James McClure b 1748 Brookfield, Worcester, Ma d Middletown, Rutland, Vt

·         Allis <sic> McClure b 1749 m 1777 Benjamin Richardson Brookfield, Worcester, Ma

·         Samuel McClure b 10 Jan 1753 Brookfield, Worcester, Ma d 6 Apr 1816 Madison, Madison, NY m Phebe Edgerton

§   James b 1711 N. Ireland d 1787 m bet 1736-38 Mary ____

§  Elizabeth McClure m 1756 Isiah Stevens Brookfield, Worcester, Ma

§  Jenny McClure

§  Margaret McClure m 1734 Samuel Steel Brookfield, Worcester, Ma

§  Sarah McClure m 1752 Joseph Wood Brookfield, Worcester, Ma

o    Samuel McClure b. 1690 Near Londonderry, Ireland d. 13 Aug 1759 m. Unknown --Corinne McClure Moyers [cmcmoyers1 AT]

§  John McClure b. abt 1720 Ireland d. 30 Aug 1768, m. Rachel McClintock

§  Joseph McClure b. 3 Sept 1761 Ma d. 15 Aug 1829 m. Margaret Carson

§  James McLure (McClure) b. 1 July 1798 NH d. 8 Nov 1870 m. Jane Whitcomb

§  Columbus McClure b 29 July 1826 Thorndike, Me d 1893 m. Lydia Norris

§  Oscar Ansel McClure b 1 April 1862 NH d 17 Aug 1938 m Isadora Frances Marshall

§  Melvin Ansel McClure b 3 Nov 1892 Mn d. 22 Nov 1968 m Olean Melissa Cook

The above John is thought to be the John of Burt mentioned in James Alexander McClure's book on McClure's and also mentioned in Bolton's book on Ulster-Scots in America. His son Samuel was a ruling Elder in Rev. John Morehead's Presbyterian church in Boston, also known as the Federal St. Church and also known as the Church of Strangers. (Note: A male McClure from the line of Samuel needs to test and represent this line's DNA)



James & David McClure (Brothers) Of Chester/Candia/Raymond N.H. Branch


In this next pedigree, James McClure & David McClure are immigrant brothers who arrived in Boston in May 1720 from Londonderry, Ireland on the ship "Joseph". Their parents are unknown.  They each settled in Chester, Rockingham Co, NH and owned abutting properties. The paper trail pedigrees are rock solid, but there is not an Identifying DNA signature seen in the four people who have tested to date. At least three of the testees in this branch need the full 111 marker test. One of the testees,  M-77 has Zero mutations over 37 markers and his cousin M-6 has four mutations over 37 markers, both descend from William McClure & Sarah Farnham. This means that all four of M-6's mutations are recent mutations that developed uniquely to M-6. This indicates that Patriarch James McClure and David McClure had zero mutations in the first 37.


·         James McClure b c1690 Northern Ireland d 29 Sep 1745 Chester, Rockingham Co, NH m Jean Andrews - Dennis Mcclure [mcclured AT]

o    William McClure (MacClure) b c1737 Chester Rockingham Co NH d 1826 Broome Co NY m1 1791 Sarah Farnham m2 After 1807 Lydia Austin

§  William Esquire McClure b 1791 Broome Co NY d 1874 Broome Co m Mary Allen

§  William McClure III b 1815 Broome Co NY d 1884 NY m Caroline _____

§  Gilbert McClure b 1850 Broome Co NY d 1825 East Branch, Delaware Co, NY m1 Martha A. _____ m2 Lydia Louise Wiley

§  Arthur McClure b 1874 Broome Co NY d 1850 East Branch, Delaware Co, NY m Myra LaFave

§  Gilbert Arthur McClure b 1899 East Branch, Delaware Co NY d 1980 Binghamton, Broome Co, NY m Helen Grace Base -M-6

§  David C. McClure b 1793 Broome Co NY d 1870 Broome Co NY m 1812 Hannah Springsteen -Samuel Henry McClure, Rebecca McClure POC [maewesternr AT]

§  John H. McClure b 1826 Broome Co NY d Missouri m abt 1846 Lois _____

§  John Henry McClure b 1847 NY d 1926 Oklahoma m1 1870 Carrie Mann m2 aft 1917 Suzie Ethel Williams

§  Henry McClure b 1794 Broome Co NY d 1879 Broome Co NY m Lorinda Bidwell

§  Walter McClure b 1798 Broome Co NY d 1866 Broome Co NY m Margaret Whitaker

§  Sally McClure b 1800 Broome Co NY d 1882 Woodstock, Illinois m Cyrus Doolittle

§  Thomas McClure b 1802 Broome Co NY d 1855 Broome Co NY m Lurana Jennings

§  Frances McClure b 1803 Broome Co NY d 1846 Broome Co NY m Charles Hewitt, Jr

§  Alexander Hamilton McClure b 1805 Broome Co NY d 1887 Barrington, Cook Co, Illinois m Elizabeth Luscomb

§  Prudence McClure b 1807 Broome Co NY d 1876 Broome Co NY m Nicholas Hempstead

o    Frances McClure b abt 1730 Prob. Chester, Rockingham Co, NH

o    Thomas McClure b abt 1732 Prob. Chester, Rockingham Co, NH d ? m 1752 Elizabeth Cowell in Bristol Rhode Island

§  James McClure b abt 1753 d 3 Jul 1778 Wyoming, Luzerne Co, Pa during the Wyoming Massacre m Unknown at this time

§  #2 McClure son (unknown name) b abt 1755 d 3 July 1778 Wyoming, Luzerne Co, Pa during the Wyoming Massacre

§  Thomas McClure b abt 1757 d unk

§  William McClure b unk d unk

§  John McClure b 1767 NY d 4 Mar 1835 Havana, Schuyler Co, NY m Sarah Crosby of Fishkill, Dutchess Co, NY

o    Alexander McClure b Jan 1734 Prob. Chester, Rockingham Co, NH d 3 Sep 1813 Raymond, Rockingham Co, NH m his first cousin in 1761 Elizabeth McClure in Raymond, Rockingham Co, NH (Elizabeth is daughter of David McClure & Martha Glenn)

o    Mary McClure b 1741 Prob. Chester, Rockingham Co, NH d 1835 Delaware Co, NY m bef 1775 Andrew Craig of NH

o    Isabel McClure b abt 1744 Prob. Chester, Rockingham Co, NH

·         David McClure, b c1700 Northern Ireland d Candia, Rockingham, NH m 1730 Martha Glenn in Boston, Suffolk, Ma -Thomas Daniel McClure [hightide AT]

o    David McClure, Jr b March 25, 1731 Boston m Mary Dinsmore

§  David McClure b 1758 Goffstown NH d 5 May 1835 m Martha Wilson

§  Boyd Hopkins McClure b 18 Mar 1798 Antrim NH d 16 may 1869 Stoddard NH m Roxanna Petts - Hayden McClure [nome AT]

§  George W McClure b 27 Mar 1841 Antrim NH d 27 Nov 1904 Templeton (Otter River) Massachusetts m1 Sarah E. Barden m2 Jennie I Dascomb

§  Henry Arthur McClure (by 2nd wife) b 24 April 1881 Mass m Gertrude Mullett

§  Kenneth Henry McClure b 11 Sep 1908 Mass d 13 Nov 1972 Templeton Mass -M-62

§  Manley W. McClure b 1 Sep 1806 NH d 27 Dec 1855 m Martha M. Page

§  Cyrus G. McClure b abt 1836 d 19 May 1903 m Isabel Ruffle

§  Daniel W. McClure b 22 Jun 1857 d 17 Sep 1922 m Ella F. Shoults

§  Earnest W. McClure b 12 Jun 1883 m Ethel A. Underwood

§  Wesley Daniel McClure b 26 Dec 1924 d 14 Sep 1993 m Pauline Paige -M-27

§  Samuel McClure, b May 14, 1770 Goffstown NH d March 15, 1843 m Anna Kemp - Ann Barrell Alfaro [Ann.Alfaro AT]

§  Robert Spear McClure, b December 26, 1799 Groton NH d August 25, 1881 m Ruth Perkins Emerton

§  Robert Manley McClure b January 3, 1838 Groton NH d April 20, 1927 m Nancy Ann Douglass

§  Ruth Arlene McClure, b March 11, 1886 Perry KS d November 7, 1957 m Fred Barrell

o    Jonathan McClure, b 1749 NH, m Mary Doe

§  Andrew McClure [McLuer], b 1782 NH m Mehitable Marsh

§  Aaron McClure, b abt 1812 Me m1 Judith A. Flanders, m2 Sophia G. Tuttle

§  Joseph W. McClure, b. 1837 Me m Clarissa [Clara] Flanders

§  Charles Frederick McClure b 1864 Me m Gertrude Cavanaugh

§  Nathan Francis McClure b 1895 Ma m Elizabeth Gladys McCumber

§  Jonathan McClure, b. 1772 NH m Sarah Flanders, Cornville ME -Ardell [lyndsonline AT]

§  Jedediah McClure, b 1802 ME m Susan Tuttle

§  Esther McClure, b 1836 ME m Orrin Alonzo Parkman, St. Albans, ME



In this next pedigree, M-102 resides in Northern Ireland and his Presbyterian McClure family from which he descends, has been in continuous occupation of farms in the townland of Lisboy, Kilraghts/Kilraughts Parish near the town of Ballymoney in County Antrim since at least 1666 where a Thomas and a William McClure are recorded s householders. Later McClure families elsewhere in Kilraghts and in surrounding Parishes are more likely than not to be connected to these two men.  M-102's direct line never departed Ireland, yet, M-102's Y-DNA is a dead ringer for the above M-62's Y-DNA and who descends from David McClure born about 1700 in Ireland and arrived in the Colony in 1720 & was married to Martha Glenn. M-102 DNA shows a definite connection to M-62. What is also troubling, is that the mutations that M-62 has and M-6 & M-77 DID NOT have was written off as recent or new mutations that developed at some time along the line leading to M-62. But, with M-102's Y-DNA mutations the same as that of M-62, we have to take pause and re-evaluate the relationship of David & James McClure as Brothers. The only way M-62 & M-102 could have those same mutations is that they were passed down to each of them from a common ancestor prior to 1700.  If David and James McClure were brothers (as history has written) then we would see the same mutations in the descendants of James, and we do not! If they were brothers, than they were not natural born brothers, otherwise M-6 and M-77 would also display the same mutations as M-62 & M-102.


·         Thomas McClure b 1783 d 1855, was of Lisboy , Parish of Kilraughts near Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, Ireland m Jane ____ b 1786 d 1872 - Thomas McClure, POC Robert McClure [robertdmcclure AT]

o    Samuel McClure b 1809 d 1895 of Lisboy, single

o    William McClure b 1811 d 1891 of Lisboy, single

o    James McClure b 1818/19 d 1915 of Toberbilly, Kilraughts, Co Antrim, Ireland m 1858 Margaret Maitland

o    Mary McClure b 1820 d 1895 of Lisboy, single

o    Jane (Jenny) McClure b 18- - d 19- - of Lisboy, single

o    Robert McClure b c1821 d 19- - of Lisboy m1 1851 Ann Cupples, m2 1877 Mary Jane Hart

o    John McClure b c1824 d 19- - of Magheraboy, Kilraughts m 1860 Jane Maitland (sister of Margaret above)

o    Thomas McClure b 1825/26 d 1914 Craigatempin, Parish of Ballymoney m 1865 Nancy Jane Carson

§  Thomas McClure b 8 Jul 1866 d 9 Aug 1952 of Craigatempin m Elizabeth Steel - M-102

§  William Carson McClure b 15 Oct 1867 (emigrated to Australia)

§  Jane McClure b 1 Feb 1869

§  Annie McClure b 30 Sep 1870

§  Agnes McClure b21 Mar 1872

§  Samuel McClure b 18 Dec 1873

§  John McClure b 20 Dec 1879

§  Mary McClure b 18- -



Andrew McClure of NC, m. Mary Wilson Branch of McClures


Per M-1, Thomas McClure is the probable Patriarch of this Branch of McClure's.  He has data that shows Thomas and Francis we together in 1756, 1759, and 1769 as seen in transactions between them. We will leave the name of this Branch as that of Andrew until further confirming evidence can be found or if future Y-DNA from a known descendant of Francis can be found.


·         Thomas McClure - Tom McClure [chrlhors AT]

§  Francis McClure b bef 1740 d 1800-1810 in Prob Burke Co, NC m 13 June 1769 Mary Endsley in Rowan County, NC

o    William McClure b c1770 Burke Co, NC d Unk m Unk

§  Male McClure b c1785 Burke Co, NC

§  Male McClure b 1786-1790

§  Male McClure b 1786-1790

o    Alexander McClure b c1770 Burke Co, NC d aft 1830 Morganfield, Ky m 1797 Elizabeth Nix in Rutherford Co, NC

o    David McClure b 1770-1775 Burke Co, NC d aft 1830 Ky or Indiana

o    Thomas McClure, b c1770 d c1856  Union/Towns County, Ga m1 unk m2 Sarah Kirby Crawford 1823, Haywood Co, NC (no known issue with 2nd spouse)

§  Andrew McClure b 1796 Burke County, NC d c1865 Union Co, Ga  m 1816 Lois Eller

§  Joseph McClure b 26 Aug 1825  Haywood Co, NC d 1880-1900 Cherokee County NC m 22 Feb 1844 in Raybun Co Ga  Mary Sitton b 1819 NC

§   John Andrew McClure, b 31 May 1855 Union Co Ga d 17 Feb 1908 Clay Co, NC m c1878 in Towns Co Ga Sarah Drucilla Burrell

§  Joseph Arvil McClure b 4 Mar 1880 d 13 Nov 1953 Toccoa, Stephens Co Ga m 1899 in Clay Co, NC Melvina Love Grant

§   William P. McClure b 24 Feb 1904 Webster Co, NC d 4 Oct 1981 Sylva, Jackson Co, NC m Nettie Mae Candler 1910-2005 -M-1

§  John McClure, b 1801 d c1881 Huerfano Co, Co m1 Sarah (?) m2 Margaret (?) -Joanne Black [jcnana AT]

§  Matilda Elizabeth McClure, b 1851 Union Co, Ga, m William Woodward Patton

§  Ida Elizabeth Patton, b 1885, Blount Co TN m James Wiley Farr

§  Joseph A, McClure b 1819 NC m Patience Elizabeth McLain – Mike McClure, POC Paula Altenbaumer

§  Thomas Mitchell McClure b 1840 GA d 1916 Cherokee Co TX m Mary Elizabeth Singletary

§  Charles Hirem McClure b 1882 d c1959 Cherokee Co TX m Rena Minter

§  Dan Moody McClure b 1926 d 1985 Pine Forest TX m Betty Sharp –M-165

o    Andrew McClure, Jr b c1780 Burke Co NC, d aft 1860 m c1806 Deborah Aikin (c1787-1816) in NC - Virge Ward McClure [vwmc AT]

§  Thomas Jasper McClure b Feb 1816 Haywood Co NC d c1905 m 22 Sep 1845 Sarah Wilson (1825-c1858)

§   Thornton Jasper McClure b 11 May 1850 Haywood Co NC d 13 Mar 1938 Haywood Co NC m 2 Jan 1870 Lydia Arrene Medford (1 Mar 1853-30 Oct 1919)

§   William Virge McClure b 9 Jul 1871 Haywood Co NC d 16 Jul 1953 Haywood Co NC m 1898 Berta L. P. Pharr (1 Jun 1877-16 Feb 1961)

§  Jasper Burton McClure b 28 Jan 1915 Haywood Co NC d 28 Jan 1988 Haywood Co NC m 1938 Faye Marie Ward (1 Oct 1916-3 Jun 1975) - M-104

o    William M. McClure b 1784, Burke Co NC, m Nancy Strain - Pam McClure [madisonmac AT]

§  William C. McClure b 1819, Mo, m Elizabeth Caroline McDowell

§  Athan Lee McClure b 1862 NC m Martha A. Foster -Roy Lee McClure [randhmcclure AT]

§  John Lester McClure b 1886 NC m Delia Hopkins Woodrow

§  Willard McClure b 1916 NC m Frances Foster -M-67

§  Bynum Madison McClure b 1866, NC, m. Anzonette Kansas Hodgins -M-7

o    James McClure, b 1786 Burke Co NC, m Sarah Strain

§  Andrew McClure, b 4 Sep 1816 - Pat R [prabon4366 AT]

§  Joseph J. McClure, b 6 Oct 1842, Ga, m Lucy M. Curtis

§  William McClure b 10 Oct 1820 Union County Ga m Ellinder Hooper b Feb 1825 – Richard McClure [the_mcclures AT]

§  Thomas Jefferson McClure b 24 Mar 1853 Towns Ga m Emiline Stiles b 1858

§  Julius Henry McClure b 18 Feb 1880 Cherokee NC m Meranda Green

§  Willie Ray McClure b 2 Jan 1923 d 1983 m Jeannie Ruth Ballew b Ga



Early Lancaster Pa Branch of McClure's


·         Unknown McClure b. Northern Ireland - Roan McClure [pmr AT]

o    Richard McClure b c1724 Pa d 1774 Paxtang Pa m Jean Sage

§  Roan McClure b 1754 d 1833 Pa m Hannah Crouch (1762-1838

§  James McClure b 1785 Pa d 1840 Pa m Maria Flanigan (1794-1855)

§  Richard Alexander McClure b 1828 Pa d 1879 Ca m Elnora Lothian Henion (1838-1910)

§  James Wattson McClure b 1869 Ca d 1945 Ca m Mabel Lightner Eastland (1869-1943)

§  Donald McClure b 1892 Ca d 1981 Ca m Margaret Moore (1891-1982)

§  Stuart Loring McClure b 1916 Ca d 1960 Ca m Marie-Elizabeth Adams b 1920 -M-23

§  Duncan Adams McClure b 1951 Ca d 1982 Ca

§  Jonathan McClure b 1750 Paxtang, Dauphin, Pa d 11 Dec 1799 Middletown Dauphin Pa m 10 May 1768 Sarah Hay(s) 1749-1793-McCSuggie [msugumele AT]

§  Jonathan McClure b 10 Jan 1788 d 9 Oct 1855 Madison Jefferson, Ind m Catherine Scaffner b 1786 d 1864

§  Richard J. McClure b 15 Dec 1816 New Holland, Lancaster, Pa d 6 Dec 1905 Baltimore Md m Elizabeth Isabella Bain b 1818 d 1888

§  William Jonathan McClure Md b 17 Jun 1838 Madison, Ind d 24 Jan 1891 m Emma Wolf b 1836 d 1919

§  William Arthur McClure b 8 Jan 1873 d 10 Dec 1932 m Julia Virginia Axe b 1872/73? d 1951

§  Edward Everett Powell McClure b 24 Oct 1896 York, Pa d 31 Mar 1964 York, Pa m Anna Margaret Elicker b 1897 d 1983

§  William Arthur McClure b 24 April 1924 York Pa d 23 Feb 2000 m Romaine Grove Horn 1921-2004 -William Horn McClure [jetty1041 AT] -M-86

§  Edward Elicker McClure b 1927 York, Pa d 2004 Penfield, NY -M-44



"Old John" of Letort's spring, Pa McClures


This next pedigree has our first Y-DNA members that descends from the Pioneer McClure Family of the Monongahela Valley, in particular, Immigrant  "Old John" of Letort's Spring, Pa.  Jean McClure, John's sister, married Archibald McAllister. Both he and his sister settled in Cumberland County, Pa.

·         John McClure I b c1696 Scotland d 9 Oct 1757 PA m 1720 Janet McKnight probably DE - Linda W. POC [oregontrail1851 AT]

o    John McClure II b c1723 Cumberland Co PA d 11 July 1811 Allegany Co PA m 1748 Martha Denny in PA

§  Denny McClure b 2 July 1762 Cumberland Co PA d 15 May 1833 Washington Co PA m 1789 Margaret Gillis in PA

·         Denny Hoge McClure b 23 Aug 1813 Washington Co PA d 11 Feb 1893 Linn Co OR m 1842 Pernina Parrish in OH

o    Jesse William McClure b 20 Sept 1848 OH d 10 Aug 1897 OR m 1878 Mary Jane Vannoy in OR

§  James Claude McClure b 6 Sept 1879 OR d 12 Dec 1932 OR m 1903 Ida Mabel Bryan probably OR

·         Delbert Claude (aka Del Bryan) McClure b 7 July 1907 OR d 1984 CA m 1934 Charlotte Christine Brennan in OR -M-145

§  John McClure b 7 Jan 1763 d 6 Feb 1833 m 1789 Agnes Topping in Sumerset, PA - Kerry McClure POC [kjeep53 AT]

·         John McClure b 11 Nov 1790 d 19 April 1856 m 1822 Sarah Morris Mercer County, PA

o    George Thompson McClure b 6 Jan 1827 d 18 Feb 1918 m 18 Dec 1851 Nancy E. Scott in Raleigh, VA

§  George Rush McClure b 1871 d 11 Oct 1907 m 19 Aug 1900 Julia Grace Jones in Roderfield WV

·         David Herbert McClure b 20 Nov 1906 d 17 Nov 1979 m 30 Oct 1927 Nellie Catherine Duncan in Stuart VA

·         Orman Rush McClure b 8 Aug 1931 d 9 Dec 2012 m 29 Dec 1952 Bonnie Lou Hayes in Clifton Forge Va -M-146



Alexander McClure Branch of SC & ILL McClures


·         Alexander McClure, b c1795 Ireland or 1800 SC, d 11 Mar 1845 Perry Co IL, m Eliza Jane Gillespie 1825 SC. (Eliza AKA Jane), b 14 Feb 1804 Chester County SC d 14 Jul 1871 -Ira McClure <lthdumpty AT>

o    Elizabeth Jane McClure b 14 Jul 1826 SC

o    James Morton McClure b Oct 1827 SC, d 30 Aug 1905 Coulterville IL m Sarah McKinley 2 Oct 1858 Nashville, Washington, IL, b 13 Feb 1833 Ireland, d 2 Feb 1921 Atlanta GA

§  John Alexander McClure b 27 Nov 1859 IL, d 31 July 1934 Coulterville IL, m Marian C. Graham 1 Jan 1889 Washington Co IL, b 22 Aug 1866 Washington Co IL, d Aug 1958 Coulterville IL

§  Homer McClure b Aug 1866 IL

§  Joseph McClure b July 1894 IL

§  Margaret McClure b April 1896 IL

§  Stanley John McClure b 1 June 1896 IL, d 2 May 1965 Louisville Ky, m Elba Parnell, Dayton Oh, b 21, Dec 1890 Irton Oh, d 17 Nov 1933 Dayton Oh -M-15, M-20

§  Wylie McClure b Aug 1889

§  Emil McClure b 30 July 1861 IL

§  Andrew McClure b 6 June 1863 IL

§  C.W. McClure b 4 July 1866

§  Addie McClure b 23 Dec 1869 IL

o    Alexander C McClure b IL

o    Samuel McClure b IL

o    Mary McClure b IL

o    Martha McClure b IL

o    Andrew McClure b IL

o    Harriet McClure b IL

o    Sarah McClure b IL



John McClure Branch b. abt. 1760-1770 of County Donegal, Ireland


·         John McClure b abt 1760-70 of Co. Donegal Irleand - d: Unk Ireland (had two wives both unknown) - William J McClure III [wemacs AT]

·         John McClure b Unk

·         Ann(e) McClure b c 1826 (Immigrated to the USA)

·         Robert McClure b c1830 (Immigrated to Australia c 1856) d 1915 Bendigo, Australia

·         Andrew D. McClure b c1831 Ireland (Immigrated to USA c1851) d 1893 Pennsylvania m 1852 in Philidelphia, Pa Elizabeth Thompson b c1818 d 1876 Pa

·         William John McClure Sr. b 1856 Pa d 1828 Washington DC m 1879 in Virginia Ida V. Gessford b 1855 Washington DC d 1932 Va

·         Maud McClure 1880-1881

·         William John McClure Jr. b 1882 NY d 1957 Va m 1908 Delaware Mary E. Rogers 1883 NJ – 1907 Fl

·         Charles R. McClure b 1913 Washington DC d 1980 Florida m 1942 Living Spouse -M-70

·         Pearl McClure 1885-1955

·         Edith McClure 1888-1962

·         Robert Andrew McClure b 1858 Pa d 1907 Pa m c 1883 in Pa Martha Russell b 1861 Pa d 1908 Pa

·         David McClure b c1841 (Immigrated to USA)

·         John McClure d c1833 Tullinlagan, Mountcharles, Co. Donegal, Ire d 20 Apr 1884 Tullinlagan, Mountcharles, Co Donegal, Ire m Elizabeth (Betty) Scott

·         James McClure b 24 Nov 1856 Tullinlagan, Mountcharles, Co Donegal, Ire m Elizabeth Thompson

·         John McClure b 1901 Tullinlagan, Mountcharles, Co Donegal, Ire

·         Andrew McClure b 1835 Tullinlagan, Mountcharles, Co Donegal, Ire 27 Dec 1918 Foyagh, Ballintra, Co Donegal, Ireland m Jemima Corr

·         James McClure b 1 May 1864 Foyagh, Ballintra, Co Donegal, Ire d 18 Jul 1947 Charlesville, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

·         Thomas John Baskin McClure b 3 Jan 1866 Foyagh, Ballintra, Co Donegal, Ire d 1 Feb 1941 Foyagh, Ballintra, Co Donegal, Ire m Margaret (Maggie) Morrow

·         Andrew Morrow McClure b 10 Dec 1910 Foyagh, Ballintra, Co Donegal, Ire d 9 May 1983 Belfast, Ire m Mary Thompson -M-92

·         Andrew McClure b 8 Jul 1871 Foyagh, Ballintra, Co Donegal, Ire d 15 Nov 1964 Newry, Co Down, Northern Ire m Hazel Muriel Kirkwood

·         David McClure b 16 Jan 1877 Foyagh, Ballintra, Co Donegal, Ire d 2 Mar 1972 Victoria, BC, Canada m Eva Laura Earls

·         David Baskin McClure b 6 Apr 1914 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada d 14 Jan 1977 Vancouver, BC, Canada m Mildred Penney

·         Andrew (Drew) Earls McClure 17 Jan 1916 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada d 20 Nov 1920 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

·         William McClure b 1848 Tullinlagan, Mountcharles, Co Donegal, Ire m Eliza Scott



David McClure Branch b. c1775 Ballynashannagh, Clondevaddog Parish, Co Donegal, Ireland


Note: Ballynashannagh was the ancestral home of this next McClure family and was established sometime between 1665 and 1690, although data linking names beyond David c1775 is lacking but, It is most likely that David's father was George McClure b. ca. 1750. This is an assumption based on the patronymic patterns of these Scot-Irish people. This pattern strictly followed in all generations until the latest.

·         David McClure b c1775 Ballynashannagh, Clondevaddog Parish, Co Donegal, Ireland,  d Dec 1839 Ballynashannagh m Mary ____  - Stewart McClure, Judy McClure Carlson POC [jcarlsen  AT]

·         George McClure b 1800 Ballynashannagh, Clondevaddog Parish, Co Donegal, Ireland m Bridget Hay

·         Thomas McClure m Jane Hay (Thomas & brother George settled together in Henryville, Indiana & Louisville ,Kentuck area)

·         John McClure b 11 May 1807 Ballynashannagh d 4 August 1883 Ballynashannagh, Clondevaddog Parish, Co Donegal, Ireland  m Mary Logan

·         Matthew Logan McClure b 16 October 1845 Ballynashannagh, Clondevaddog Parish, Co Donegal, Ireland (emigrated to United States in 1867) d 22 May 1927 Memphis Tennessee  m Eugenia Cabler -Matthew Roberts McClure [mccluremr AT]

·         Robert Bruce McClure b 24 November 1898 Memphis Tennessee d 8 April 1984 Beaumont Texas m Myrtle Mae Roberts

·         Robert Bruce McClure, Jr. b 19 July 1928 Memphis Tennessee d 8 June 1989 Houston Texas m Barbara Jean Morgan -M-72

·         Thomas McClure b 10 Mar 1850 d 20 Oct 1926 Ballynashannagh, Co Donegal, Ire m 28 Aug 1877 Eliza Mary Stewart 

·         William James McClure b 29 Jul 1893 d 18 Feb 1971 Ballynashannagh, Co Donegal, Ire m 6 Jan 1936 Helen Stewart - M-124



Lineage 1 McClures but No Distinct DNA Pattern to Determine Branches as yet



·         William McClure, b c1775, possibly Orange Co NC, d 18 May 1857, Carroll Co TN - Scott McClure [spmcclure AT]

o    James McClure, b 6 May 1814 TN, m Sarah Ann Lewis

§  Fletcher McClure, b 18 Jan 1843, St. Clair Co IL, m Mary Grine

§  Arthur Thomas McClure, b 10 Dec 1884, Davenport, Scott Co IA, m Katherine Frances Blume

§  Arthur Frederick McClure, b 10 Jun 1909, Leavenworth KS, m Dorothy L. Davis -M-4



·         Zachariah McClure b 16 Oct 1798 Pa d 17 May 1843 Vigo In m Rhoda Douglas 18 Nov 1820 Shelby Ky -Ronald McClure<rmcclure AT>

o    Anderson Harrison McClure b abt 1822 Ky m Clarissa Shull 7 Feb 1842 Vigo, In

§  Hiram Harrison McClure b 17 Feb 1851 Terre Haute In m Isidora Auguste Marshall 11 Apr 1873 Charlotte, Ia d 7 Sep 1920 Carl, Ia

§  Louis Lebeau McClure b 20 Feb 1882 Charlotte, Iowa m Alice Blance Knodle 3 Feb 1907 Ia d 14 Aug 1963 Leon, Ia

§  Monte Hiram McClure b 31 Mar 1920 Leon Ia m 25 Dec 1938 Leon Ia d 1 Jan 1977 Cedar Rapids Ia -M-25

o    Louisa McClure b 1825

o    Nancy Ann McClure b 1828 Indiana d 1887

o    George T. McClure b 1830 Indiana

o    William W. McClure b 1832 Indiana, Illinois

o    Archibald Chriss McClure b 1834 Indiana d 1860 Ia

o    Elizabeth McClure b 1835 d 1847 Indiana



·         Festus McClure b 1828 Harrisburg Dauphin Co Pa d 1 Oct 1903 Decatur, Macon Co, IL m 11 Sep 1848 Mary Ann Smith in Pa b 15 Feb 1831 Greencastle, Harrisburg, Dauphin Co Pa d 1913 Decatur IL – Smith Lee McClure (Janet Todd POC) janettodd AT

o    Mary McClure

o    Carrie McClure

o    Harvey McClure

o    Eugene Smith McClure Sr b abt 1868 Newburg Huntingdon County Pa d 22 Apr 1932 Peoria Peoria Co IL m Lou Ellen Lee 1867-1943

§  Eugene S. McClure b 1903 d 1965 Elvira Ewert -M-73

o    James McClure

o    Josephine McClure

o    Alice McClure



·         Robert McClure b Ukn d Unk m 18 Apr 1818 Mary Brown Illinois – Kennith G. McClure POC [kgmcclure AT]

o    David McClure b c1823 d Ukn m 31Dec 1843 Naoma Emily Power St. Clair Co, IL

§  Sidney Francis McClure b 02 Sep 1852 St. Clair County IL d 24 Aug 1932 near Louisville, Clay Co IL m Eleanor Zortman

·         Earl McClure b 24 Aug 1890 Maple Landing, Manona County, Iowa d 1 Oct 1966 Onawa, Monona Co, Iowa m Maude   Mahala Tillis

o    James Kenneth McClure b 09 Dec 1917 Maple Landing, Manona County, Iowa d 17 Nov 1977 Onawa, Monona Co, Iowa m (Living) -M-152


Regarding the next pedigree; in the 1800 census, in Greene County, PA, a McClure family was found with the head of a household named John. This family has the following; 1 Male under 10, 1 Male from 16 to 26, 1 Male 45 &up, 1 Female under 10, 1 Female from 10 - 16, 1 Female from 16 to 26, 1 Female 26 to 45, 1 Female 45 & up.  I next found a will by John McClure dated in 1803 where John gave his farm to his wife and sons by 1/3's.  1/3 to William, 1/3 to John and 1/3 to Sarah his wife and he said that Sarah's 1/3 would be given to John upon Sarah's death and John being of at least 21 years old.  I was able to trace via later census the two farms under William and Sarah and then see no more of Sarah in 1830 and John showing up.


·         John McClure b c1755 d 1803 PA m Sarah _____ b c1755 d c1830 PA – John D. McClure POC [john_d_mcclure AT]

o    William McClure b 1783 MD m Jane _____ b 1793 PA

§  John McClure b 1810 d 1874 m Martha Steele b 1809 d 1911

·         William Steele McClure b 1836 d 1919 m Elizabeth Poole McClure b 1840 d 1928

o    George Jerome McClure b 1875 d 1965 m Alice A Roberts McClure b 1888 d 1963

§  George Jerome McClure Jr. b 1922 d 1988 m (Living) -M-160



The following unknown McClure father and Jane (maiden name unknown), of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania; Jefferson County, Virginia (Kentucky), and Knox County, Indiana:
"It is said Jane McClure, of Scotch descent, came from Londonderry, Ireland and settled in Connecticut, bringing with her four sons and a daughter; that from there, the family emigrated to Pennsylvania, and from there to Kentucky, and last, to Knox Co., Indiana.  We have seen no data as to the family's early migrations, but we do know that the four sons served in the Revolutionary War -- from Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, and later, under George Rogers Clark."  Source:  Eliza Haddon Brevoort and Doris Bond Wheeler, Our Haddon, McClure, Curry and Allied Families, (Vincennes, Indiana:  Burkert-Walton Co., 1952), p. 229.


·         Unknown McClure m Jane ____ d 1806 - Karen Lind Brauer [klbrauer AT]

o    John McClure b 1745, d1814 Knox Co, Ind, m Jane McGuire (1756-1820)(settled in Knox Co, Ind before 1810)

§  James McClure b 1786 m Betsey Rose

§  Mary McClure 1790 m Samuel Emison b 1788

§  Elizabeth McClure b 1794 m John Holland

§  John McClure b 1797 d 1871 m Eliza Armstrong b 1799 

o    William McClure b 1749 d 1811 Knox Co, Ind m Margaret Mossman (1771-1853)(settled in Knox Co, Ind before 1810)

§  John McClure

§  Elizabeth McClure

§  Archibald McClure

§  Charles McClure

§  Mary McClure m George Knox

§  William McClure

§  Louisa McClure

§  Melinda McClure

§  Caroline Jeane McClure 

o    Daniel McClure b 1755 d 1825 Knox Co, Ind m Martha Baird d1821(settled in Knox Co, Ind before 1810)

§  John McClure m Elizabeth Elliott (1796-1849)

§  James McClure

§  Thomas McClure b 1787 d 1834 m Betsey Handley (1786-1876)

§  Charles McClure m Margaret McDonald

§  Joseph McClure b 1792 d 1840 m Mary Goenz

§  Mary McClure m Charles Archer

§  Martha McClure m1 ____Balch m2 Charles Armstrong

§  Daniel McClure m1 Esther Thompson m2 Mary Jane Bartmas

§  Elizabeth McClure m James Elliott

§  Jane McClure b 1803 d 1826 m John Alexander McClure b 1806

§  Esther McClure m John Stockwell

o    George McClure b 1757 d 1829 Knox Co, Ind m Jane Gilmore (1766-1844) died in Knox Co, Ind(settled in Knox Co, Ind before 1810)

§  Catherine McClure b 1787 d 1868 m John Hogue (___-1847)

§  John McClure b 1789 d 1837 m Rebecca Seaton (1799-1827

§  Mary McClure b 1792 d 1865 m William Raper (1792-1878

§  Robert Gilmore McClure b 1793 d 1877 m Jane Thompson (1803-1886)

§  Margaret McClure b 1795 d 1832 m Josiah Love Holmes (1775-1837)

§  Cynthia McClure b1798 d1867 m David Richey

§  Mathilda McClure b 1799 m William Smith

§  George McClure b 1801 m Sarah Lloyd

§  William Gilmore McClure b 5 June 1803 Vincennes, Ind d 1871 m Elizabeth Purcell (1805-1882)

§  Noah P McClure b 28 Jan 1832 Vincennes, Knox, IN, m Cassandra Gill b 1842 IL d 1916

§  Dennie P McClure b 7 Oct 1865 Vincennes, Knox, IN d 5 Jul 1832 Vincennes, Knox Co, IN, m Mary Jane Bicknell b 1869

§  Roy Simpson McClure b 19 Aug 1906 Kansas City, Jackson, Mo d 27 Jan 1962 Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH, m Catherine Dorsey b 1910 -M-30 

§  Daniel McClure b 1806

§  James Scott McClure b 1813 d 1894 m1 Nancy Gardiner (1815-1841) m2 Sophia Reid McCord (1821-1907)

o    Jane McClure b 1759 d 1845 Knox Co, Ind m James Scott (1759-1845) 



§   Nathaniel McClure b Scotland, d York Co, Pa. m Jane Donin, Baltimore, Md - Jack Hanny [jhanny1 AT]

o    Thomas R. McClure b 1804, Baltimore, Md, d 1864 Oh m 1831 Faithful E. Ditter (1814-1880)

§  John  McClure b 4 May 1834, near Zanesville, Oh d 7 July 1915 Little Rock, Arkansas m 15 Oct 1885 Rumina Ellen Ayers

§  Milton E. McClure b c1841 Oh, m Mary Elizabeth Douglass

§  Americus Rice McClure b 1862 Oh, m Cora E. Culver

§  George D. McClure b 1843 Oh, d 1909 NM, m Susannah Myers (1845-1936)

§  Sherman Raymond McClure b c1866 Oh

§  George M. McClure b. c1867 Oh

§  Faithful E. McClure b c1870 Oh

§  Dottie McClure b Oh

§  Adeline M. McClure b c1874 Oh

§  Thomas Ramsey McClure b 1877 Oh, d 1968 Az m Elizabeth Gudakunst (1882-1946)

§  Thelma Faye McClure b 1909 NM, d 1991 Az

§  Julie C. McClure b 1879 Oh

§  Charles Samuel McClure b 1881 Oh

§  Nathaniel McClure b c1845 Oh

§  Andrew J. McClure b 1847 Oh

§  Thomas R. McClure b c1850 Oh

§  Charles G. McClure b 1854 Oh d 24 Jun 1923 Columbus Grove Co Oh m Martha Hughes (1860-aft 1922) -Peter Zachary Mumma,  Kathy Mumma POC [kathy.mumma AT]

§  Guy Ambrose McClure b 5 Mar 1896 Paulding Oh d 23 Jan 1975 Ottawa Oh m Edna M. Campbell b 20 JAN 1899 d 29 Dec 1984 Lima Oh

§  John Richard McClure (Richard Eugene Mumma) b 23 Mar 1921 Columbus Grove Oh d 21 Jan 1997 Cambridge Ma m Wilma Nonnamaker b 29 Nov 1921 d 24 Oct 2008

§  William D. McClure b c1856 Oh



·         Robert McClure b 20 Jan 1777 Knocbracken, County Antrim, Ireland d 5 Jan 1853 Belle Center, Logan Ohio m c1809 Elizabeth McNeer b 31 Dec 1781 N. Ire d 27 Jul 1852 Ohio – Clement C. McClure, Jeannie McClure Matthews POC [stellamat AT]

·         Robert Law McClure b 25 Oct 1836 Belfast Ireland d 16 Oct 1896 Jacksboro Jack Texas m Nancy Eldora Cline

·         Clement Charles McClure b 27 Feb 1896 Jaksboro Jack Co Texas d 2 Jan 1982 Jacksboro Jack Tx m 1919 Emma Castleberry -M-80

·         Maggie McClure

·         W. J. McClure



·         John McClure b c 1700 Scotland m 1723 Margaret Martin - Robert M. McClure [rmm AT]

o    Martin McClure b c 1724 Scotland, d Ireland spouse unknown

§  John McClure b c 1747 Ireland, d 1808 Greene Co, Tennessee m Ireland Rebecca Ewing

·         William Ewing McClure b c 1785 Ireland d 1854 Marshall Co, Tennessee m 1813 TN Eleanor Ewing Purdom

o    Alexander Ewing McClure 1814 Tennessee d 1870 Anderson Co, Texas m 1837 TN Ann Elizabeth Glenn

§  Robert Ewing McClure b 1840 Anderson Co, Texas d 1915 Cherokee Co, Texas m 1866 TX Mary Maria Skilton Woodward

·         Marshall Ewing McClure b 1869 Anderson Co, Texas d 1934 Cherokee Co, Texas m 1900 TX Corinne Howell Goolsbee

o    Robert William McClure b 1904 Cherokee Co Texas d 1965 Cherokee Co, Texas m 1933 LA Arozena Luker -M-101



This next pedigree is very closely related to M-80 Pedigree by Y-DNA. But, no paper trail has been found as of yet.

·         Robert McClure b 1800 Ireland m Mary Hamilton b 1800 Ireland

o    Mary McClure b 1829 Ireland

o    Robert b 1831 Ireland

o    Ezekiel W. McClure b Jun 1840 NY d 28 Nov 1904 Duluth, St. Louis Co, Minnesota m 8 Nov 1865 Emma A. Prescott in Stillwater, Washington Co, Mn b Dec 1844 Maine -Robert (Gary) Garrett McClure [gmcclure5 AT]

§  Edward W(?) McClure b 1867 Mn

§  Frank G McClure b 1868 Mn

§  Frederick S McClure b 1870 Mn

§  Charles Prescott McClure b 15 Mar 1873 St. Paul, Ramsey Co,  Mn d 22 Dec 1944 San Antonio, Bexar Co, Tx m1 15 May 1898 Susan Boyden Bailey in St. Paul, Ramsey Co, Mn b Aug 1878 Mn m2 Bernice  C. _____ b 1891 NY

·         Kendall Bailey McClure b 18 Jan 1902 Mn d 7 Feb 1954 San Antonio, Bexar County, Tx m Frances  E. Titzell  b 1904 Chicago, Cook, ILL

o    Kendall B. McClure b 1925 Missouri

o    Donald P.  McClure b 1928 Tx m Sally Hamlin Garrett -M-95

·         Charles P. McClure, Jr., b 1918 (by second wife)

·         Eva E McClure b 20 June 1875 Mn

·         Daisy McClure b 14 Jun 1878 Mn

·         Marion D. McClure b 1880 Mn



·         Robert McCluare/McClure b c1756 d c1817 of Crossnacreevy, Comber Parish, County Down, N. Ireland (wife unk) David McClure  [davidmcclure9933 AT]

·         James McClure b 1831/32 d 18- -  of Crossnacreevy, Comber Parish, County Down, N. Ireland m Margaret McGowan

·         David McClure b 1877 d 1947 of Crossnacreevy, Comber Parish, County Down, N. Ireland m Sarah Huddleston

·         James McClure, b 1910 d 1980 m Elizabeth Lowry -M-82




Lineage 1 McClures, Branches unknown due to very few or zero mutations



·         James McClure b 02 Mar 1821 KY d 05 Sep 1862 TN m Nancy Narcissa Watt 22 Sep 1846 TN Jere McClure <jere1928 AT>

o    James Samuel McClure b c1847 TN d c1933 Gibson Co TN m Sarah C. Karnes 21 Mar 1867 TN

§  David Napoleon McClure b 12 Feb 1873 d c1948 TN m Addie Hays 23 Dec 1896 TN

§  Jesse Hays McClure b 09 Aug 1900 TN d 19 Nov 1974 TN m Alice Louise Harris 21 Jun 1920 -M-18



·         James H. McClure b 1820 Pa m Ellen ______ b1821 NJ -Raymond McClure [raymondmcclure AT>

o    Andrew C. b 1850 Oh

o    George W. b 1852 Oh

o    Samuel Breckenridge McClure b 24 June 1857 Mo m Mary Elizabeth Sayers b 1867 Ky

§  Nicholas McClure b 1908 Ky -M-32



·         John McClure b c1760 Harrison Co, WV d 24 May 1856 Habersham Co Ga m Ruth Burkham -Debbie McClure for Dirk McClure [ddmc96 AT]

o    Francis McClure Sr b c1801 Mason Co Ky d Bef 1880, m Edy "Eda" Matilda Bean

§  Francis A. McClure b 1835 Ky d ? in Oh, m Susannah Spears

§  George Harrison McClure b 11 Jan 1857 Highland Co Oh d 25 Jan 1920 Grand Pass Mo, m Minnie Louella Bedsworth

§  Lamar Francis McClure b 24 May 1882 Grand Pass Mo d 28 Jul 1940 Otterville, Mo, m Mariah Jane "Jennie" Orrison

§  Kemp Orrison McClure b 5 Dec 1908 Nelson Mo d 7 Jan 1987 Raymore Mo, m Loretta May Burlingame-M-47



·         William (Alexander?) McClure b? County Down, N. Ireland, about 1768 emigrated to Cumberland Co PA d ? m ? -Gregory Alan McClure [GMcCriterion AT]

o    William McClure b? d 9 Oct. 1812 Montgomery Co OH m Martha Steele

§  John McClure b c1790 d 22 Feb 1831 m ?

§  John S. McClure b 14 Oct 1819 Butler Co OH d 21 Oct 1881 Burlington, IA m1 Perkins, m2 Mary Fort

§  William H. McClure b 1858 Burlington, IA d 1 May 1947 m Luella Whitenack

§  William Henry Sutherland McClure b 14 Jan 1897 Burlington, IA d 29 Feb 1968 m Pearl Snyder

§  Kenneth Wesley McClure b 25 Dec 1921 Scottsbluff, NE m Frances Ruth Mick -M-48





McClure Lineage 2



·         Patrick McClure b c1805 Northern Ireland, possibly Co. Antrim d 1850 Chester Co Pa m Elizabeth Asdale - Mark S. McClure <asdale AT>

o    James Stevenson McClure b July 4, 1834 Chester Co Pa d Sep 30, 1871 Lancaster Co Pa m Susan Green

§  William Sherman McClure b Dec 24, 1864 Lancaster Co Pa d Apr 26, 1913 Philadelphia Pa m Minnie McClure 1887 Dauphin Co Pa

§  Leroy Spencer McClure b July 26, 1894 Philadelphia Pa m Caroline Boehler -Leroy Spencer McClure Jr (Mark S. McClure Sponsor/POC) -M-46

§  Norman Walter McClure b July 30, 1929 Philadelphia Pa m Joan Gertrude Harvey -M-24

§  William Robert McClure b 1934 d 1936 Philadelphia Pa

§  Charles Sherman McClure b 11/28/1896 Philadelphia Pa d 11/7/1980 Philadelphia Pa m Margaret McNulty

§  Robert Elmer McClure b 2/27/1901 Philadelphia Pa d 2/1/1953 Philadelphia m Lydia M. Smith (no children)

§  Walter Raymond McClure b 6/2/1903 Philadelphia Pa d 4/19/1975 Philadelphia (never married)

o    John Mulholland McClure b 11/17/1840 Chester Co Pa d 12/29/1914 Harrisburg Pa m Victoria Wagner - Leroy Andrew McClure (Mark S. McClure Sponsor/POC)

§  Leroy Archibald McClure b 5/27/1882 Harrisburg Pa d 6/14/1933 Harrisburg m1 Mabel Vaughn Chester m2 Elizabeth I. Holtzman

§  Luther K. McClure (by 1st wife) b 7/3/1905 Harrisburg Pa d 5/18/1971 Tacoma Wa m Verda I. Cayo

§  Waddell L. McClure (by 1st wife) b 6/23/1907 Harrisburg Pa d 11/2/1981 m Romaine _____

§  Leroy Andrew McClure (by 2nd wife) b 11/6/1918 Harrisburg Pa d 10/19/1990 Harrisburg Pa m Barbara Mountz -M-58

o    William Henry McClure b 4/8/1846 Chester Co Pa d c1901 Chester Co Pa (never married)



McClure Lineage 3



·         James McClure, b 1740, d 1813 Giles Co Va m Sarah Abbott -Jerry McClure [jtmnac AT]

o    Richard Renshaw McClure b 15 Jul 1760 Baltimore Co (now Harford Co) Md d 1826 Lawrence Co Ky m Mary F. Crawford

§  William McClure b 1789 Lawrence Co Ky d 1861 Ky m Lucretia Belvins Chapman (Full Cherokee)

§  George Chapman McClure b 1823 Ky d 1912 m Jane Borders

§  Joseph McClure b 1852 Owen County d 1938 m Mary Chowning (Full Shawnee)

§  Frank Thomas McClure b 1881 Ky d 1926 Ky m Artie Mefford (Full Choctaw) -M-51

§  Albert G. H. McClure b 1841 Giles Co Va d 1916 Lawrence Co Ky m Sarah A. Dobbins - Ed McClure [eemcclure AT]