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This McCamish Surname DNA Project Family Project was started to:

  1. Help identify the place of origin of three brothers who appeared in Bedford County, Virginia about 1770. They moved to eastern Tennesee after the Revolution.  We have accomplished this goal.
  2. Identify if other migrations of McCamishes are related or not.
  3. Identify the relationship with other groups with similar names or similar DNA.
  4. Locate others who are related by DNA but might use different surnames. So far we have found McCombs.
  5. Catalog pedigrees and genetic connections of all of the known project families.
  6. Confirm their relationship to the O'Neill chieftains (whose DNA they match)

Results so far:

  1. The three brothers came from central Ulster: Tyrone/Derry as confirmed by a DNA match from Australia
  2. 'Old William" who settled in Franklin County, Pennsylvania about 1771 is related but via a separate migration.
  3. The McComishes of County Derry, Northern Ireland are of northwest Irish origin, but not closely related to the Tyrone clan. (But still welcome here).
  4. At least two American McComb lines are closely related. Geneticists are currently determining when they shared a common ancestor.  I have paper evidence of McCombs in Tyrone in the early 1600s, so I can confirm they were there.

Participating in a Surname DNA Project provides:

  • The participant's genetic DNA, which is very close (and sometimes identical) to his earliest known ancestor.
  • The participant's "deep" ancestry (Haplogroup), which identifies the paternal ancestor's prehistoric origins.
  • A sense of camaraderie, which is particularly strong for those who share a genetic ancestry
  • Stimulation to family research and renewed sharing of information
  • A wider sense of identity and relationship, as we begin to realize how much we are a World Family.
  • A chance to compare your genetic ancestry with those of your Surname and the spelling variations
  • Your genetic matches who do not share your common surname
  • The knowledge to understand our ancestors better - particularly where the records have been lost

Click here to order a DNA test in the McCamish Surname DNA Project project.

The McCamish Surname DNA Project DNA Project is open to all McCamish Surname DNA Project families, of all spelling variations, and from all locations as well as others whose DNA is similar.

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