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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Joseph Mark b 1794 Thursby, Cumberland, England, not m Williamena Oliver
    • Robert Oliver Mark b 1832 Brampton, Cumberland, England, m 1st Elizabeth Mackall
      • Oliver Hall Mark b 1877 Ashkirk, Roxburgh, Scotland, m Isabel Smith
        • Allyn Mark b 1906 d 1960
  • Lion Marx b c1850 Alsace Lorraine - Eugene Marks [judi_M_Marks AT]
    • Nathan Marx b 27 May 1873, Waldbockelheim, Oberstreit, Germany m Lena Meyers
      • Sidney Meyers Marks b 24 April 1895 Buffalo, NY m Marcia Maude Tritchler  M-4 77853
  • Thomas Mark b c1530, m Margaret - David Hall [Lodgefarmhouse AT]
  • Thomas Mark b c1550, m Margaret Hallinge
    • Richard Mark b 1580 Dacre, Cumberland England, m 2nd Elizabeth Rewkinge
      • Thomas Mark b 1610 Dacre, Cumberland, England, m ?
        • William Mark of Dacre, Cumberland England, m Mary
          • William Mark b 1690 Dacre, Cumberland, England, m Mary Holme?
            • William Mark b 1721 Dacre, Cumberland, England, m Ann Sisson
              • Thomas Mark b 1750 Dacre, Cumberland, England, m Margaret Heylin
                • William Mark b 1791 Dacre, Cumberland England, m Sarah Todd
                  • John Mark b 1832 Dacre, Cumberland, England, m 2nd Frances Sellars
                    • Hugh Todd Mark b 1878 Greystoke, Cumberland, England
    • Thomas Mark b c1585 Dacre, Cumberland, England, m Isabel Oldman
      • Thomas mark b c1610 Caldbeck, Cumberland, England, m Elizabeth Slee
        • Thomas mark b c1635 Mosedale, Cumberland, England, m Mary Bewley
          • Benjamin Mark b 1659 Mosedale, Cumberland, England, m Sarah Langhorne
            • Thomas Mark b 1691 Mosedale, Cumberland, England, m Jane Ladyman
              • Thomas Mark b 1719 Dalston, Cumberland, England, m Isabella Thompson
                • Joseph Mark b 1756 Thursby, Cumberland, England, m Anne Bell 
                  • Bell Mark b 1785 Thursby, Cumberland, England, m Catherine Fawkies
                    • Bell Mark b 1817 Brampton, Cumberland, England, m Mary Hetherington
                      • Joseph Mark b 1842 Brampton, Cumberland, England, m Mary Jane Jameson
                        • Joseph Mark b 1880 Carlisle, Cumberland, England, m 2nd Victoria May Tatlock
  • John Marks, m Mary Ann; lived in Woodbury and Topsham, Devonshire Eng. - Kathy 44 [theashbridgefamily AT]
    • John White Marks, b. 1806 Woodbury, Devonshire
    • Henry White Marks b. 1810 Woodbury, Devonshire, m1 Mary Ann Page; m2. Elizabeth N
    • Stephen James White Marks b. 1819 Topsham, Devonshire N133039
  • Henry White Marks; 1810; Woodbury, Devonshire; Mary Ann Page - Kathleen L. Ashbridge [theashbrindgefamily
    • Henry White Page Marks; 1 May 1839; Shadwell, Middlesex
    • James White Page Marks; 23 May 1839; Shadwell, Middlesex
    • John Page Marks; 4 Apr 1841, Shadwell, Middlesex N133039

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