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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Lund / Lundberg
  • Anders Johansson-Lundberg b.1797, d.1872, Agnas, Sweden - jalu44 [jan.g.lundberg AT]
    • Israel Lundberg, b.1844, d. 1890, Agnas, Sweden
      • Erik August Lundberg, b.1876, d, c1958, Hornas, Sweden
        • Carl Erik Lundberg, b.1903, d.1986, Fransta, Sweden L-3
  • Jacob Lund b. abt. 1818 Norway d. abt 1872 Wisconsin  wife Anna-[cbitner05 AT]
    • Thorwald Lund b. 1847 Kristiansand? Norway d. 1929 Milwaukee, Wisconsin wife Rhoda
      • Walter Lund b. 1879 Milwaukee, Wisconsin d. 1944 Wisconsin wife Ree
        • Todd Lund b. 1906 Milwaukee, Wisconsin d. 1965 Milwaukee, Wisconsin wife Alma 268608
  • Jacob Lund b c1818 Norway d c1872 WI m Anna - Chris Bitner [cbitner05 AT]
    • Thorwald Lund b 1847 Kristiansand(?), Norway d 1929 Milwaukee, WI m Rhoda
      • Walter Lund b 1879 Milwaukee, WI d 1944 WI m Ree
        • Todd Lund b 1906 Milwaukee, WI d 1965 Milwaukee, WI m Alma 268608
  • Soren Martinus G. Lund b c1829 Drammen, Buskerud, Norway - Karin Lund Munoz [KarinMunozRD AT]
    • Jacob Christian Lund b 24 Feb 1870 Drammen, Buskerud, Norway m Louise Goehner
      • Richard Jacob Lund b 24 Apr 1905 Racine, WI m Clare Bernice Winchell 296468

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