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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Johann Michael Ludwig b 6 Feb 1778 Zuzenhausen, Baden, Germany m Marie Elisabeth Bucher - Gail Girard [ggirard56 AT]
    • Johann Valentin Ludwig b 6 Feb 1825 Zuzenhausen, Baden, Germany m Magdalene (Mary) Haberle
      • Charles Henry Ludwig b 6 Nov 1851 Steinsfurth?, Germany m Anna Parsdotter Ofverland
        • Edward Roy Ludwig b 6 Dec 1886 Minneapolis. MN m Mary Harriet N110218
  • John George Ludwig b c1807 Prussia (Germany) Immigrated to U.S. in Adams Co., IL 1860 - Ludwigb [ludwig AT]
    • John Adam Ludwig b 1839 Prussia (Germany) d 1922 Lewis Co., MO  m Charlotte Kleinschmidt
      • Charles Gottlieb Ludwig b 1869 Adams Co., IL  d 1951 Lewis Co., MO  m Pauline Wilhelmina Speckhart
        • John Ralph Ludwig, Sr. b 1910 Lewis Co., MO d Adams Co., IL  m Lola Ann East L-1 N37510
  • Joseph Ludwig (b. unk, d. unk), spouse: unk. -chicapiquante [chicapiquante AT]
    • Benjamin Ludwig (b. 20 Jun 1825 in Forgsdorf (?), Silesia; d. 1 Feb 1887 in Comal County, Texas, USA) marr. Marian Rathmann
      • August Ludwig, Sr. (b. 10 Feb 1864 in Forgsdorf (?), Silesia; d. 12 Dec 1938 in Comal County, Texas, USA) marr. Emilie Kohn 258009
  • Constantin Ludwig b 1828 Tiefenort Germany, m Margarethe Eisenberg - Lea Ann [leaann]
    • Johannes (John) Ludwig b 1853 Tiefenort Germany d 1903 Allegheny City PA,  m Marie Reichart
      • Friedrich (Fred) Ludwig, b 1879 Tiefenort Germany, d 1942 Rochester PA, m Bertha Schwartz
        • Fredrick Gust Ludwig b 1908 PA  148950

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