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Leonards All!

We will list all families by earliest ancestor and line leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that, eventually, all Leonard family lineages and major branches will be listed on this page.   We also hope to locate descendants of each family lineage and branch and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  Participation in the Y-DNA Project is strongly suggested for listing on this page because we are trying to link Leonard lineages and branches back to haplogroups and marker patterns to aid others in their genealogical research.
Note that not all Leonards are related, at least within the past 600 years (they may have been 20,000 years ago, but we won't count that!).  They tend to fall into clusters in various haplogroups.
Leonard pedigrees are arranged by haplogroup below.  Individual descendants are tied to the Leonard surname table by the red L-numbers so that you can review their Y-STR patterns to see where you might fit.
Haplogroup J2a4h1 (J-L24) – Descendants of James Leonard b. 1620, Pontypool, Wales, d. 1691 Taunton, MA.  Descendants of James' brother Henry also test in this haplogroup.  Descendants of John Leonard of Springfield (1610-1676) may also be in this haplogroup.
James Leonard 1620-1 Sep 1691                                                  Brad Leonard [brad.lnrd AT] L-18
Thomas Leonard 3 Aug 1641-24 Nov 1713, Raynham, MA
Elkanah Leonard 15 May 1677-29 Dec 1714, Raynham, MA
Joseph Leonard 9 April 1705-1 Nov 1783, Middleborough, MA
Joseph Leonard 29 Jul 1732-Nov 1788, Middleborough, MA
Nathaniel Leonard c1760-c1828, Middleborough, MA
Abraham Leonard
John Henry Leonard
John Henry Leonard
Walter Bradford Leonard
James Leonard 1620-1691 – John Leonard (cwinidog AT L-14
Thomas Leonard 3 Aug 1641-24 Nov 1713, Raynham, MA
John Leonard b 5/18/1668Taunton, MA d 1740
Philip Leonard b 1710 Taunton, MA d 1785
David Leonard b 7/20/1745Raynham, MA d 12/3/1811Dover, VT
Enos Leonard b 4/29/1784Raynham, MA d 8/10/1866 W. Dummerston, VT
John Keep Leonard b 5/29/1829 W. Dummerston, VT d 3/11/1875 W. Dummerston, VT
William Bradford Leonard b 5/11/1858 W. Dummerston, VT d 5/24/1934
Frank William Leonard b 1/26/1889 W. Dummerston, VT d 9/1973
James Leonard 1620-91 - Bruce T. Leonard (btl AT  L-35
Thomas Leonard 3 Aug 1641-24 Nov 1713, Raynham, MA, m. Mary Watson
John Leonard 18 May 1668 Taunton, MA, d. 1740, m. Mary King
Josiah Leonard, b. 1711 Raynham, m. Hannah King
Ezra Leonard, b. 1750, Raynham, m. Elizabeth Campbell
Levi Leonard, b. 1776, Massachusetts, m. Anna Leonard
John Milton Leonard, b. 1808, m. Polly M. Wilbur
Creighton Leonard, b. 1848, Burlington, Calhoun Co., MI, m. Jennie Bushman
Fred Roy Leonard, b. 1876, Burlington, Calhoun Co., MI, m. Lucy May Culver
Raymond Leonard, b. 1905, Windy Corners, Mecosta Co., MI, m. Helen Mae Koenes
Thomas Raymond Leonard, b. 1926, Lansing, Ingham Co., MI, m. Cheryl M. Thompson
James Leonard 1620 1691 Frank Leonard (fleonard2 AT L-24
James Leonard 1643-1726 Taunton, Ma.
Stephen Leonard 1680 Taunton, Ma.-1743 Morris Co. N.J.
Josiah Leonard 1738-1794 Hanover, N.J.
James Leonard 1774 Hanover, N.J.-1854 Throopville, N.Y.
George Washington Leonard 1811-1841 Throopville, N.Y.
John Henry Leonard 1839 Throopville, N.Y.-1904 WoodRiver, Ne.
George M. Leonard 1863 Goblesville, Mi.-1931 Portland, Or.
Ralph M. Leonard 1904 LeMars, Ia.-1970 Mobile, Al.
Haplogroup Unknown     Descendants of William Leonard of Bridgewater, MA.  We have two purported descendants of William Leonard and Sarah Bolton, one testing in haplogroup J2 and one testing in haplogroup R1b1.  We need a tie-breaker!
William Leonard b 1690 m Sarah Bolton - jasonleonard [bernleo77 AT]
James Leonard b 1716 d 1787 m Jemima Helford
Samuel Leonard b 1745 d 1816 m Anna Wetherell
Job Leonard b 26 Aug 1770 d 23 Sep 1824 m Polly Lincoln
Ezekiel Leonard b 31 Aug 1816 d 21 Aug 1895 m Sally R. Leonard
Philo Leonard b 1852 m Cora Leonard
Freemont Willmarth Leonard b 14 Jan 1883 m Olive Elizabeth Leavitt
Merrill Freemont Leonard b 22 Aug 1909 d 9 Aug 1996 m Alice Clare McAndrews
Haplogroup I2a -  
Frederick Leonard, b. Germany, d. 1841 Washington Co, VA - Harold Leonard [hleonard4113 AT] L-6
George Leonard, b. 1794, Washington Co, VA, d. 1899
George Leonard, b. 1828, d. 1880
David Andrew Cleveland Leonard, b. 1856, d.1928
Flander Cleveland Leonard, b. 1887, d. 1966
Haplogroup I2b - Descendants of Solomon Leonard (1615-71) of Duxbury/Bridgewater
Justus Leonard b 15 Jul 1758 m Catharine Aylesworth - Sam Leonard [] L-43
James Leonard b 13 May 1790 Stephentown, Rensselaer Co., NY m Almira Lee
Justus Leonard b 25 Mar 1823 Greene, Chenango Co., NY m1 Nancy m2 Bly Young
James Northrup Leonard b 18 Jun 1858 Farmington, Tioga Co., PA m Catherine Kate Hoyt Gee
Leigh Willie Leonard b 26 Mar 1881 Nelson, Tioga Co., PA m1 Bessie m2 Gee Bailey
Leslie L. Leonard b 16 Jul 1909 Nelson, Tioga Co., PA m Mary Frances Sementilli Martino Malone
Haplogroup R1b1b2 aka R-M269 - Note that R1b1 is the largest haplogroup at an estimated 125 million in western Europe and the British IslesR1b1's cover many separate families; they are not all related in genealogical time (last 600 years).  About half of R1b1's are in the R1b1b2 subclade.
Valentine Leonard, b. 1718, Germany             Lawrence Leonard (Irl44 AT   L-7
Michael Leonard, b. 1750, Rowan (now Davidson) Co., NC
Valentine Leonard, b. 1784, Rowan (now Davidson) Co., NC
Mike Leonard, b. 1815, Davidson Co., NC
Alfred Leonard, b. 1833, Davidson Co., NC
Valentine Leonard, b. 1862, Davidson Co., NC
William Decker Leonard, b. 1893, Bell Co., TX
Valentine Leonhardt, b. 1718, Germany     -    Becky Twyne Head  (bhead AT    )
Michael Leonard, b. 1750 Rowan Co. (now Davidson Co.), NC
Valentine Leonard, b. 1784 Rowan Co., (now Davidson Co.), NC
David Hutts Leonard, b. 1821 Rowan Co. (ow Davidson Co.) NC
David Jackson Leonard, b. 1851, Davidson Co., NC
Jesse Homer Leonard, b. 1881
Edna Leonard (Twyne) b. 1919
Robert Leonard, b. bef. 1735, Scotland, settled in MD, d. 1780 Rev. War, m. Honor Pritchard - [pbleonard AT]  L-29  
Robert Leonard, b.  1760 Maryland, moved to SC, m. Catherine York.  
Robert Leonard b 1795 SC, moved to TN 1806,  moved to Greene Co., IL abt. 1816, d 1855 Macoupin Co., IL m Darcus Barnard in TN
William Henry Leonard b 4 Mar 1840 Carlock, McLean Co., IL d 10 Sep 1927 Gibbon, Buffalo Co., NE m Margaret Jane Radcliffe
Fred Oscar Leonard b 5 Oct 1885 Elm Creek, NE d 3 Jun 1968 Web City, MO
Wallace William Leonard b 3 Nov 1907 Overton, NE d 23 Dec 1991 Tacoma, WA
Michael Leonard b c1826 Ireland, m Margaret Keegan - Edward Leonard [ECLEONARD AT POL.NET] L-5
Michael C. Leonard b 1869 UlsterCoNY, m Catharine Cantwell
Edward C. Leonard, Sr. b 1900 NY, m Vivien ONeil
Thomas Leonard, b. c 1776, Spain, m. Byrne   -   Scott Leonard (lobsterjesus AT  L-79
Patrick Leonard b. c 1795, Portrane, Dublin, Ireland, m. Elizabeth Horish
Matthew Leonard, b. 1821, Portrane, Dublin, Ireland, m. Anna O'Brien
Thomas Matthew Leonard, b. 1891, Portland, Maine, m. Agnes Petersen
Thomas Edward Leonard, b. 1916, Portland, Maine, m. Lorena Fuller
E. C. Leonard, b. 1885, d. c 1925, m. Marget (?Carroll?)   -  Bill. Leonard (wfleonard AT   )  L-58
William Carroll Leonard, b. c 1911, VA, m. Elsie Mae Griffin
Joseph Leonard, b 1798 GuilfordCoNC, m Nancy Lowder - John Leonard [jrleonardfl AT] L-10
Henry Lindsay Leonard,  b GuilfordCoNC Aug 1842
Henry Lewis Leonard,  b 11/28/1874 probably Putnam or Hendricks Co IN
Elliott Leonard
Bailey Leonard, b. 1829, Orange Co., IN, d. 1899, Orange Co., m. Matilda Hubbs  -  Hugh G. Leonard (DLTripp AT  L-83
John R. Leonard, b. 1861 Orange Co., IN, d. 1960 Orange Co., m. M. E. Condra
Howard C. Leonard, b. 1894, Orange Co., IN, d. 1969, Wood Co., WI, m. Sophie Crowder
Unknown Haplogroup
Kasmer Leonard b. 1852 d. 1924 Mason Co., MI  m. Lucy - Wendy [wendy_kenney AT]
Leon Leonard m. Helene
Paul Leonard m. Hattie
Anthony Leonard b. 1901 d. 1971 m. Eva Bolek
Charles Leonard
John Leonard m. Bertha
Mike Leonard m. Betty
Hank Leonard m. Josephine
Mary Leonard m. Frank Slominski
Frances Leonard m. ? Maskey
Helen Leonard m. John Bolek
Please note that these brief pedigrees do not include marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest and then to contact the person to whom the pedigree belongs.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this branch of the family, only a minimal amount to aid in linking the haplogroup lineage and the family branch with the marker patterns on the surname page.  Sometimes, something more is listed on the first generation to aid in his identification, as usually little is known about him.
This is a work in progress! I’m trying to standardize the listings to include only man’s name, date and place of birth and death, and wife’s name, per general FamilyTreeDNA instructions. I’m also trying to obtain more of these brief pedigrees of our surname group’s members and would like your assistance. In some cases, the y-dna testing has been done elsewhere, and I am trying to obtain those results to tie this page to the y-dna results page.
The most common error in Leonard genealogical research is to assume that the person with the same given name as the one you're looking for is, indeed, the one you're looking for.  Leonards with the same given names proliferate!  Even after 1775, when two given names came into use, Leonards with identical names, such as John Henry Leonard or George Washington Leonard, are frequent.
Note that haplogroups are determined by mutations in SNP's.  These occur more rarely than mutations in STR's.  Therefore, y-str mutation patterns are more useful in determining branches within a family line, while SNP's are more useful in dtermining subclades of haplogroups.  Work is proceeding at a fairly rapid clip in the sequencing of SNP's, that is, the order in which mutations in SNP's occurred over time.  This means that while the mutations that, in effect, created what we call the J haplogroup occurred roughly 10,000 years ago, the further definition of subclades, such as J2, then J2a, then J2a1, then J2a1h, and so forth, moves us from the distant past to nearer present time and, hopefully, to identifying where your "deep" ancestors may have lived at that time.  So you may want to check in with the project focussed on your haplogroup to see where progress now stands. 
Warning:  as further subclades are identified through the sequencing over time of mutations, so does their nomenclature change.  So rather than J2a4h1a..., the notation becomes J-L24, named after the point down the sequence at which the mutation occurred.  That mutation would have occurred about 2,000 years ago somewhere along the Mediterranean coast, perhaps in present day Turkey.  If you find this confusing and mindboggling, well, it is confusing and mindboggling.  But it seems to be the price of progress.
Leonard Lines:
The major Leonard lines, named after their progenitors (first of the line to appear in the US) appear to be as follows:
John Leonard of Springfield, Massachusetts, arrived in the 1630's and settled in Springfield, MA.  I have an extensive genealogy of his descendants.
Solomon Leonard of Duxbury, Massachusetts, arrived also in the 1630's, settling initially in Duxbury and soon moving to nearby Bridgewater, Massachusetts.  His wife was a Mayflower descendant, meaning that all the descendants of that couple are Mayflower descendants.  I have an extensive data base of his descendants.
James Leonard, ironworker, of Taunton, Massachusetts, arrived in the 1640's and intially settled in Braintree and Saugus, Massachusetts.  I have an extensive data base of his descendants.
Henry Leonard, ironworker, of Saugus and Rowley, Massachusetts, later moving to New Jersey.  A number of his descendants went south to North Carolina and from there west and south.  I have a data base of some of his descendants, but they have been more difficult to trace than the New England Leonards.
George Leonard of Westchester, PA, born about 1685, either in England or Switzerland, married Christian, last name unknown.  Some of his descendants went to Virginia and North Carolina.  I'm trying to build a data base of this line.
Valentine Leonhardt, b. 1718 in Germany, settled in North Carolina, and his descendants spread west.  I want to build a data base of this line.
Joseph S. Leonard arrived in Pennsylvania from Ireland in the 1740''s or 1750's, with descendants also going to North Carolina before heading west.  I've started a data base of this line to assist in untangling the various Leonard lines in North Carolina.
Robert Leonard and his brothers Thomas and Samuel arrived somewhere around 1750, origins either Scotch or Irish.  Robert was a soldier in the British army in the 1750's, later joined the Revolutionaries in the Revolutionary War.  One of the brothers went to North Carolina, and the other to Georgia.  Bob Leonard has a data base on these Leonards.
And there are more... has some 1700 emigrants surnamed Leonard arriving on our shores in its data base, so there are probably lots of Leonard lines yet to be documented.  Many arrived from Ireland in the 1800's.  So don't get discouraged.  The odds are that you had ancestors -- almost everyone does.  The odds are that you had a lot more of them than you could ever meet and have a conversation with at a party.  So just keep plugging away!