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On this page will be listed all submitted family lines by earliest known Leffew ancestor, along with contact information for the submitter, who will also be known as the Line Leader.  As noted in the welcome message on the Home Page, it is anticipated that most participants will be descendants of Stephen Lefew/Lephew of Rockingham County, North Carolina.  Accordingly, set forth below is the beginning of a descendants' chart for him.  As participants are added, the descendants' chart will be expanded and each participant's code number will be inserted after the name of their most recent Leffew ancestor listed.  If a participant is not able to trace his family back to one of Stephen's sons. a separate pedigree will be added that starts with the earliest proven Leffew ancestor.  If we get enough participants, we may be able to identify markers whose allele readings are specific to particular branches of the family, which may help in the effort to identify a participant's specific branch of the Leffew family.


Please note that participation in this project is not required for a listing on this page.  Those who would like their Leffew lineage added to this page should send their pedigree information to the Administrator.  Please note that the purpose of this page is to provide basic information that will identify the line, as opposed to a full fledged family history.  Accordingly, the Administrator will only post a stripped down descendant's chart or pedigree, as has been done for Stephen Lefew/Lephew below.  If you wish, a link to an offsite expanded family history can also be included.


Here is a link to your Administrator's research: Stephen Lefew/Lephew.  Please note that efforts to sort out the Leffews of Grainger County, Tennessee are ongoing.  Hopefully the results of this project will assist in that effort.

  • Stephen Lefew/Lephew, d bef 26 May 1800 Rockingham Co NC, m Elizabeth
    • Joseph Leffew, b bef 1774, d 12 Dec 1839 Grainger Co TN, m1 ?, m2 Polly Jones, m3 Polly Miller, m4 Sarah Majors
    • Elias Leffew, b 1765-1775, d bef 1830 Franklin Co VA, m Rebecca Quigley
    • Enoch Leffew, b 1770-1775, d aft 1840 prob Franklin Co VA, m Jane Craig
    • Elijah Leffew, b 1770-1780, d aft 1830 prob Franklin Co VA, m Adelphia Webb
    • Elisha Leffew, b abt 1778 NC, d abt 1857 Grainger Co TN, m Annie McCinay
    • Elizabeth Lephew, b abt 1780 Guilford Co NC, d abt 1845 Franklin Co VA, m William Scott
    • Elihu (aka Richard) Leffew, b abt 1783 NC, d 17 May 1873 Grainger Co VA, m1 Anna Shelton, m2 Margaret "Jane" Lawson
    • Josiah Leffew, b 1785-1787 Rockingham Co NC, d 14 Jul 1874 Floyd Co VA, m Martha Lumpkin
    • Uriah Lephew
    • Levy Lephew
    • Possibly Pheobe Lephew, b aft 1790 Rockingham Co NC, m William Craig

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