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Please send any queries or pedigrees for this project to:

On this page, we will list all family lines by Earliest Known Ancestor ("EKA"), along with contact information for the submitter or Line Leader.  We hope eventually that all families will be listed on this page and that at least one descendant from each line will participate in the DNA project.  Note, however, that participation in the DNA project is not required for a listing on this page.  Family lines which do have a participant in the DNA project are indicated by a L-# inserted after the ancestor through whom they descend.

If you desire your EKA to be listed on this page, please e-mail your pedigree to the project administrators and they will manually add your information.  Please consult the existing patriarchs for examples of the information to provide.  Especially note that this is not the place for a lot of detail, particularly about spouses, or a lot of generations should you choose the descendants option in lieu of the pedigree option.  We are only trying to provide enough information to identify your line.  If you wish, we can link your EKA to another website for additional information.  Please do not provide any information about living individuals.
If you dispute the accuracy of a listed family line, please try to resolve your differences with the Line Leader.  If differences still remain, your Administrators will determine, on a case by case basis, how these differences should be presented.
Listed below are the Patriarchs who have been submitted, organized first by the spelling variation of the surname and then alphabetically by the first name of the Patriarch.  Patriarchs whose names appear in olive are linked to websites which provide more information.



  • John Lear, d 1782 Culpeper Co VA, m1 Sarah, m2 Susannah - Robert Strong [ackstrongs AT]
    • James Lear, d 1771 Culpeper Co VA, m Hannah Darnal
      • William Lear, d 15 Feb 1815 Fauquier Co VA, m Hannah Bailey
      • James Lear, b c1764 Culpeper Co VA, d Jan 1842 Garrard Co KY, m Nancy Hill - L-5, L-14
      • Molly Lear, b 28 Jan 1770 Culpeper Co VA, d 28 Jan 1841 Bartholomew Co IN, m Theophilus Anderson
    • John Lear Jr, d c1811 Culpeper Co VA, m Jemima
      • Jesse Lear, b 1759 Culpeper Co VA, d 1827 Shelburne Nova Scotia, m1 Elinor Mitchell, m2 Elizabeth Cox - L-9
      • George Lear, d 1834 Garrard Co KY, m Rebekah Garrett
      • Levina Lear, d 1809 Culpeper Co VA
      • Jemima Lear, m Owen Campbell
      • David Lear, b Apr 1767 Culpeper Co VA, d Sep 1843 Garrard Co KY, m Lucy Duval
      • Thomas M Lear, b 7 Oct 1769 Culpeper Co VA, d 26 Jun 1833 Marion Co MO, m Mary Fagen
      • Francis "Fanny" Lear
    • William Lear, d c1807 Garrard Co KY
      • John Lear, b c1775, m Tabitha Gaddy
      • Rev. James Lear, b c1778 VA, d c1834 Wayne Co KY, m Sarah Hamilton - L-4
      • Sarah Lear, b c1778 VA, d aft 1850, m George Lambert
      • Elizabeth Lear, b bef 1784, m William Lambert
      • Jesse Lear, b 1787 VA, d 9 May 1872/1873 Rockcastle Co KY, m1 Elizabeth Brown, m2 Amelia - L-3
      • Moses Lear, b c1790
    • Elizabeth Lear
    • Mary Lear


  • William Lear, b abt 1756, Bitton, Gloucestershire, England - Tracey Craig [tcfamilyhistory AT]
    • Reverend Samuel Lear, b abt 1786, Bitton, Gloucestershire, England
      • John Wesley Lear, b 28 Jun 1819, Tunbridge, Wiltshire, England
        • Samuel Willis Lear, b 5 Sep 1864, Stockport, Cheshire, England
          • Herbert Lear, b 4 Oct 1897, Manchester, Lancashire, England, d 5 Oct 1971, Manchester, Lancashire, England 


  • Johann Peter Loehr, b Germany, d 1732-1740, Trinhausen, Westerwald, Germany - Jack Lear [agljwl AT]
    • Hans Peter Lohr, b 21 Mar 1725, Trinhausen, Westerwald, Germany, d 1793 Bedminster Twp, Bucks Co, PA
      • Joseph Leer, b 3 May 1759, Bedminster Twp, Bucks Co, PA, d 26 Sep 1849, Tinicum Twp, Bucks Co, PA
        • Samuel Leer, b 1 Mar 1798, Tinicum Twp, Bucks Co, PA, d 19 May 1876, Upper Black Eddy, Bucks Co, PA
          • Henry Hillpot Lear, b 15 Oct 1841, Upper Black Eddy, Bucks Co, PA, d 21 Feb 1929, Yardley, Bucks Co, PA
            • Edgar B Lear, b 31 Mar 1865, Upper Black Eddy, Bucks Co PA, d 14 Feb 1938, Astoria, Queens, NY, NY
              • William Edward Harrison Lear, b 12 Jun 1898, Sayreville Twp, Middlesex Co, NJ, d May 17 1962, NY, NY
                • John William Lear - L-6


  • Robert Lear, b c1774 Bucks Co PA, d 27 Apr 1859 Bucks Co PA, m Mary Meloy 26 Feb 1801 - Tom Raskin [tjraskin AT]
    • Benjamin Franklin Lear, b 14 Feb 1809 Bucks Co PA, d 7 May 1898 Luzerne Co PA, m Elizabeth Stair 14 Nov 1828
      • Clarinda Elizabeth Lear, b 16 Feb 1833 Northhampton Co PA, d 25 Aug 1908 Luzerne Co PA, m Thomas B. Stivers 1861
        • Elnathan Thomas Stivers, b 30 Aug 1870 Luzerne Co PA, d 13 Dec 1934 Luzerne Co PA, m Agnes Eunice Lacey 1893



  • Abraham Liehr, b c1716, m Anna Eleonore Wolff - Michael Liehr [liehrm AT]
    • Siegmund Liehr, b 11 Feb 1746 Gruenberg Silesia Ger, m Johanna Kleindt 17 Feb 1773
      • Carl Samuel Liehr, b 12 Jun 1785 Gruenberg Silesia Ger, m Johanna Juliane Kleindt 9 Feb 1825
        • Heinrich Adolf Liehr, b 2 Apr 1828 Gruenberg Silesia Ger, d 29 Aug 1913, m Henriette Emilie Heller 28 Jul 1869
          • Albert Liehr, b 14 May 1874 Gruenberg Silesia Ger, d 3 Oct 1950, m Clara Hoffmann 5 May 1904
            • Heinrich Otto Walter Liehr, b 14 Nov 1905 Gruenberg Silesia Ger, d 14 Jan 2000, m Margot Helene Splonskowski 18 Mar 1948
              • Michael Liehr - L-1




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