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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Lassiter / Laster
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
  • George Leister 1560-after 1607 England m Dorothia Johnson - David Lassiter [colonialroots AT]
    • Thomas Leister 1586-1636 England-Jamestown, VA, m Ann
      • Robert Leister 1635-? Jamestown, VA m Prudence
        • Thomas Lasiter 1670-1746 Nansemond Co., VA- Edgecombe Co. NC  m Jane
          • William Lasiter 1696-1767 Nansemond Co., VA- Edgecombe Co. NC 
            • William Lasater 1725-1784 Gates Co. NC - Chatham Co. NC  m Kesiah Tucker
              •  William Lasater 1756-1845 Edgecombe Co. NC -Chatham Co. NC m Rebecca Gunter
                • William Lasater 1794- before 11/1825 Chatham Co. NC- Chatham Co. NC  m Nancy
                  • William B. Lasater 1818- after 8/1894 Chatham Co. NC- Chatham Co. NC m Martha Jane Mitchell
                    • James G. Lasater 1856-1914 Chatham Co. NC- Chatham Co. NC m Minnie F. Hinesley
                      • Rupert A. Lasater 1890-1937 Chatham Co. NC- Durham Co. NC m Kara Holder
                        • James A. Lassater 1914-1996 Chatham Co. NC- Smith Co. TX m Jean Clark 231934
  • Thomas Lassiter b c1587 England, arrived Jamestown, VA 1620 - Marion L. Laster [mllaster AT]
    • Robert Lassiter b c1635 Nansemond Co., VA m Prudance
      • Thomas Lassiter b 2 Jun 1670 Nansemond Co., VA m Jane
        • James Lassiter Sr. b c1698 Nansemond Co., VA m Mary
          • James Lassiter Jr. b c1730 d 1813 Northampton Co., NC
            • James Lassiter III b c1765 d aft 1830 TN m Lydia
              • James Lassiter IV b c1800 TN m Sarah
                • Elias Laster b 5 May 1831 Decatur Co., TN d 10 Sep 1899 Obion Co., TN
                  • Virgil Henry Laster b 20 Jul 1878 Obion Co., TN d 1 Aug 1966  Obion Co., TN m Docia Pauline Forrester
                    • Marion P. Laster b 9 Nov 1909 Obion Co., TN d 27 Aug 1959 Macon, GA m Nina Faye Lynn 146461
  • James Lassiter b c1800 TN m Sarah - Marion L. Laster [mllaster AT]
    • Elias Laster b 1831 Decatur Co., TN m Mary War Nan Johnson
      • Virgil Henry Laster b 1878 Obion Co., TN m Docia Pauline Forrester
        • Marion Preston Laster b 1909 Obion Co., TN m Nina Faye Lynn 146461
  • John L. Laseter (Lassiter) b 6 May 1822 Clarke Co., GA m Mary Savage - Charles Lassiter [class AT]
    • James Moore Lassiter b 11 Jul 1852 d 15 Dec 1926 m Sarah Jane Dick
      • Elwood Gray Lassiter Sr. b 21 Aug 1879 Newton Co., GA m Georgia Falls Salter
        • Elwood Gray Lassiter Jr. b 2 Apr 1915 Newton Co., GA m Ruth Butler 188678
  • James Hill Lassetter b 14 Jun 1868 d 29 Feb 1952 Carroll Co., GA m Amanda E. Hallman - cbrittain [cbrit AT] 
    • Gladys Irene Lassetter b 13 Jan 1907 Carrol Co., GA d 24 May 2000 m Ralph Lee Brittain 125423

Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.
  • Jacob Lassiter b c1732, settled NC, m. Sarah - elzanone [elzanone AT]
    • Stephen Lassiter, b 1761 m Nancy Uzzell
      • Thomas Uzzell Lassiter, b 1802 moved to Nashville, name changed to "Laster" m Harriet Dillahunty
        • Thomas Uzzell Laster, b c1842, m Elizabeth Cockerill, lived Newport KY; bur Cincinnati OH
          • Sydney Joseph Laster, m. Estella Loretta Williams, lived New Orleans & West Baton Rouge Parish LA
            • Edward C. Laster,  m. Eugenia Faust TX & LA

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