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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)


1 Rene LANDRY, b. 1634, France, m. Marie Bernard b. 1645, France - Heidi Graf [familybranchesgenealogy AT] (Edited by Ben Londeree)

2 Antoine LANDRY, b. 1660, Port Royal Nova Scotia, Acadia, CAN, m. Marie THIBODEAU

3 Jean LANDRY, b. 1698, Port Royal Nova Scotia, Acadia, CAN, m. Madeleine MELANCON

4 Charles LANDRY, b. 1738, m. Marie HERBERT

5 Pierre LANDRY, b. 16 Sep 1772, Quebec, CAN, m. Marie Louise BLAIS

6 Joseph LANDRY, b. 15 Sep 1815, Quebec, CAN, m. Margaret BELL

7 Margaret LANDRY, b. 1846, Berlin, Rensellaer, NY, m. Frank MAY

From Ben Londeree

1 Joseph Nathaniel LANDRY dit Londeree, b c1816 in Que, Canada m c1840 to Jane HARRISON dit Stark in VA, USA, d 1862 in Harpers   Ferry, WVA, USA

2 William Poindexter LONDEREE, b 1840 in VA, m 1881 to Bettie Sheldon WARD in VA, d 1920 in VA

3 Benjamin Randolph LONDEREE, b 1910 in VA, m 1932 to Dorothy Minerva MORRISON, d 1975 in FLA, USA

4 Benjamin Randolph LONDEREE, b 1934 in WVA, m 1957 to Darlene Ann KARNES in Ohio, USA

From Ben Londeree

1 Joseph Nathaniel LANDRY dit Londeree, b c1816 in Que, Canada, m c1840 to Jane HARRISON dit Stark in VA, USA, d 1862 in Harpers Ferry, WVA, USA

2 Joseph Chapman LONDEREE, b 1861 in VA, m 1883 to Molly White COBB in VA, d 1925 in VA

3 Walter Alett LONDEREE, b 1892 in VA, m 1912 to Sarah Christine WHITE in VA, d 1946 in VA

4 Joseph Carlton LONDEREE, b 1925 in VA, m 1945 to Patricia Ann RICKETS in VA

From Ben Londeree

1 Mathurin LANDRY, b c1595 in France, m 1620 to Damian DESAVIS in France, d in France

2 Guillaume LANDRY, b 1623 in France, m 1659 to Gabrielle BARRE in Que, Canada, d 1689 in Que

3 Claude LANDRY, b 1662 in Que, m 1688 to Angelique VERIEUL in Que, d 1748 in Que

4 Augustin LANDRY, b 1708 in Que, m #2 1748 to M Felicite DEBLOIS dit Gregoire in Que, d 1758 in Que

5 Jean Barthemi LANDRY, b 1748 in Que, m 1768 to M Madeleine LANGLOIS in Que, d 1838 in Que

6 Pierre LANDRY, b 1771 in Que, m 1796 to M Louise POIRIER in Que, d 1817 in Que

7 Jean Louis LANDRY, b 1807 in Que, m 1832 to Genevieve BOURQUE in Que, d 1870 in Que

8 Theophile LANDRY, b c1841 in Que, m 1863 to Celina TOUPIN in Que, d 1889 in Que

9 Felix LANDRY, b 1864 in Que, m 1888 to Emelie BEAUDETTE in Que, d 1963 in Ont, Canada

10 Phileas Xavier LANDRY, b 1893 in Que, m to Rosanna LANDRY in Ont, d 1984 in Ont

11 Andre Michael LANDRY, b 1936 in Ont, m 1976 to Sharon Gail PENNER in BC, Canada


From Marcel Walter Landry via Ben Londeree

1. Rene l'aine Landry b 1618, d bef 1686, m1645, Perrine Bourg b 1626, d aft 1693

2. Claude Landry b 1663, d 12 Dec 1740, m 1683 Port Royal-Acadie, Marguerite Theriot b 1667

3. Jean Baptiste Landry b 1693, d 23 Dec 1757, m 11 Jan 1717 Port Royal-Acadie, Anne Petitot dit Saint Seine b 1696 , d 15 may 1759

4. Joseph Fraule Landry b 1718, d 3 Jun 1786, m 21 Jan 1743 Port Royal-Acadie, Anne Raymond b 11 Feb 1724, d 26 Dec 1757

5. Joseph Landry dit Frot b 1745, d 9 Jan 1819, m 6 Feb 1775 Maskinonge-Quebec, Antoinette Lampron dit Lacharite b 31 May 1754

6. Alexis Phelix Landry b 1778, m 26 Jan 1807 Maskinonge-Quebec, Elisabeth Bruno

7. Michel Landry b 10 Mar 1817, d 1880, m 15 Sep 1845 Buckingham-Quebec, Marguerite Beauchamp b  1824, d 29 Dec 1888

8.Louis Landry b 9 JUl 1854, d 19 Dec 1888, m 7 Jul 1879 Buckingham-Quebec, Laure Leonore Daoust b 15 May 1859, d 18 Feb 1947

9. Louis Landry b 4 Sep 1880 d 16 Jul 1946, m 28 Nov 1905 Masson-Quebec, Marie Rose Lahaie b 1884, d 1962

10. Jean Louis Landry b 2 mar 1917, d 25 Apr 2004, m 23 Feb 1938 Hull-Quebec, Jeannette Ida Villeneuve b 22 Jul 1915, d 4 jan 1999

11. Marcel Walter Landry b 4 Dec 1943, m 24 Jun 1967 Montreal-Quebec, Lise Plante b 27 May 1945


From Ben Londeree and H. D. Landry

1. Rene Landry, b Aug. 8, 1730 in Grand Pre, NS, m Marguerite Babin abt. 1761 in England, d bef. 1785

2. Joseph Landry, b abt. 1779 in France, m Modeste Arthemise Le Normand Jul. 6, 1801 in St. Martinville, LA, USA

3. Alexandre Victorin Landry, b Jun. 8, 1811, m Adele Le Norman Jul. 6, 1835 in LA, USA

4. Charles Ernst Landry, b Aug. 25, 1836, m Celine Genevieve Champagne b. Mar. 19, 1838, Charles d Apr. 24, 1914 in St. Louis, MO, USA

5. Henry Dupre Landry, b Mar. 8, 1868, m Sarah Frances Shea, d Jul 1954

6. Charles Sylvester Landry, b Apr. 20, 1905, m Alma Anna Wulff

7. H. D. Landry

From Ben Londeree and Lori Dollevoet

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1. Rene le jeune Landry, b abt 1634 in France, m Marie Bernard abt 1659, d abt 1892

2. Antoine Landry, b abt 1660 Port Royal, m Marie Thibodeau abt 1681 Port Royal, d 2/16/1711 Grand Pre

3. Jean Landry, b abt 1696 in Riv. Habitants, m Madeleine Melancon abt 1717 in Grand Pre, d aft. 1769

4. Antoine Landry, b 10/26/1720 in Grand Pre, m Marie Anne Cormier 11/14/1740 in Beaubassin, d 12/28/1763 in L’Islet, Que

5. Jacques Landry, b 8/22/1746 in Beaubassin, m Marie Anne Bibeau 6/18/1770 in St. Francois du Lac, Que., d 3/3/1823 in Francois du Lac, Que

6. Francois X. Landry, b 11/18/1786 in Francois du Lac, Que, m Marie Anne Janelle 1/17/1812 in Baie de Febvre, Que

7. Joseph Landry, b 9/5/1816 in Francois du Lac, Que, m Esther Manseau 2/20/1838 in St. Francois du Lac, Que, d 12/28/1897 in Scott, WI

8. Francois X. Landry, b 10/16/1851 in Brown Co., WI, m Marie Katherine Bibeau

9. Hubert J. Londre, b 5/3/1891 in Wallace, MI, m Hosanna R. Venne abt 1907, d 10/8/1867 in Racine, WI

10. Lloyd Londre, m Jane K. Smith

11. Gary Londre


From Ben Londeree and Gayle Londeree

1. Joseph Nathaniel Londeree, b. abt 1818, Canada, m Jane Harrison/Starks

2. Chesley Nathaniel Londeree, b. 3/31/1844 Buckingham Co., VA, m. Nancy Ellen Harrison/Starks

3. William Tompkins Londeree, b. 7/10/1879 Nelson Co., VA, m. Anna Mary Smith

4. Douglas Wilson Londeree, b. 3/6/1918 St. George, GA, m. Sarabob Parker

5. William Patrick Londeree, b. 3/17/1948 Tampa, FL, m. Ramona Gayle Howard


Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family.  Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him.

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