PEDIGREES- Updated 31 August 2016

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Lineage 1– Terry Coyne Strasser [dutchlines AT]


o   John Coyne, b. c1828 IRE, m. Mary O’Brien, emigrated to USA before 1850

§  John James Coyne, b. Sep 1866, Brooklyn NY, m. Mary A. Dalglish

·                  Edward Francis Coyne b. 1897 Brooklyn NY,  m. Aileen Thompson Kit N49082

o    Thomas Coyne, b. c1830, IRE, m. Ann Wilson, emigrated to USA before 1850

§  John Francis Coyne, b. 25 Nov 1855, Brooklyn NY, m. Ann Marie Donovan

·                  Thomas Arthur Coyne, b. 1881 Brooklyn NY, m. Mabel E. Decker Kit N32460


Lineage 2


·        Sean/John Coyne [inferred]   -  b. c 1760 prob in Kilmilkin, Co. Galway, IRE.

o   Michael Coyne, b. c1782, Kilmilkin, Co. Galway, IRE, m. Miriam O’Donnell—Maureen Coyne Norris[ mcnorris AT]

§   Jeremiah “Darby” Coyne, b. c1833, Kilkerrin Co. Galway, m. Mary Mulkern, d. bef 10 Nov 1903, IRE. Kit 192066

o   John Coyne, b.1788, Kilmilkin, Co. Galway, IRE, m. Barbara King –Barbara Peterson [birdspa AT]

§  Peter Coyne, b. c1834, Kilkieran, Co. Galway, m. Catherine Earls, d. 30 April 1904 Kilkieran, Co. Galway, IRE.

·       John Joseph Coyne b. 10 Jul 1861, Kilkieran, Co. Galway, m. Anna Mullen, d. Tacoma, WA 16 Aug 1937

§  John Francis Coyne b. Tacoma, WA 1902 m Helen D’Souza Kit 280301

·       Michael Coyne -   living c. 1849 Co. Galway, IRE. – Joseph Terrence Coyne[]

o   Michael Kyne/Coyne b.1846 Co. Galway, IRE, m. Margaret Finerty/Finnerty

§  Patrick Joseph Coyne, b. 1875 Co. Galway, IRE, m. Mary Flaherty, d. 1956 Portland, ME

·       Joseph Aloysius Coyne, b. 1906 Portland, ME, m. Marjorie Constance Stokes, d. Portland, ME 1961 Kit 202415


Unassigned Results – (tested with no Kilcoyne/Coyne match found)


o   Patrick Kilcoyne, b. 28 Feb 1845, County Galway, Ireland, m. Anna Forbes, emigrated to USA in 1871

§  John Patrick Kilcoyne, b. 16 Jan 1877, Columbus OH, m. Mary Evalyn  Davis Kit 49201


Not Y-DNA Tested - These researchers are seeking male Kilcoyne/Coyne descendants to test for their family line, or are in the testing process.


o   Thomas Kilcoyne, b. 13 Mar 1832 Co. Mayo, Ireland, m. Cecelia Kirby, d. 30 Nov 1921, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH

§  Patrick Kilcoyne, b. Feb 1861 Ballintubber Ireland, m. Mary Agnes Hession, d. 23 Aug 1947, Springfield, Clark Co.  OH (emigrated from Cobh Ireland 1884)

o   Samuel D. Coin, b. 2 Jun 1837, m. Mary E. Hilburn, d. 19 Jun 1905

§  John Robert Coin, b. 2 Feb 1861, m. Mary Ann Johnson, d. 3 Mar 1954

o   Ferdinand Coyne, b. c1804 Co. Roscommon, Ireland, m. Jane O’Beirne & Maria Byrne, d. 12 Mar 1879

o   John Coyne, b. c1815 Co. Roscommon, Ireland, m. Mary Reilly, d. 1883

o   Michael Coyne, b. c1819 Co. Roscommon, Ireland, m. Catherine Byrne  [Note by admin: This line has been tested by a third party and shows as M222+, probable Lineage 1]

o   Anthony Coyne, b. c1843 Inishtravin Island, Co. Galway, Ireland, m. Mary McDonagh 17 Jun 1872, Lettermore Co. Galway, IRE, d. ?

§  Coleman Joseph Coyne, b. 10 Jul 1880, Lettermore Island, Co. Galway, Ireland, m. Bridget (Delia) McLean, Walpole, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts, USA, d. 28 Jun 1969

o   Patrick Coyne, b. Ireland ca. 1847, m. Juana Carten

§  Miguel (I) Coyne, b. Buenos Aires, Argentina ca. 1874

·        Miguel (II) Coyne, b. Argentina Kit 462394

§  Patricio Coyne, b. Argentina ca. 1875