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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
**Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family.  Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him. 
  • Each Family will be listed here, by earliest known ancestor.
  • Each listing will include a Line Leader (Researcher).
  • My KEPLER Line begins in Muskingum Co. OH that we have been able to trace back at this time:
I.   Jacob Kepler bc1814 - ?Muskingum Co. OH (giglet01 At
  1839 - Jacob Kepler m. Hannah Livengood Muskingum Co OH.
    1.  Elizabeth bc1841 m. Joseph Haines
    2.  James K.P. bc1843 
       James K.P. Civil War Comp C 53rd IN Volunteer Infantry.
       James K.P. d. Apr 1863
    3. Mary bc1847 m. Richard Newland
    4. Nicholas Nathan bc1851 NA.
    5. Emery Hall (Oliver) b. 27 Dec 1854 Vinton Co. OH
        Emery Hall (Oliver) m. Martha Ann Newland
        Emery Hall (Oliver) d. 23 June 1924 Ross Co. OH
           1. Rebecca b. 15 Aug 1876 m. Jacob Crites Jr.
           2. Daniel b. 31 Mar 1879 - NA
           3. Sarah Ellen b. 27 July 1881 m. Jacob Andrew Jett
           4. Thomas Aaron b. 6 Sept 1883 m. Gertrude Belle Potts d. 9 June 1936
                   Mary Pauline
                   Mammie Marie b. 23 Nov 1907
                   Delmar Virgil b. 3 Sept 1909 m. Ada Truman
                   Bernadine Edna b. 2 Dec 1910
                   Mildred Lily b. 30 Aug 1912 m. ?Hardy
                   Losey Thomas b. 26 Mar 1914 d. 29 Oct 1966 Dayton OH
                   Herman Dahl b. 18 Aug 1915 m. Mary Truman
                   Forest Doyle b. 12 Apr 1917 m. Mary ?
                   Norman Ray b. 18 May 1919
                   Jimmie Kepler b. 22 June 1927 *Kit64205 
                    Jimmie Kepler m. Joyce Irene May TX
                     1.  Jimmie Aaron m. Benita B. Breeding
                            Kristopher Aaron
                            Jason William
                            Sara Joy
                     2.  Michael Stayton m. Christine E. Chapman
                             Reba Michelle
                             Christopher Stayton
                 Thurl Thomas b. 12 Oct 1928
                 Carl Eugene b. 13 July 1930 m. Sadie Ines Johnson.
        5. Mary Faye b. 5 Mar 1886 m. Leslie Morris
        6. Harriett b. 2 Oct 1888 m Arthur Lightle
        7. Jacob Randolph b. 6 Feb 1896 m. Gertrude Irene Ford
              Elmer Virgil
              Carl Richard
        8. Inez b. 22 July 1898
6.  Joseph (Jobe) Dibber b 25 Dec 1857
    Joseph (Jobe) m. #1 Ellen McCoy 
    Joseph (Jobe) m. #2 Mary Kathleen Penwell
    Joseph (Jobe) d. 9 Mar 1929 Ross Co. OH
       1.  Sam
       2.  Mary Ann b. 12 May 1884 m. Grover C. Penwell
       3.  Jacob Clifford b. 3 June 1897 OH
           Jacob Clifford m. #1 Doris Marie Newland
           Jacob Clifford m. Nellie Balmer
       4.  Leslie J. b. 8 Apr 8 1900
            Leslie J. m. Edna S. Mast
              Mary Ann
           Leslie J. m. Elizabeth Marie Estle
           Leslie J.m. Eva Walley
           Leslie J. m. Mazie Rutter
      5.  Lester b. 8 Arp 1900
      6.  Emmet b. 8 Dec 8 1902 m. Anna Killworth
            Betty Jane
            Bobby Jean
            Emmett C.
      7.  Nancy Belle b. 2 July 1905 m. Frank Jackson
      8.  Cora Marie 27 Sept 1907 m. Samuel Richard Beatty
      9.  Melissa b. 18 Mar 1910 d. 26 Nov 1923 Ross Co. OH
    10. Ulis b. 5 May 1916 d. 18 Jan 1921 Ross Co. OH
7. Amanda Sarah Caroline b. 28 May 1861
   Amanda Sarah Caroline m. Aaron McCoy 1876
   Amanda Sarah Caroline m. James Jett 1902 Fayette Co. OH.
III.    1840 - Jacob Kepler Muskingum Co OH Census.
IV.    1842 -Jacob Kepler purchased land along the Watershed Muskingum River.
VI.    1850 to 1860 we find Jacob Kepler and family living in Jackson Co. OH.
VI.    1861, Jacob Kepler enlisted in the 53rd IN Infantry C
VII.   1862 - Jacob Kepler died in Memphis, Tennessee.
VIII.  1870 Jacob Kepler's family living Ross and Vinton Co. OH

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