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 By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • John Jessup Sr.,  b. 1667,   Ryarsh, Kent, Eng, m  Mrs. John Jessup - Arthur Harley [hbaker91364 AT]
    • John Jessup Jr.,  b. 28 Aug 1689, Offham, Kent, Eng  m Elizabeth Fennel
      • William Jessup Sr.,  b. 9 Nov 1712, Offham, Kent, Eng.  m Eleanor Cheesman
        • William Jessup Jr., b.15 Aug 1752, Ryarsh, Kent, Eng  m1 Elizabeth  "unkn" m2 Sarah  "unkn"
          • Stephen Jessup, b. 22 Apr 1787,  Ryarsh, Kent, Eng  m Anne Cripps
            • William Jessup Sr.,   b. 21 Jan 1819,  Ryarsh, Kent, Eng,  m Kezia Keeys
              • William Jessup Jr., b. 25 Aug 1841, Hever, Kent, Eng,  m Mary Carruthers
                • Frank Keeys Jessup, b. 7 May 1871, Plumstead, Kent, Eng, m Charlotte Jones
                  • Arthur William Jessup, b. 2 Jun 1905,  Cibola, AZ USA,  m Kathryn Whitmore J-1 50287
  • Titus Jessup b 1825 IL, m 1859 Sarah Margaret Newman in White Co, IL - NorthCarolinaCobb [ncobb6 AT]

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