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Overall Goal

Increase our member's knowledge of the surname(s) and determine the relationships between all known branches and their descendants. Surnames of interest include Jackman, Jackmann, Jackaman, Jacumin, and Jacquemin. Other variations are also of interest.


Show & Growthe Jackman Tree

Show (display) what you know and others will contribute.  As the posted information increases, this family tree will add new branches and existing branches will get larger.  Each contribution is important. It adds to knowledge about a branch of the tree, defines a new branch or results in questions that others may be able to answer.  Submit your pedigree.  Join our forum and participate in the discussion. You can create new topics, ask questions or respond to the posts of other members.


Genetics + Genealogy

Traditional genealogy combined with genetic testing is more comprehensive than either one by itself. This project is dedicated to that combination: Y-DNA tests and “paper” research. The goal for 2016 is to create a Mutation History Tree (MHT).  This will be an initial draft that will evolve over time with additional members and testing.  The MHT will be built from STRs, SNPs and the results of paper research.


 This website is new and still under development.  Some pages will change as we move forward.  There is no need to wait, however.  You can use our forum and submit your pedigree right now. The home pages at World Families Network (WFN) contain a wealth of information.  If you have any questions about this project or DNA testing, contact an administrator.







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