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Ken Nordtvedt says

"I2* has three main clades whose ancestral lines separated 8,000 years ago or so. One of them has a strong contribution from Armenia/Anatolia and elsewhere in SW Asia. And the Greek members of this clade add to its geographical uniqueness. It also has a very young Jewish sub-clade.

But two of the clades of I2* are purely European --- and northwest and central Europe to boot, although a few Italian haplotypes are included

These latter two clades of I2* have an interclade node age estimate of 7500 years."

"The more I look at the overall clade which includes the Armenian/Turkish cluster, the more I see a clade spread by a trading family or clan across the breadth from Iberia to the Caucasus and across the Mediterranean. Where it originates is hard to determine."

"The three clades of I2* separated from each other very long ago compared to their separate coalescence ages. Someday we will have SNPs to separate these clades."

Peter Hrechdakian (Project Co Admin) says

The Armenian/Turkish members of I2* clade B have a coalescence age of 2,300 years. When including the Jewish I2* members of the same clade, the coalescence age becomes 3,400 years. Clade A has a coalescence age of 3,600 years in Northern Europe while clade C has coalescence age of 2,200 years in Central Europe.
The trees / diagrams confirm what Ken Nordtvedt has been telling us concerning all three groups and the young age of the Jewish cluster. I find it interesting that the Armenians are interspersed at all levels of S31 - B.


From the Projects very early results Paul Givargidze (Admin Aramaic DNA Project) has kindly prepared the following diagram and tree of the I2* FTDNA 67 marker results.

(Thanks Paul. Bob)



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