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This is a worldwide project open to those who have tested Haplogroup I2* M170 + P215 + P217 - P37.2 or whose predictive Haplogroup is I2* or for those who represent such a person.

Sponsors for testing carried out by this project are welcome.


How to Join the I2* Haplogroup Project
Click on the Join Project link above for detailed instrauction with links.


Note : For anyone reading this before they have done any testing it is recommended that as a cost benefit you should test for the highest number of markers possible (67) and only adjust downward if your budget dictates.


Predicting I2* Haplogroup
The predicted subclade with largest percent prediction will be used to place the new members haplotype in the Y-DNA Results portion of the I2* website.


Note: There is still a chance that the prediction could show an error of including I2b2 into I2* as there is no way to filter this group out, but there is a haplotype motif with 10, 12 at DYS445, 454 which almost always indicates I2b2 rather than I2*.


I2* Background

The current Tree of Haplogroup I2 and its subclades is shown below.


SNP SYMBOLS: Not on 2009 tree Confirmed within subclade Provisional Private


Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree 2010
last revision as at 25 Aug 2010

I2 L68, M438/P215/S31
------I2a P37.2
------------I2a1 L158, L159, M26
------------------I2a1a M160
-----------------------I2a1a1 M161 (possibly private)
------------I2a2 L178, M423
--------------I2a2* (unobserved)
------------------I2a2a L69.2 (=T)/S163.2 (See Notes)
----------------------I2a2a1 P41.2/M359.2
-------------------I2a2b L161
--------------I2a3 L233
------I2b L35, L37, M436/P214/S33, P216/S30, P217/S23, P218/S32
------------I2b1 L34, L36, L59, M223, P219/S24, P220/S119, P221/S120, P222/U250/S118, P223/S117
-------------------I2b1a M284
----------------------I2b1a1 L126/S165, L137/S166
------------------I2b1b M379
------------------I2b1c P78
------------------I2b1d P95
------------I2b2 L38/S154, L39/S155, L40/S156, L65.1/S159.1 


Over the last 6 years Haplogroup I2 and subclades I2a and I2b have been confirmed and continue to be developed. However there is still a group of results that have been classified or predicted as I2* The Timeline for this split appears to be around 14000 years ago that the I2b and I2* line split and shortly thereafter I2b2 and I2B1 parted ways. About 8000 years ago the I2* line split into the three groups A, B & C. The TMRCAs of these 3 groups are believed to be about 2000 to 5000 years ago (approx 50 to 80 generations). More recently a youngish Jewish group (J) has branched from group B which has a TMRCA of centuries (up to 30 plus generations). The actual timeline of split of groups B and J have not yet been identified.


Anybody wishing to donate to the I2* general fund may do so by moving your cursor to the left over the icon: Contribute to the Surname Project General Fund.


Cost to Members

Individual. Cost of the FTDNA 67 markers and the additional SMGF markers. There amy be other test a a latter stage. See News for details.

Project. Walk the Y (WTY) testing. Members are asked to donate what they are able to towards the project to be used in test like the WTY, where intitially it is only neccessary to test one person from each group.


What are Haplogroup Projects?

Surname Projects pertain to recent ancestry, ie, four to twelve (or more) generations back. Haplogroup Projects pertain to a person's deep ancestry, ie, their ancient ethnic origins. This means thousands of years ago. So the research emphasis changes from genealogy to a mixture of Anthropology and Archaeology, but YDNA still plays a major role for the time being.

Archaeology is defined as the study of human cultures. YDNA is defined as Y-Chromosome DNA, and pertains to the male DNA which is passed from father to son(s) virtually unchanged over the eons.


Project Links

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Click here to order a DNA test in the Haplogroup Y-I2* project. 

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