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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • John Hutchins b. 1611 Towcester,Northhamptonshire,England m. Polly Strangeman - Cynthia Hutchens  [cyndi1000 AT]
    • Nicholas Hutchens b.1645 Henrico Co.,Henrico,Virginia m Sarah Mary Watkins
      • Strangeman Hutchins b.1707 Henrico Co.,Henrico,Virginia m. Elizabeth Cox
        • John Hutchins b. 23 Dec 1738 Virginia,Henrico,Virginia m. Jane Braswell
          • Ellis Hutchens b. 29 Aug 1805 Surry County (Yadkin Co.,Yadkin) ,North Carolina m.Mary Shores
            • John Wellington Hutchens b. 1834 Morgan CO. IL m.Mary Jane Shumate
              • John Clark Hutchens b. 1871 Brentwood AR m. Florence Bell
                • Odus Hutchens b. 1895 Brentwood AR m. Effie Horn H-2 22902
  • William Hutchins b. 1660, Massachusetts,  m. UNK Gallion -Joella Martin [calif10037 AT]
    • Robert Hutchins b.1688 Calvert Co., MD  m Frances Wilkinson
      • Aquilla Hutchins b. 1710 Saint Mary's Co., MD  m Elizabeth Gregory
        • John Hutchins b 1740 Saint Mary's Co., MD  m Rachael UNK
          • Thomas B Hutchins b.1805 Marion Co., KY  m Nancy Head
            • Thomas H Hutchins b. 1844 Nelson Co., KY  m Malissa Masterson 360213
  • John Houchins, 1727, Virginia, Martha Orford - Jeff Houchin [houchinj AT]
    • ​Charles Houchin, 1761, Virginia, Mary Sale
      • ​John D. Houchin, 1788, Virginia, Mary Blair
        • ​Jesse Houchin, 1812, Kentucky, Mary Peterson Davis 275695
  • Nicholas Hutchins d 1729, Henrico, British N. America m Mary Watkins - Fred Stewart [fm.stewart AT]
    • ​Strangeman Hutchins b 1707, Henrico, British N. America m Elizabeth Cox
      • ​John Hutchins b 1738, Henrico, VA m Alice Stanley
        • ​Elizabeth Hutchins b 1772, VA m Daniel Cain 214315
  • John Hutchings b c 1745, probably Frederick Co, VA m. Sibella Angell (Surry Co, NC) - Terry Hutchins [jackhwhite120 AT]
    • ​Robert Hutchins b.1774 Surry Co, NC m2 Mary Elizabeth Knott
      • ​Willis Smith Hutchins b. 1820 Stokes Co, NC m. Mary "Polly" Tindal
        • ​Robert Pinkney Hutchins b. 1847 Rockingham Co, NC m. Luhanna Middleton
          • ​James Robert Hutchins b. 1870 Rockingham Co, NC m. Virginia Love
            • ​Harry Spencer Hutchins b. 1909 Stokes Co, NC 358561
  • James Hutchins b 4 Jan 1783 - Jim Hutchins [agileroxy AT] 
    • James P Hutchins b 18 Apr 1820
      • Edward James Hutchins b 3 Nov 1857
        • James Blair Hutchins b 8 Apr 1890 H-1 19407
  • Alvin R Hutchins B 1846 M Harriet Kentner- Mark Hutchens [SargeAF AT]
    • Ch Levings S Hutchens B-1870
      • Levings S Hutchins M Elizabeth Lord

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