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See Patriarch's page for information on ancestors of Y-DNA testers.

See y-Results page for results of Y-DNA tests. This chart is manually created to provide additional details of connections between ancestors within a Lineage Group. At times, the son or grandson of an ancestor is listed instead of the ancestor. The Patriarch's Page supplements the information in the chart.

The Test y-Results page is an automated chart with results of Y-DNA tests.

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Hull Y-DNA Results 101

What happens after a Y DNA test? The results are divided in groups. The first division is Haplogroup (I, R, E, etc.) which are divided into subgroups. Most Hull donors are either I1 or R1b1a2. [I will use "R1b" to refer to anyone in R1b, R1b1, R1b1a2 Haplogroups.]

The Haplogroup does not tell where the earliest ancestors originate. There are Hull donors with ancestors from England and from Germany within Haplogroup I1. There are Hull donors with ancestors from England and from Germany within Haplogroup R1b. One conclusion you can draw from the Haplogroup division: If you are I1, you do not share a common ancestor with someone who is R1b. In particular, if you descend from American immigrant Richard Hull (R1b) who was born ca. 1599 and wrote a will on 21 Aug 1662 in New Haven Co., CT (which was probated 6 Jan 1662/3), then you do not share a common ancestor with American immigrant brothers George and the Rev. Joseph Hull of Crewkerne, co. Somerset, England (whose descendants are I1).

The DNA test results also include a set of (12, 25, 37 or 67) markers which is called a Haplotype. When markers are compared for several donors, a "difference" is computed. In general, a Lineage is "declared" when two men are matching 23/25 or better. The common set of markers becomes the Lineage Haplotype.

The Hull DNA Project is an open project. Anyone may join. The Group Administrators will choose which results to include in the Y-DNA table. Generally, any Hull/Hohl/Holl surnamed donors are included in the Y-DNA table. Other surnamed donors must include earliest known ancestors. Hall and Hill donors are encouraged to join the Hall DNA Project and Hill DNA Project which include many more donors with those surnames. Donors whose results very closely match a Hull DNA Lineage Group are usually accepted if they provide their earliest known ancestor. Donors may also join who have a Hull ancestor and take either the mtDNA or Family Finder test.

The Hull Y DNA chart Lineages are grouped by Haplogroup. The "I" lineages are first. Next are the "R1b" lineages. The largest R1b group is Lineage "R1b-1". Upon request by a project member, a spreadsheet will be generated with just one lineage group and sent to the requesting donor.

Hull Lineage Groups

There are 252 participants in the Hull DNA project. (This includes 15 who have not returned their kits to FTDNA.) There are 198 donors included in the Y DNA chart. There are 70 in Haplogroup I1; 7 in Haplogroup I2; 108 in Haplogroup R1b; 3 in Haplogroup R1a; 4 in Haplogroup E; 1 in Haplogroup J and 1 in Haplogroup Q. The largest Lineage Group is I-1 with 57 donors; The largest R1b group is now R1b-3 with 22 donors and R1b-1 is next with 19 donors.

The DNA results defines the group. This is a basic outline of the lineages groups, primarily listing dates and places of the earliest ancestors of the donors. This is an attempt to describe the Hull Y-DNA results with words more than numbers. Both the Y-DNA chart and this page will sometimes list the branch of a family instead of the earliest known ancestor. For example, the first 30 donors identify four great-grandsons of Richard Hull d 1599, namely Josias and Cornelius Hull, sons of George Hull and Tristram and Benjamin Hull, sons of The Rev. Joseph Hull. With other lineage groups, sometimes the earliest known ancestor is a John Hull and nothing else is known about him. In those cases, the earliest ancestor listed on the Y-DNA chart is one with either an estimated birth or death year or the name of spouse.

2012 and 2013 and 2014 Updates to Y-DNA tables or to Patriarchs Page:

Changes in Lineage Group I-1:

Descendants of Samuel Hull and Martha Glover are now recognized as descendants of the Rev. Joseph Hull. Since the early days of the Hull DNA Project, it was known that descendants of Samuel Hull matched the DNA results of descendants of both George and the Rev. Joseph Hull. Then it was discovered that descendants of Samuel Hull of Sussex Co., NJ did not match that DNA pattern, but instead match the DNA pattern of Lineage Group R1b-6. The Hull Family in America, by Col. Weygant, publ. 1913, identified the wrong Samuel Hull as son of Susanna Stelle and Judge Joseph Hull (who was the son of Benjamin Hull and Sarah Drake). The Samuel Hull who married Martha Glover was the son of Judge Joseph Hull. The parents of the Samuel Hull who was born ca. 1743 and died in 1818 in Sussex Co., NJ are unknown.

Josiah Hull b. c1779 m. Manre Ammidon has not been proved to immigrant George Hull and son Josias Hull. This has been moved to "Not linked to immigrant" section.

Changes in Lineage Group R1b-1:

Donor descended from (Johann/Hans) Nicholas/Nickel Holl/Hohl immigrated in 1750 upgraded to 67 markers. Markers are close enough to indicate common ancestor with descendants of German Johann Nicklas/Nickel Holl who immigrated in 1738 from Liebsthal, Pfalz, Germany to PA. Henry Hull had been an earliest known ancestor in this group. He has now been proven to descend from Johann Nickel Holl.

Changes in Lineage Group R1b-3:

This group has been divided into five sections (on the Patriarchs Page). A new earliest known ancestor has been added to the first section. This is the first identified immigrant in this section.

Ancestor description updated for Hugh Hull of Ireland on both Y-chart and Patriarchs Page.

Changes in Lineage Group R1b-5:

This group previously had a donor designated Possibly Lineage Group R1b-5. This donor and one of the donors in Lineage Group R1b-5 upgraded markers. The results are no longer closer. The donor was moved from Possibly Lineage Group R1b-5 to Unassigned, not in a Lineage Group. The two donors in Lineage Group R1b-5 have a common ancestor.

Changes in Lineage Group R1b-9:

New donor was added to Lineage Group R1b-9.

Donors not in a Lineage Group:

Some of the ancestors of donors who do not fit in a Lineage Group are now listed at the end of the Patriarch's Page. Several new donors were added to the unassigned sections in 2012 and 2013. These include Haplogroups I1, R1a and R1b.

Hull Family Association articles on some of the ancestors of DNA donors have been listed on the Patriarch's Page.

Wanted: New Hull DNA Donors

Questions, error observations or suggestions may be sent to smccants@hullfamilyassociation.org . Donors may submit ancestral information to be added to this page. Send to the Hull DNA Project group administrator or to smccants@hullfamilyassociation.org

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