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Initial results of Y STR and haplogroup testing are rather confusing.  There are no matches at 12 markers, 37 markers, or any other number of markers for the one Hulcher member of the group.  This made it appear that the results were faulty, but they have apparently been re-checked.   His Y Haplogroup was originally shown as "unknown" and the partial matches on (at, say, 8 out of 12 markers) were split between G, I1, and I2.   After the sequence was completed to 37 markers the highest matches on ySearch had 14 or more differences out of 37, but the highest matches were all G or G2a, (or G2a3b1a2) appearing to confirm the paternal haplogroup result from 23andMe.

In the introduction I said that the rarity of the G haplogroup in central Europe would make it easy to see if the German Holzschuhs, Holzschuhers and von Holzschuhers are connected.  It turns out that this set of markers is very unusually rare and that makes it critically important to find other Holzschuhs willing to add information to this research.  If your surname is "Hulcher" or a variant, please consider at least having the least expensive 12 marker test.   If you are thinking about doing this feel free to contact the project administrator for this project.

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