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The name Holzschuh means wooden (Holz) shoe (Schuh).  That spelling seems to be most common in south central Germany.  My Holzschuh line originated in Dietingen, Württemberg, close to the city of Ulm.  Another family is the Holzschuher - von Holzschuher family, local nobility in the city of Nuremberg.  This family included Hieronymus Holzschuher, whose portrait was painted by Albrecht Dürer.  In other parts of Germany, and in the Netherlands, other spellings were used including Hulcher (common in the USA), Holtzschuh, Hoelscher, Haltjes, etc.  The name was so difficult for Americans to spell that one of my ancestors switched to "Holchu" in the late 19th century.  Early Palatine immigrants spelled the name "Holtshoe."

I have preliminary information that my Hulcher cousin's paternal Y chromosome haplogroup is G2a.  If this is so, it should be easy to see which Hulchers are related to us because in that part of Germany G2a is a rather rare haplogroup representing about 4% of males.   I am hoping to see lots of close relationships be we need members before we can determine that.


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