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The Holland project was started in November 2003 by Diana Holland Faust.

Please join us as we research our ancestors and gain understanding of the genetic connection of all Holland families.  This project is surname and y-DNA based.  You will be asked to provide your paternal ancestry.

DNA testing is easy.  We encourage any male with the surname Holland, Hollan, Hollans, Hillen, or variant spelling of the name, to participate.  If you are a male with a different surname but believe your biological male line is Holland, or any variant spelling of the name, we welcome you to join.  If you are a female interested in testing your family line, you will need to recruit a Holland male relative to take the test.  This is a link to a You Tube video showing how to take a Family Tree DNA test


Goals of the Project:

  • To identify how the participant’s Holland ancestors are related to other families with the same surname, both genetically and through paper trails.
  • To help researchers from related families work together because they share a common ancestor, hopefully enabling them to trace back more generations than they could using traditional genealogical methods alone.
  • To ultimately catalog pedigrees and genetic connections of all the known project families and to trace the ancestry of these families back as far as records will permit in their country of origin.


What’s in it for you?  Your membership in the Holland DNA Project provides:

  • A report of your Y-DNA, which is very close, and sometimes identical, to the Y-DNA of your earliest known ancestor.
  • Your “deep” ancestry (Haplogroup), which identifies your paternal ancestor’s prehistoric origins.
  • A chance to compare your genetic ancestry with those of your surname and the spelling variations.
  • Leads for further research.
  • Information to help you determine if your Holland line does not match another Holland line, which will help you avoid spending much time and money attempting to connect to that line.
  • A renewed interest in traditional paper genealogy and sharing of information with your genetic cousins.
  • Your genetic matches who do not share your surname.



Testing will be conducted by Family Tree DNA, the world’s leading testing company for DNA surname projects.  Your test kit will be mailed to you and you will mail your sample to Family Tree DNA in a padded envelope provided in the kit.  You save money by joining a surname project.  These are the discounted prices:

12-marker test $59

25-marker test $124

37-marker test $149

67-marker test $238

111-marker test $339


DNA testing should always go hand in hand with traditional genealogical research because DNA tests do not indicate how two males who share a common ancestor are related to each other.



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