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The Hodges-Hodge DNA project has identified 13 lineages. The project identifies a lineage when DNA tests on two or more men show a high probability that they have a common ancestor since the use of surnames became common. Each lineage has a volunteer coordinator, who promotes the gathering of more information about the lineage through further DNA tests and traditional genealogical research. More detail about the lineages is available on the Results and Patriarch pages.

Lineage I

R1b1Gerry Hodges Hackley
gerry AT
Hodges, Hodge, Kelleway, Ingle, Oakes

Lineage I is currently the largest group in the project with about 1/4 of the men tested. Among the 28 men in this lineage, there are 22 separate family trees, whose connections are not yet known. The earliest known ancestor is Moses Hodges, born c1650 in Kent, England. Research by Nelson Hodges and Glenn Hodges indicates that the ancestors of this Hodges family were Frisians from the northern coast of Europe, who settled on the west side of the Medway river valley in Kent between 250 and 500 A.D. They became known as Kentish Men, in contrast to the Men of Kent, who inhabited the east side of the river. The Kelleway, Drumright, Long, and Lindfield families, who are a close DNA match, share this ancestry.

Marker 460 may indicate division of this family into three branches with values of 11, 12, and 13. This hypothesis must be applied with caution. For example, the value of 11 for H-11 is a recent mutation, as proven by the value of 12 for relatives H-12 and H-59.

Gil Hodges, the first baseman for the Dodgers and manager of the 1969 "Miracle" Mets, belonged to Lineage I.

Lineage II

R1b1Ann Hodges
aehodges7 AT
Hodges, Taylor

Lineage II has 6 participants in 4 family trees. The earliest known ancestor is Roger Hodges of Norfolk, Virginia. The family has a very close match with a Taylor descendant, whose family was also in Norfolk Co., VA during the Colonial period.

Lineage III

R1b1Bob Hodges
vhodges131 AT
Hodge, Hodges, Devericks (Devereaux), Parrish, Price

Lineage III is currently the second largest group in the project with 17 members in 9 family trees. The earliest known ancestor is Robert Hodges b 1704 in Virginia. The family has important roots in Franklin County, Virginia. The family has close DNA connections with the Devericks, Parrish, and Price families.

Luther Hartwell Hodges, Governor of North Carolina and Secretary of Commerce under JFK, belonged to Lineage III.

Lineage IV

R1bDennie Hodge
dennie123 AT

Lineage IV has 2 members in 2 family trees. The earliest known ancestor is Nathaniel A. Hodge, b 1816 in Bedford Co., Tennessee.

Lineage V

I1aMarilou Hamilton
marilouh AT
Hodge, Hodges

Lineage V has 7 members in 5 family trees. It is one of two lineages in the project that are not haplotype R1b.

Lineage VI

E3Tom Hodges
sijepuis AT

Lineage VI has 2 members in 1 family tree. It is the other lineage, besides Lineage V, that is not haplotype R1b.

Lineage VII

R1b1Marty Keith Hodge
mhodge AT
Hodge, Hodges

This lineage has 7 members in 3 trees. One of the families has roots in the West Indies. The Henry G. Hodge branch of the family has been extensively researched.

Lineage VIII

R1b1cCharlyn Bailey
baileyrosa AT

Lineage VIII has 5 members in 3 family trees. This lineage can be traced back to England to a Richard Hodge born 1617.

Lineage IX

R1bFrank Hodges
pasotaco2 AT

Lineage IX has 2 members in 1 family tree. This lineage has a strong connection to the Ewing family.

Lineage X

R1b1Kit Stewart
kit AT

With Lineage X the project finally has a lineage with northern roots. Lineage X has 7 members in 4 trees. Two other members of this family, H-64 and H-74, do not fit the Lineage X haplotype. The points of divergence have not yet been discovered.

Lineage XI


Lineage XI has 2 members. Only one has submitted a family tree.

Lineage XII


Lineage XII has 3 members. The earliest documented roots are in South Carolina.

Lineage XIII


Lineage XIII has 2 members.

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